Free Will is Brain Illusion According to Quantum Realm

free will

The term "determinism" seems very unfriendly to our lives. Just imagine the whole world just created as puppets with instruction embedded since the beginning of time (big bang). According to a few scientists, this supper determinism hypothesis is very helpful to solve the problem of quantum entanglement. The thing which Einstein called "spooky at a distance", the main problem is finding the reason why entangled particles can deliver information faster than the speed of light no matter how far both particle's distance is.

This mind-blogging behavior is still a mystery until recently one of the scientists called Bell with his loophole superdeterminism theorem, postulate that there may exist another variable that governs all the things in the universe since the big bang. All these instruction has been written as destiny to all thing that happens in the universe including the outcome of measurement they do.

As result, many religious people connect this to God's will. But there is also free will which is opposite to the determinism hypothesis. Sam Harris a Neuroscientist said in his book "Free Will" that free will is an illusion of brain neural activity. He thinks that we are biochemical puppets, any thought or decision we make is based on a background cause that we are unaware of with no conscious effort.

Some experiments were conducted by Benjamin Libet in 1980, with an EEG electrode attached to the participant's brain to record some activity before they make decision based on the instruction. The result of this experiment is there are delays between brain activity and the decisions they made. There is half second-time gap before participants are aware of the decision they do.

It seems horrible to live in this kind of universe. All our purpose in life was non-sense, but make this information as your knowledge to understand the universe. Just do your best in your live whatever the outcome will be because this is our destiny.

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