You Will Shocking, When Know this Girl

Photo of Saya(source:dramafever)
His name is Saya, a word familiar to the ears of the Indonesians. I look like a Japanese high school girl. But the truth is I am a 3 Dimensional character that is 100% made from computer by Japanese husband and wife Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa. They are both 3D artists who work as freelancers. They apply CGI (Computer Generated Image) which is the application of computer graphics field, to create and manipulate images (visual) digitally. CGI is often applied in outdoor movies such as Toy story and Terminator. According to them very difficult to make my character that looks realistic, for now, I'm still not perfect and will be fixed on the skin and hair. For the future, I will be used for film projects in Japan as a schoolboy. Here is my picture before and after rendering process on computer.

Before and after render(source:dramafever)
Before and after render(source:dramafever)

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