18 Surprising Facts Planet Nibiru


Have you ever heard of planet Nibiru? This planet had become a rumor that shocked the public. The reason is that it is suspected that this planet will cause the apocalypse that occurred in 2012 ago. But it turns out that until now we are still healthy. NASA also did not confirm the existence of celestial bodies that will hit Earth in the near future, but many laypeople believe in the existence of the planet. Nibiru also called planet x is sometimes also associated with the place where aliens will invade the earth when the planet approaches. Nibiru is a terrible scourge for scientists. Is planet Nibiru actually? based on the book The 12th Planet, here are some facts about planet Nibiru.

1 | The name "Nibiru" was discovered by a Russian archeologist named Zecharia Sitchin. He found the name from the ancient 6000-year-old text of the Sumerian relics and read based on Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism.

2 | Nibiru has another name, Marduk from the original Babylonian legend.

3 | Nibiru orbits the dark sun twin that is not far from the solar system.

4 | Nibiru has an elliptical orbit and approaches the sun every 3,600 years.

5 | Planet X has a large mass and electromagnetic radiation that can cause the planet to pass through to experience climate change.

6 | Nibiru once collided with the Tiamat planet between Jupiter and Mars. The collision caused the planet Tiamat to split in two and one part to break apart into pieces of the asteroid belt and other parts into planet Earth.

7 | Planet nibiru disebut planet ke-12 berdasarkan konsep tata surya dari Sumeria. Mereka percaya ada 11 planet dari Merkurius sampai Neptunus ditambah Matahari, Bulan, Pluto serta Nibiru sebagai yang terakhir atau ke duabelas.

8 | NASA has identified a planet with an anomalous orbit around our Sun; They called it Planet X. Post Washington and other news agencies wrote about it in 1983.

9 | Planet Nibiru is believed to have four times the diameter of the Earth and 23 times more massive.

10 | Some researchers believe that if a planet like Nibiru would approach Earth, this would cause a major earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption to create an entirely new geography and climate.

11 | This planet is inhabited by sophisticated civilization creatures, according to the Sumerian legend they are Anunnaki, have bodies like humans.

12 | The Anunnaki visited the earth about 450,000 years ago. They came to look for minerals and gold that were mined in the African region. They also use humans to become slaves.

13 | Based on rumors circulating the arrival of planet X was kept secret by scientists at NASA so as not to trigger a global panic.

14 | Only the largest telescopes are strictly guarded that can be used to see Planet X. Reportedly, several small observatories in the world claimed to have seen Planet X in early 2001.

15 | Dr. Harrington, one of Zecharia Sitchin's colleagues who first learned of the existence of planet Nibiru, suddenly died of an accident allegedly due to his courage to expose his findings to the public.

16 | The arrival of Planet X can trigger the recurrence of the Ice Age due to changes in the earth's poles like in the film The Day After Tomorrow.

17 | According to Sitchin, the atmosphere of planet Nibiru is very thick so that it can maintain temperature stability when away from the sun. The Annunaki beings who live there are not cold.

18 | Reporting from the Daily Mail page, David Meade (author of Planet X - The 2018 Arrival) predicts Nibiru will hit the earth in October 2018.

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