Technique to Controlling Water Elements with Mind Power

Water bender

More than 65 percent of the human body consists of water elements, this makes the technique of controlling water elements easier than controlling other elements in telekinesis. Water can be bent, turn the flow direction easily, for those who are trained can easily change conditions from liquid to ice or vice versa. This control technique relies on the power of the mind that is focused on a collection of H2O atoms.

Water sources can come from anywhere including from the body itself, but it is not recommended because it can lead to dehydration and death. Water sources must come from outside the body such as from land, rivers, or sea water. According to Professor Theresa M Kelly, there are many limitations that occur in controlling water based on water density and temperature. The ability of a person's Hydrokinesis depends on the similarity of the characteristics he has. A person can control cold and high-density seawater, while others can only control low-density water such as fresh water. Therefore the practitioner of Hydrokinesis must try various characteristics of water in order to find maximum control potential.

Here are some ways hydrokinesis to bend water that you can practice:

  1. Take water in a bowl. Now close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes to calm and relax your mind and body.
  2. Now look at the water and observe the water. Cold or hot? What does it consist of? How much water do you have on your body? Try to build a strong relationship between you and water. Remember that your body consists of water and feel water flowing throughout your body.
  3. Now, place one of your fingers in the water. Feel the water and slowly move your finger so that it forms ripples on the water. Feel the temperature, because this is a natural part of your body, it will be easier to feel connected.
  4. Now that you feel connected (be patient because it might take a long time), you might want to try to control the water. Now, release your finger and visualize yourself connected with water.
  5. You may feel your whole body like water and connect to water in a bowl. Now with a little focus, imagine and order water particles to move around. You already know how it looks when moving and it's easy to imagine it. After starting to spin, command to spin faster and faster.
  6. Consistent effort and practice are needed to move water. Once you can move water particles, then you can continue to practice moving or bending the water that flows from the tap. After you can bend the tap water, then you are called a water bender.
  7. In advanced training, you can try to control and manipulate the temperature of the water and you can turn into ice like sub-zero. This is very difficult.
The ability and success of each person vary, the ability of hydrokinesis depends on how strong the level of concentration and visualization has. Therefore some people may take a long time to control water. But with perseverance and patience, you will surely have this ability.

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