The Mysterious Fire Phenomenon in Caronia


For ten years the population in one of the villages in the city of Caronia, the island of Sicily in Italy, is haunted by hundreds of mysterious fires that just emerge. Mattresses, cars, electronic appliances like mobile phones are also on fire even when they are turned off. This strange phenomenon invited the attention of geologists, physicists and volcano researchers for years but until now no one can provide a definite scientific explanation. Locals believe the cause is a supernatural being, like an alien or demonic force. In the absence of a logical reason, they regard it as a truth.

January 2004. There is something unusual in the village of Canneto. Television, rice cooker, and vacuum cleaner suddenly burned for no apparent reason. The wedding gift was also engulfed in flames. Other objects such as water pipe to the seat are also burned. The car moves or suddenly the key is open. The phone rings when there is no call. The electronic battery suddenly runs out. There is at least one person who reports, whether a policeman or a scientist if he does not see the cord is plugged into a power source, it just burns out. Most cases occur near the railway line.

caronia vilage
Caronia City

Case by case continues to occur in a small village whose population is now about 180 inhabitants. Various attempts were made to stop the strange fires that haunt the population. The institution responsible for electricity in Italy has cut off electricity in the city of Caronia. But the fire without cause continues even though there is no electricity. Twenty days later, about a dozen new street lights were installed, damaged in flames.

The government rejected the explanation that there were people who deliberately burned these items. The reaction of the population was varied. Some consider the fire to be related to rail or other human causes. But some are calling it a deed of Satan. An exorcist named Gabriele Amorth suspects that the cause is supernatural, while the mayor of Caronia believes there is a natural cause that can explain. There are also who consider the fire was caused by volcanic activity.

The government seems to believe this phenomenon involves electricity. Many experts went to Caronia to study. In March 2004, the villagers of Canneto were evacuated. They evacuate to the hotel or stay at a relative's house or friends for a while. Until the time the research was fruitless, they insisted to be allowed home or compensated.

This phenomenon had stopped, but again started in April 2004, and stopped in August. The cause is unknown, but improvements to electrical facilities have been made. After months of unsuccessful research, residents are allowed to return to their homes.

In October 2004, the local Sicilian government asked the government in Rome to declare a state of emergency after a fire broke out for nine months. When this request is granted, the government will disburse emergency funds initially proclaimed to tackle national disasters such as earthquakes or major floods.

Judge Enza Napoli with a mechanic named Franco Valenti was hired by 42 villagers to investigate the case. The police at the time rejected the explanation that someone was deliberately burning or explaining that the fire was a rumor. They see firsthand the electric wires burn by themselves.

Police suspect the fire was linked to underground cables planted near the tracks. The cable is suspected to cause a pile of electrical energy. But railroad officials say the rails have been installed in accordance with prevailing security standards across the country.

Tullio Martella said, "The cause of this fire appears to be static electricity. What we do not understand, why is there static electricity there? "His report then continued and suspected there were electromagnetic sources of magnitude between 12 and 15 gigawatts. The source is not man-made. This report was made in 2007.
The fire also triggered further searches by scientists from the Italian national research institute (CNR) with the support of physicists from NASA.

 This strange fire recurred in the summer of 2014. A year later, the police arrested Giuseppe Pezzino on charges of arson, conspiracy to cheat, and sounded false alarms.

But as reported by ANSA, the mayor of Calogero Beringheli does not believe the fire was caused by humans. "I myself, along with police and national journalists, have seen objects burning by themselves."

Even though the 2014 fire was caused by Pezzino, there are still many testimonies that show the 2004 fire happened by itself.

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