Secret Mystery of Area 51 and S4

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Area 51  is a secret place whose access is limited only to government agents and military. By the end of 1955, the site had completed test flights of Lockheed's U-2 surveillance aircraft. During that time, Groom Lake was expanded to meet the testing needs of the world's most advanced aircraft. 44 years after its creation, Groom Lake has been used for test flights of the Lockheed U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117, the Northrop's B-2 stealth bomber, the mysterious Project Aurora and even the alien craft. Tony LeVier, a pilot who took part in the U-2 Aircraft flight trials noted that Groom's Dry Lake was very suitable as a test site.

The CIA gave U-2 designer Kelly Johnson to select and build a safe test site. In March 1955, Johnson dispatched LeVier and Skunk Works foreman Dorsey Kammerer to visit potential test sites in the deserts of southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. After two weeks, LeVier told Johnson his impression, and Johnson chose Groom Lake.

The Groom Lake facility has had many names since it was built. Kelly Johnson named the place "Paradise Ranch". When the flight test team arrived in July 1955, they simply called it "Ranch." In fact, the secret base was officially named the Watertown Strip, after the city in upstate New York where CIA director Allen Dulles was born. In June 1958, the venue was officially designated Area 51 by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The base is now known worldwide as "Area 51" due to the heavy lifting in Hollywood and films, although it was officially canceled in the 1970s. In 1970, USAF Systems Command took over Groom Lake operations.

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At this time, U-2 and A-12 / SR-71 spyplanes were tested and operated on reconnaissance missions. Unmanned drones were also tested, including the Model 147 Lightning Bug, Model 154 Firefly, and D-21 Tagboard. In 1967, the United States acquired its first Soviet MiG-21 and US efforts to acquire Soviet weapons technology were expanded. In 1975, a series of aerial warfare exercises called the Red Flag began at Nellis AFB, using large portions of the area surrounding Groom Lake. The flight area surrounding Groom Lake is completely off-limits to Red Flag aircraft. It was known as "Red Field" today, but later earned the semi-official title "Dreamland" as a series of new exotic aerospace projects evolved in the late 1970s. These include the tech stealth maker Blue and Tacit Blue. The testing of this aircraft brought about extreme safety precautions at Groom Lake.

The Groom Lake base flourished in the 1980s. The main runway (14/32) extended to the south, and later a large extension of the northern section built on the dry lake Groom, today is 27,000 feet long. Smaller parallel platforms were built in the early 1990s. Semi-hidden "scoot and hide" shelters were built on major highways so secret planes could be more easily hidden from overhead spy satellites. New radars, satellite telemetry and other communications facilities were installed, and extra warehouse and assembly areas were built. The residential area is fully built and can accommodate up to 2,000 people, and extensive recreational facilities are provided.

At present, Groom Lake appears to be managed by Detachment 3 of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. The level of safety was also increased. Until 1984, it was easy to see the base of Mount Bald and the other hills in Groom Range to the north of Lakebed. The USAF then extended the Nellis military reservation to cover sight or so they thought! The two hillsides south of the Range Groom still offer basic views from 12 miles away. White Sides Peak and Freedom Ridge, these points were annexed by the authorities in 1995.

The area borders are clearly marked but not completely fenced off, the entire base boundary is patrolled by anonymous security forces equipped with high-tech surveillance equipment. Remote electronic sensors detect movement along the path to the installation. It has long been thought that such surveillance equipment is so sophisticated with sensory equipment that it has the ability to smell someone who is close to the limit, and can distinguish it from other animals nearby.

The ground patrols, often called "Cammo Dudes", are assisted by Sikorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters equipped with FLIR. Since the Tacit Blue's flight ended in 1985, only two further black projects were suspected of being test flights from a secret base, since then have been officially recognized. These are the missiles that were launched covertly using the Lockheed Advanced Cruise Missile (ACM) aircraft, canceled in 1992, and the Northrop Tri-Service Ground Strike Missile, canceled in 1994. So, what is the ongoing activity at Groom Lake?

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In 1989, a man named Bob Lazar appeared on a Las Vegas television station claiming that he had been hired at Area 51 as "reverse engineering" a foreign flying saucer. He mentioned that the nine disk-shaped planes were flown from a very safe place called "S-4" on Papoose Lake, 10 miles southwest of Groom Lake. Lazar's story has been heavily criticized and a more credible connection with disc-shaped objects is that they are the testbed for the anti-gravity propulsion system being tested at Groom Lake. Such technology would constitute an unprecedented leap worthy of the most extreme secrecy.

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