Untold Mystery Around Vatican City

 The Vatican is the most sacred worship center for Christians, this is where their leader called the Pope resides. This place is like a Qibla if in Muslim. Vatican City or in Italian Città del Vaticano is the smallest country in the world which has an area of only 44 hectares, located within the State of Rome, Italy. Although the population there is quite small, around 1000 people, every religious holiday, this place is always crowded with people from all over the world, whether they want to worship or just for a spiritual tour.

The magnificent and classic building is a special attraction and the atmosphere of ancient Catholicism is very thick there. Of course, all antiques always hold a mystery, and this Vatican site is no exception. For that, let's look at the mystery that surrounds the Vatican below, compiled from various sources.

1 | Sedes Sacrorum

vatican sign

Many people think that the Holy See is the throne of St. Peter, but it is not. Because the word Sedes Sacrorum, which is the Latin term for the Holy See, did not exist even hundreds of years after St. Peter died in 70 AD. Around 1483, Tomás de Torquemada, a Roman torturer, and the militia were appointed to the highest throne in the Roman cult called the SS or Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum. In command, he committed many heinous murders and tortures against heretics. SS was granted the great Roman Catholic blessing of reconciliation from all mortal sins, he would have full access to heaven.

2 | Pope and Dagon

dagon pope

When viewed from the side, the tall hat worn by the Pope and Cardinal resembles the head of a fish with its open mouth. This reminds us of the fish god called Dagon in the beliefs of the Philistines in Mesopotamian times. This god was known as a god of great knowledge. Like an amphibious animal, Dagon rested in the water at night and emerged from the water during the day to teach all kinds of knowledge, such as city building, mathematics, and the laws of nature.

In the "Lost Book of Enki," this god is claimed to be the leader of the Annunaki or Enki, a civilization from another planet or could also be called Aliens. Giant UFOs landed in the water and then they emerged onto land to build a civilization called Edin or Eden in the Bible.

3 | St. Peter's Tomb

vatican city capel

St. Peter is known as the disciple of Jesus who first founded the church and preached the teachings of Christ. St. Peter died tragically, according to history he was executed by being crucified upside down in Caligula's Circus. After that his body was buried on Vatican Hill, Rome. News about where his actual grave is located has long been confusing. Some say that Peter's grave is in Jerusalem and Catholics believe it is under the Altar of St. Basilica Church. 

In its own history, it has been recorded that Emperor Constantine restored the tomb and built the Basilica building above it in 313 AD. However, the first grave research conducted in 1941 by Professor Venerando Correnti did not find the bones of St. Peter, only animal bones and a 50-year-old woman.

4 | The Creation of Adam Painting

creation of adam

This painting is located on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, one of Michelangelo's masterpieces depicting man's relationship with God. It clearly shows Adam languidly extending his hand to God and God with his angel also extending his hand from heaven. He also tries to touch Adam's hand while riding on a flock of angels with red robes covering them. 

The mystery of this painting is the meaning of the red robe that envelops God and his angels. Many assume that it depicts the human brain complete with the cerebellum and vertebral artery. It may be an interpretation that God is trying to impart divine knowledge to humans. Or perhaps as a form of the church artist's rejection of science.

5 | Obelisk 


The Obelisk is a vertical monument that has four tapered sides and forms a pyramid at the top. The tower is located in the center of the courtyard of the Basilica, St. Peter's. Obelisk monuments are commonly found in Egypt and are associated with the sun god. The exact purpose of the obelisk is not yet known. Apart from the Vatican, many other obelisks stand in various different places, such as in London and New York but they are called Cleopatra candles. 

There are also in Luxor, Cairo, Istanbul, and Paris, all of which have almost the same shape. In Egypt, they were used to worship the sun god or Baal. Therefore, not a few people think this is a symbol of a sign of conspiracy from members of the Illuminati and satan that will affect the world. Because in the holy book, Baal is also called the devil who is affiliated with lucifer.

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