How To Do Telephaty With Water

telephaty with water

Telepathic practices are often found in several TV movies and dramas. But how telepathy can be done? There is no scientific evidence on this matter, but in some cases, the telepathy was successful whether it was accidental or indeed came from the power of his mind. Telepathy is usually can be successful for people who have close relationships, such as friends, friends, girlfriends, wives, or parents. Even though telepathically separated long distances, the human brain can exchange data and information that propagates through mysterious media in the universe. Besides humans, some people can even telepath with their pets, so the owner feels what the animal feels. People in ancient times were said to often do telepathy, with meditation and they could see the situation of the house from a great distance. Usually done by elders who have a high level of magic.

33 Shocking Facts About Snakes

Snakes are animals that are often considered dangerous, because instead of biting only, some snake species even can emit very deadly poisons. Therefore, people often kill snakes, if there is a snake entering the area of the house or village. Snakes are always associated with bad luck animals or incarnations of demons. Though like animals in general, snakes are also one of the assets of the earth's wealth, it is appropriate for us to protect and preserve. For that the facts about snakes below you must refer to increase knowledge about these reptile animals.

8 Most Weird Forest Ever Found

Forests are the lungs of the earth which produce oxygen and suck CO2 pollutants. Forests are filled with shady trees and always have large areas. Wildlife also needs forests to find food and shelter. Not infrequently because of the destruction of the forest lately, many wild animals are extinct or out of the forest to settlements to find food. Forests must be protected to protect the ecosystem of the Earth. In addition, forests are also considered as habitat for supernatural beings and full of mysteries and awesomeness in them. To find out, we immediately see the 8 most mysterious forests in the world.

30 Amazing Fact About Mosquito


Everyone hates mosquitoes, including other furry animals. We all feel disturbed when mosquitoes thrust a sucking needle from the snout into our skin. During the sucking process, at that time we will feel itching, which causes our hands to automatically scratch the area of the itch. Sometimes it is unconscious that scratching produces abrasions due to the sharpness of human nails. Not to mention the deadly danger of viruses carried by mosquitoes. Even though mosquitoes are one part of living things on earth they also need food like us to survive. So it's ok to knowing this tiny creature closer through the collection of facts below.

Most Worst But Expensive Painting Ever Made by Human

In general, paintings is very beautiful images or shapes made by an artist. But everyone has their own perception of beauty. Likewise, artists have different intuition in assessing the beauty of a painting. Paintings can also be a medium for the painters to express their feelings into colors, unique lines of the form. Because of that, sometimes the results of his work are very difficult to understand, even among them may look very ugly and bad according to the layman's judgment. But who would have thought that even though it was unsightly the eyes of this painting would have fantastic value priced at billions and even trillions. Here's a list of 6 "ugly" and most expensive paintings in the world.

The Best Way To Do Astral Projection

astral projection

Astral projection or astral projection is a phenomenon where the soul inhabiting our body can go out wandering and observing the world around it even traveling to all corners of the universe. Astral projection can be done intentionally or accidentally. The practice of astral projection is usually carried out by ascetics and meditators who adhere to certain beliefs. In Indonesia this ability is called merma sukma and Javanese people used to call it rogo sukmo. People who can do this are usually considered to be powerful people, because they can look at conditions in a distant place without going to that place, like telepathic abilities.

For those of you who want to try to feel the astral projection sensation, please try the following techniques, you can choose which one is more suitable for you.