9 Sign Your Have Reincarnated


According to some beliefs, a reincarnation is an event in which the spirit of a deceased person resides in the body of another newborn person, in the sense of the dead who in the past re-enjoyed his life in the world. For a skeptical person might consider it superstitious but has many testimonies and evidence that lead to the truth of reincarnation that until now cannot be explained scientifically.

Below are some of the signs you may have or have often experienced with regard to reincarnation:

1 | Repetitive Dreaming

Dreams are a natural thing when sleeping, but what if the dream happens repeatedly contains the same thing? maybe this is one of the traits that your soul is associated with that dream. From a psychological perspective, a recurring dream is a sign of a trauma, a fear or an unfinished business. Recurrent dreams are also potentially a reflection of our past lives. Many people claim to have a dream of meeting someone, being somewhere or doing something they think is very familiar and have done it when in real life they have never seen or experienced it. Perhaps some of you have experienced dreams like this.

2 | Strong Intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance between conscious and subconscious minds to tap into deeper sources such as innate wisdom and knowledge. This means that the more we are mature, the closer we get to the 'source' (nirvana, eternity, unity) where our spirits come from. If you have strong intuition, it can be an indication that your soul emerges from a past life.


3 | Déjà vu

We may all experience déjà vu at some moments in our lives. It is a strange feeling that somehow we feel we have experienced this in the past. Déjà vu Often comes spontaneously, triggered by smells, sounds, scenery, tastes and other sensations. While some claim that déjà vu is a neurological dissonance, others claim that déjà vu may be related to another dimension (parallel universe), and others believe the phenomenon comes from past life experiences.

4 | Precognition

Also known as the future view or second vision, precognition is the ability to obtain information about future events that will occur. Precognition can be experienced through vision, physical sensations and feelings and in dreams. While for some people this is considered pseudoscience, for people who believe precognition is a very real experience and can show the maturity of spirit energy.

5 | Inconsistent Wisdom

Most people have a certain personality in their life there are still adults but the behavior is still childish or even still have children's perspective like adults. Apparently, it is related to the soul that inhabits your body. If you feel young but have mature wisdom like an adult, it may be an indication that your soul is an old spirit and has been reincarnated many times and vice versa.

6 | Feeling Empathy

A sense of empathy can absorb emotions, and in some cases like when people are sick, the people around them instantly feel and experience what they experience. Empathy raises the desire to help to ease their burdens. In other cases, empathy can be a sign of a soul that has experienced many reincarnations before and has perfected itself into a new, better individual.


7 | Unexplained Phobias

Many believe that certain memories or experiences of past lives can leave a "residue" in the present. Whether this is true, or just a random form of the problem is still a mystery. many believe that we can be overshadowed by past traumas in our own lives in the form of fear and phobias. Examples can include drowning fear, fear of certain types of animals, fear of certain places, fear of certain numbers, colors, objects, and so on.

8 | Love the culture of the past

If we have an inexplicable appeal to a particular culture originating in antiquity, that possibility is a residue of past life experiences that remind us of certain places, cultures or environments that your soul may have experienced in past lives. For example, you may have an inexplicable interest in Asian culture, fashion or objects from the nineteenth century.

9 | The mysterious birthmark

Birthmarks can appear our bodies from birth, in varying shapes and sizes. This sign appears mysteriously for no apparent reason. Many myths and evolved in a society connecting this birthmark to the spirits of their deceased predecessors. Where when the deceased person is marked like a charcoal grinder on a certain part of his body, as a sign that if he is reincarnated his offspring will have the same birthmark. Interestingly some of these incidents really happened including myself who has a "tompel" in the top, according to the story of the parents, I was the incarnation of my grandfather who was also given a charcoal sign before death in the same body part. Either it is true reincarnation or just this coincidence all remains a mystery will not be solved.

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