List of Ghost Species in Indonesia

Ghosts can be interpreted as invisible creatures that inhabit a place. Usually, ghosts are considered as evil creatures who want to always mislead humanity. But there are also kind ghosts, usually in the form of spirits of people or relatives who have died. In Indonesia, ghosts are still believed by most of the people despite being in conflict with modern science. They believe because they hear stories from other people or from their parents so that it is a myth that is still passed down through generations. Different regions differ in the type of ghost, culture, and folklore that are very influential in describing the ghost. Here are the types of ghosts who live in Indonesian regions.

1. White Candy Ghost (Pocong)


Domicile: Java Island, and surrounding areas.
Habitat: Graves, banana trees, mango trees.
Belief: Islam
Characteristics: Shaped white package, has a pale flat green face even broken, nose sometimes covered with cotton or covered with maggots, sometimes has eyes that can light up. It is very similar to a dead body wrapped in a shroud in the Muslim faith.
Ability: Pocong often haunts by appearing under a banana tree, or in a burial area. They move around by flying from tree to tree, not jumping around and not touching the ground, sometimes they can spray deadly liquid from their mouths.
Myth: Pocong is an embodiment of the corpse of a Muslim who rebelled due to forgetting the straps of his Pocong. They actually want to ask for help to release the Pocong rope.
Variations: plastic bag, red bag, black bag, medon.

2 | Kuntilanak


Domicile: All over Indonesia
Habitat: Grave, doyong waru tree.
Beliefs: Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Characteristics: In the form of a beautiful woman, long hair with negligee or long white dress. Pale face. The smell of frangipani flowers.
Ability: Flying, flying, transforming into a beautiful woman, can kill by sucking blood.
Myth: Kuntilanak comes from a woman who died with a baby who was still in the stomach during the birth process. Kuntilanak haunts because he died in an uneasy state.
Variation: Various forms.

3 | Genderuwo


Domicile: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan.
Habitat: In the jungle, forest trees, bamboo trees or other large trees.
Belief: Islam, Kejawen.
Characteristics: Large and muscular black body, resembling a half-ape human, has sharp teeth and large eyes. thick fur.
Ability: Flying, migrating, transforming into another person, ability to bathe, molest, abduct women and children, throw stones, urinate people.
Myth: Genderuwo is believed to be a manifestation of the genie that tempts human faith. He likes to tease a widow and even screw her by pretending to be her husband. So that sometimes it produces a Genderuwo baby aka Tebo.
Variation: Genderuwo is good and Genderuwo is evil.

4 | Tuyul


Domicile: All over Indonesia.
Habitat: move around, sometimes locked up by the owner.
Belief: All beliefs.
Characteristics: Tangible small children or midgets, have sharp eyes and can light up. The bald head has a silver-colored monk, the sound it produces is like a chick.
Ability: Run fast, steal banknotes, socialize with friends or play.
Myth: Tuyul comes from babies who die at birth or miscarried fetuses, with the magical power of a shaman. The baby's soul is collected and nurtured for the shaman's client who wants to seek harm in an illegal way.
Variations: Tuyul blackhead and Tuyul ordinary (from commentators)

5 | Sundel Bolong

sundel bolong

Domicile: All over Indonesia.
Habitat: Forest and old house.
Trust: Kejawen
Characteristics: In the form of a woman with long hair, wearing a negligee or a long costume to cover white feet, like Kuntilanak. But what distinguishes it is a hollow back, containing viscera and grubs.
Ability: floating, changing shape, stealing babies
Myth: Perforated Sundel originated from the spirit of a woman who died because she was raped until she gave birth in the grave. A hollow Sundel likes to cover a hole in his back by not facing backward.
Variation: None.

6 | Wewe Gombel

wewe gombel

Domicile: Java
Habitat: Swamps and rivers.
Trust: Kejawen
Characteristics: Old woman who has large and dangling breasts. Blonde or dreadlocks.
Ability: Abducting children by tucking it in between her breasts. Give children food human excrement.
Myth: Wewe Gombel is a myth created by the community to frighten their children so they don't wander off at night. It is said that the authority of the Gombel came from the body of a woman who was slaughtered by the Dutch army in the Gombel hill area, Semarang.
Variation: None.

7 | Leak


Domicile: Bali
Habitat: In a dark room, in a forest.
Belief: Balinese Hinduism
Characteristics: Humans, Having sharp teeth, dangling tongue, large and bulging eyes, sometimes in the form of animals, sometimes fireballs, non-fixed shapes.
Ability: Having magic for evil, can become animals and humans. Eating human organs in the grave. Can regenerate when cut. Eating embryos from pregnant women to add strength.
Myth: Leak in Balinese beliefs are evil witches, who look for food at night in the graveyard looking for human organs to make magic potions so that their magic can increase,
Variation: Leak Pemoroan, leak Nengkleng, Leak Ugig.

8 | Gundul Pringis

gundul pringis

Domicile: Java
Habitat: In a dark room, in the forest, at home.
Trust: Kejawen
Characteristics: Bare head, nobody, only head. like "Pringas Pringis", aka smile. She likes to laugh, has long fangs.
Ability: Having magic, can transform into animals, especially chicks, can fly, disappear, scare people.
Myth: Gundul Pringis is categorized as a genie, like Pocong, Genderuwo, and others. They come from people who are mutilated or people who crash. His spirit is not calm so that it disturbs the people around him. That said, it can issue the sound of chickens to attract humans to be feared.
Variation: Gundul Pringis are bald and have hair.

9 | Banaspati

fire ghost

Domicile: Java
Habitat: In a dark room, in a forest, in a cave.
Trust: Kejawen
Characteristics: The form of fire hovering in the air, sometimes in the form of fireballs, sometimes in the form of vortices of fire and human fire.
Ability: Magic, mastering the element of fire, flying low, disappearing, transforming into a human being to frighten people.
Myth: It is said that Banaspati is the embodiment of magic people who have been imprisoned for years in the cave. They can master the fire element / geni starch and transform it into the fire. According to the belief of the community, banaspati walk using their hands and feet above with red eyes and flames all over their bodies. He likes to burn people who bother him or see him.
Variation: Fire Banaspati and Clay Banaspati

10 | Kuyang


Domicile: Kalimantan
Habitat: Kampung, in trees, and dark houses.
Trust: All trust
Characteristics: A woman, without a body, only the head and body innards that hang on the head, fly and fly, have fangs and red eyes.
Ability: Eating fetus and placenta, prey on pregnant women. Black magic to stay young and live long.
Myth: According to the beliefs of the people of Kalimantan, Kuyang is the stealth of women who are studying black magic to get a beautiful face, a youthful life, a long life and lasting. Early in the day, this creature looks like an ordinary human but the night can turn into my ghost. They can move and drift from one tree to another while stalking prey.
Variation: None

11 | Moto Sak Lepek

moto sak lepek

Domicile: Java
Habitat: In forests and large trees like kapok tree, teak, etc.
Trust: All trust
Characteristics: A very large eye as big as a placemat cup, nobody, can fly and fly, and red eyes.
Ability: Fly, fly, scare people.
Myth: Not yet clear the myth of the Moto Sak Lepek, there are those who associate it with Genderuwo eyes, there are also those who consider it a devil's eye.
Variation: None

12 | Green Buto

green beast

Domicile: Java and Bali
Habitat: In the forest and swamps
Belief: Hindu
Characteristics: Large tall body, stocky, green, bulging eyes, sharp fangs and foul-smelling like the smell of household waste.
Ability: Fly, float, eat people, kidnap children, give gifts, take months during an eclipse.
Myth: Green Buto is an embodiment of a genie who wants to tempt human faith.
Variation: None

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