21 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia, a beautiful country with a range of islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke. With a variety of tribes and cultures, save the beautiful and exotic biodiversity that is able to hypnotize everyone. No wonder Indonesia became one of the favorite places of foreign tourists. Behind it all of Indonesia keep a variety of interesting facts which of course dear to miss.

1 | Indonesia comes from the Latin "Indus" which means india and from the Greek "Nesos" meaning the island. Formerly Indonesia is often called the islands of india or the eastern islands of india.

2 | The Indonesian name was created by James Richardson Logan in 1850. He is a great lawyer and editor of one of the Singapore Journals discussing the islands of India and east Asia.

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3 | Indonesia is a country that has the most islands in the world. That is as much as 17,508 islands and about 6000 of them have been inhabited.

4 | With 238 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world, behind China, India and the US. Java Island, there are more than 140 million people, making it the most populous island in the world.

5 | Based on Wikipedia, 3 of the 10 largest Islands in the world are located in Indonesia. Sumatra ranked 6th, Kalimantan 3rd and Papua 2nd.

6 | Marcopolo was the first European to visit Indonesia.

7 | Indonesia is home to over a hundred species of endangered animals. Including Komodo, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinos, Orang Utans, Bekantan and many more.

8 | The islands of Indonesia are located above the "Ring Of Fire" so that the country has more than 400 active volcanoes and at least three earthquakes every day.


9 | The greatest flower in the World is found in Indonesia by the English nobleman Thomas Stamford Raffles with his friend a natural lover named Dr. Joseph Arnold. Therefore, this flower is called Raflesia Arnoldi.

10 | The highest peak is located at Gunung Jaya Wijaya, Papua. This place is also the only snow place in Indonesia.

11 | Lake Toba is a caldera former eruption of the mighty Toba mountain 74,000 years ago.


12 | The island of Java is listed as the home of one of the earliest humans in the world, Homo erectus Palaeojavanicus, found in the village of Sangiran, Central Java.

13 | Indonesia is home to the largest Chinese population in the world composed by Hakka Chinese, Han Chinese, Chinese Wu etc. Despite the minority, they have controlled the economic aspects of the country until now.

14 | Indonesia is the sixth largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world after Russia and India.

15 | The word "ketchup" in English comes from the word soy sauce from Indonesia, which means sweet sauce.


16 | Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. In its construction. It took 75 years to complete.

17 | In terms of biodiversity such as flora and fauna, Indonesia occupies second position after Brazil.

18 | Indonesia occupies the position of the two countries with the most number of languages that is 742 languages. While the first position is occupied by Papua New Geunea as much as 867 languages.


19 | Krakatau is a volcano with the largest eruption ever recorded. Occurred on August 27, 1883, the eruption had the power equivalent of 2,000 Hiroshima bombs and resulted in the deaths of 36,000 people. Tsunamis as high as 40m, sped at speeds over 311 mph (500 km / h), destroying coastal towns and villages. The roar of his explosion sounded to Sri Lanka to Perth, Australia. This is the largest volume ever recorded in human history.

20 | Pasola has become the bloodiest harvest festival in Asia. Two teams of horsemen in spears dressed in spears raced against each other, throwing their spears at the enemy riders. Though spears are blunt, injury and death occasionally occur. This festival can be found the island of Sumba NTT.

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21 | Adult male orangutans found in Kalimantan and Sumatra have eight times stronger powers than humans.

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