10 Incredible Phenomena On the Sea

About 70% surface of the Earth is drowned by ocean water, commonly the ocean has many unusual events that we may never have seen before. In history, many sea explorers have witnessed the appearance of marine phenomena. For those of you who wonder what the phenomenon, let us refer to the list of 10 extraordinary phenomena in the sea.

10 | Maelstrom

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From the name, we know this phenomenon is an event of water flow that spins, like we stir the tea in a glass, or drain the sink. This phenomenon is very feared especially for the sailors because it can suck everything to the seabed especially if large and strong. According to sailors, this phenomenon is often encountered in the Bermuda triangle. According to Scientists, One of the causes of this whirlpool is the difference in water mass and temperature causing vertical currents. Cold water weighs heavier down and simultaneously warms upward to form a vortex. Some of the most famous whirlpool phenomena are Maelstrom Saltstraumen in Norway, Corryvreckan Whirlpool in Scotland, and Naruto Whirlpool in Japan.

9 | Rogue Waves

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This phenomenon is also very feared by sailors, once ship hit by this wave, their ship will be destroyed to pieces, even large cruise ships and tankers can be reversed and drowned because of this wave. Why is that so great? because the waves are large-sized unmitigated can reach a height of 30 meters. These waves often come suddenly and are unpredictable, usually in the middle of an ocean far from land. The main cause of this phenomenon usually comes from wind, ocean current, or a combination of several unified waves. The largest wave ever recorded was as high as 29.1 meters in Rockall Trough west of Scotland in 2000.

8 | Brinicle


This word may be somewhat strange to the ear, this phenomenon is very rare and only appears in certain sea areas that have a very cold temperature like in the north and south pole. Brinicle is a phenomenon of a unique and beautiful ice formation on the seabed. Salt-containing water falling on cold water causes a very rapid freezing to form an ice formation extending to the seafloor. Sea-based creatures often freeze as they passing these salt streams, such as starfish, snails, small fish.

7 | Red Tide

Red tide is a phenomenon of seawater change to red or orange. The phenomenon of the Red tide is caused by a population explosion of phytoplankton whose life hovers at sea level. The explosion is triggered by warm water conditions, low salinity, high nutrient content and the calm water. Behind its beauty is actually Red tide save disaster for other creatures, because phytoplankton secretes toxic chemicals that can kill other living creatures. This phenomenon has been found in Bali, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan areas, usually appearing at a certain period each year.

6 | Striped Iceberg

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The iceberg is generally just a pale white. but there is a rare phenomenon that occurs on the iceberg, which is a form of stripes that adorn the ice surface. This phenomenon occurs due to differences in levels of bubbles trapped in ice. When the seawater froze at the base of the iceberg, the seawater filled the ice pores so that no bubbles were trapped and frozen quickly. This causes different strokes each time a new ice lump is formed. Sometimes green algae that come frozen also cause the lines become a charming turquoise blue color.

 5 | Frozen Bloom

Flowers floating in the sea make this phenomenon very beautiful and rare. Where hundreds of tapered sharp-like white structures lie at sea level. This phenomenon often occurs in very cold areas and with gentle wind breezes. This flower grows to a height of about 3-4 centimeters and has a high salt concentration. Surely this flower is not a flower in the true sense but is only an ice formation formed by natural processes when the air temperature is colder than the ocean. When the air touches some of the sea water they freeze instantly, causing tendrils to resemble the shape of a flower.

4 | Splited Water

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This strange phenomenon lies in the strait of Gibraltar, where there is a meeting between the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean. But instead of mixing, this water remains in its own respective remain separate even though it has been met even the borders are clearly visible, much debate among scientists about this phenomenon. Some claim the cause is the temperature difference, the salt content and the density or the water stress so as to produce a thin dividing wall separating the two seawater. This phenomenon has also been recorded in the holy book of the Qur'an.

3 | Milky Sea

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This is a unique phenomenon of the color of the sea that glows bright white like milk, it turns out the cause is marine microorganisms dinoflagellate that lives at sea level. They produce a chemical that can emit light in the dark as one of the survival mechanisms. This phenomenon is called bioluminescence but on a large scale up to a radius of hundreds of kilometers. This phenomenon is often seen from satellites, looking bright from the surrounding sea surface.

2 | Anomaly of Baltik Sea

anomali baltik

Is an anomaly generated by a mysterious object that is piled on the seabed. All electronic devices that are close to this object will not work temporarily, but if you move away from this object will work again. This object is shaped like a plane Millenium Falcon aircraft in the movie Star Wars. Unintentionally discovered by Peter Lindberg in the quest mission of the Ocean X treasure. When using sonar they were surprised to find a strange object at depth of 91 meters under the sea with dimensions of 62 m wide and 8 m high. Many suspects that the object is a UFO used aliens, some of which skeptics consider it an ordinary formation of nature. Until now this phenomenon is still a mystery because no one wants to fund for further research.

1| Underwater Crop Circle

Crop circles usually occur in rice fields but in fact, aliens also use the seabed to create a crop circle. But this phenomenon has been solved, it turns out not the alien cause, this unique structure is made by quests puffer or bloated fish. They make this work to find their partner. The pufferfish wags its fins for days to create this geometric pattern. The more beautiful and geometric it will attract the female if successful then the female egg will be placed in the middle of the circle. It's really amazing the behavior of this one fish.

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