7 Animals with the Shortest Age, Below 1 Year.

If we previously discussed 6 animals that can live eternally, we will now discuss animals that have the shortest life, whose lifetime is under 1 year. If the average animal has a lifespan of many years this animal is just a few months old, even some of them only a few hours. With a shortage, of course, these animals take advantage of the time as possible, especially to find food and breed.

1 | Chameleon

1 | Chameleon

The panther chameleon is only 1 year old. This chameleon is the chameleon with the shortest age among reptiles and other chameleons. The panther chameleon comes from the North and East parts of Madagascar. They exhibit a fast mating behavior due to their relatively short lifespan. Interestingly, the entire adult chameleon will die before the next generation hatches from the egg. Rapid color changes are the most striking characteristics of chameleons. So they can be easily disguised in the neighborhood. Chameleon's favorite foods are crickets and worms.

2 | House Mouse

mouse house

The average age of a house mouse is 1 year. But predators like cats and poisoning can also speed up their death anytime. House mice are also susceptible to various health problems during their growth stage. They also multiply rapidly due to very short lifespans.

3 | Dragonfly


There are 5000 different species of dragonfly in the world. Their maximum age is about 4 months. But most of the dragonflies will not live long because they can be easily eaten by spiders, birds, lizards, and frogs. Strong winds and harsh climatic conditions also keep them out as dragonflies from larval forms. Dragonflies also cannot fly easily after the completion of the larval stage. This condition makes them too easily eat with reptiles and birds. They also can not live longer in cold conditions.

4 | Flies


Flies are one of those irritating insects that are often found in homes or trash. The lifespan of the fly is very short only about 4 weeks. Flies that live in households generally have a longer life than those living in wild environments. In their short life cycle, each female fly is capable of producing up to 1000 eggs.

5 | Mosquito


Blood-sucking insects that always accompany us while sleeping. There are at least 3500 species of mosquitoes around the world some of them carrying deadly diseases and viruses. This one insect has a very short lifespan of about a week for male mosquitoes. While the female can be aged up to 1-2 months if the environment supports. In a short period of life, mosquitoes can spawn up to 300 grains.

6 | Gastrotrichs


Gastrotrichs is one of the microorganisms that live in the sea. They grow to a maximum size of 4 millimeters. Gastrotrich's life cycle is limited to just 3 days. Gastrotrichs has a transparent body structure with hundreds of adhesive tubes on the bottom of the body that make it able to float above sea level. Gastrotrichs has a vague male and female reproductive organ.

7 | Palingenia longicauda

palingenia longicauda

This is the animal that has the shortest life on Earth. Their life lasts only 24 hours. May Fly is also often referred to as the "one-day insect" because of its very short lifespan. There are 2,500 different species of flies in the world. In fact, some members of the dragonfly fly family died within a few hours.

The dragonflies spend most of their lives as a cocoon. The main purpose of the flies is a reproduction. On the sidelines of his short life, they form groups and dance together.

That's some animals that are short-lived, Hope this also can make us aware not to waste time and make the most of the time.

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