22 Latest Facts About Mars you Should Know

red planet

Planet Mars is one of the most popular planets and often written and spoken in news media. This planet also frequently discussed by a scientist, because this planet has the most similar characteristic with planet Earth compared to the other planets in the solar system.
Even, NASA and other Space Agency have an ambitious spirit to send human race in there to flourish live and multiplying like they do on Earth. Scientists want this planet can be made a second planet that can be inhabited by humans. All about Mars is very interesting to talk about, to know more about this planet, let's see 22 facts about planet Mars Below.

The Mystery of the Existence of the Golden City

gold city of eksistence

In the 15th century, the Age of Discovery began in Europe. The maritime kingdoms of Spain and Portugal lead the way by funding naval expeditions in all oceans of the world. A re-exploration of the New World, exploration of the West African coast, and exploration of the ocean route to the East brought enormous wealth to these two young maritime empires. Coupled with the desire to explore gold, so when local legends talk about Cibola, the seven golden cities, this will surely spur adventure conquerors to launch an expedition to search for this mysterious city.

Mystery Existence of Gog and Magog

yayuj majuj

During Alexander the Great's reign and exploration, he came to an area in the Caucasus, the mountains between Europe and Asia. There he found Gog and Magog who were terrorizing the area. Alexander finally built a wall and a gate in a narrow gap between two mountains to close it. There are several different versions of these wall materials including, thorny bushes, iron, brass, or acetone (magic metal).

Mystery of Piri Reis Map That Contain Strange Creature

map of piri reis

In 1929 a group of historians at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, discovered an old map. They found an amazing map segment printed on the skin of an old Gazelle dated 1513. The chart seemed to depict a portion of the Atlantic Ocean and included America and Antarctica in great detail. The mysterious object was only made a few years after the discovery of Columbus, and three centuries before Antarctica was known. For years since its discovery, this object is still being debated about how the cartographer has assimilated his knowledge.

The Mystery of Sinking City of Atlantis

atlantis city

Plato, a famous acient Greek philosopher is the only source of all information about this lost continental race. Meanwhile, many experts make several theories about the age and position of Atlantis, but no one is really sure what really happened to civilization itself. The story of Atlantis is revealed in his dialogue about 'Timaeus' and 'Critias'. Many of Plato's works are fictional, but the story of Atlantis is revealed as a fact.

Mystery Function of Acient Saqqara Bird

saqqara bird

In 1898, when archaeologists dug in a Pa-di-Imen grave in Saqqara, Egypt, they discovered a mysterious object similar to planes and birds. This object is known to be made of sycamore wood estimated to have existed since 200 years BC. This artifact is named after the Saqqara bird with a characteristic wingspan of 18 cm and weighs 39.12 g. Not yet known exactly whether the function of this object due to lack of past documentation. Many speculations state that this object is evidence of the sophistication of Egyptian citizens who are familiar with aircraft technology.