7 Most Phenomenal Presidents in the World

Every country has its own leader - who is always respected and upheld by his people. For a country with a presidential system, a president is a leader. In our shadow, a president must have a strong stature, good personality, authority, rich etc. All good things seemed to be in a president. As a symbol of the president's statement, it should protect behavior and say, there should be no negative stigma from other countries. But not with the president in the list below. The president is an ordinary human being, they sometimes can't hide his true personality. Not infrequently the nature and behavior in leadership differ from other countries.

8 Most Weird Rain Phenomena on Planet Earth

Rain is a natural phenomenon that commonly occurs on planet Earth. Generally, rain is formed from sources of evaporating springs, such as from the sea, river, or lake. Water vapor undergoes condensation and then becomes a gray cloud containing water dots. The longer the water points become heavier and eventually fall into the rain. That is a normal example of rain. But our Earth has also experienced abnormal rain, aka strange rain which is very rare and certainly hard to believe. Some of them are even in the form of heavy objects which are very dangerous if they afflict living beings below them. This phenomenon really happened and has been reported from various places around the world. Here is a list of the strangest rain phenomena that occur in the world.

8 Most Strange Electric Phenomena on Earth

Electricity is a vital energy used in modern times today. All the equipment we use uses electrical energy. Without electricity, we will return to the stone age where electricity has not been utilized. Actually nature has provided abundant electrical energy, the Earth is like a giant dynamo that produces natural electricity, generally, electricity is seen in the form of lightning flashes. But below, there are some strange electric phenomena and you may never know before.

11 Funny Facts About South Korea

South Korea is one of the countries on the Korean peninsula, Asia Continent. The country of South Korea is very different from its brother, North Korea. If North Korea is famous for the cruelty of a leader with his communist government. South Korea has become a friendly country that is rich in culture and tourism. South Korea's economy has skyrocketed with increasing popularity in the eyes of the world, especially in the entertainment sector. Especially if it's not Korean K-Pop and Drama products that are loved by teenagers today. South Korea is now an interesting topic to discuss. Here we see 11 funny facts in South Korea.

18 Surprising Facts Planet Nibiru


Have you ever heard of planet Nibiru? This planet had become a rumor that shocked the public. The reason is that it is suspected that this planet will cause the apocalypse that occurred in 2012 ago. But it turns out that until now we are still healthy. NASA also did not confirm the existence of celestial bodies that will hit Earth in the near future, but many laypeople believe in the existence of the planet. Nibiru also called planet x is sometimes also associated with the place where aliens will invade the earth when the planet approaches. Nibiru is a terrible scourge for scientists. Is planet Nibiru actually? based on the book The 12th Planet, here are some facts about planet Nibiru.

5 Strange Mysteries and Myths of the Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple is the grandest and biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia after Borobudur temple. With a slim, elegant and natural architectural style, all eyes are enchanted to see them. Foreign and local tourists every day throng this complex for just sightseeing or study. With a wealth of historical value, Prambanan Temple has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the wonders of the world and a world heritage site.

Prambanan temple is located in Prambanan sub-district, Sleman, and Klaten, Central Java. Development began in the 9th century AD by the Rakai Pikatan kingdom, as a counterpart to the Borobudur as well as a sign of the triumph of the Sanjaya dynasty. The Prambanan Temple was built to worship the 3 highly respected Hindu gods Shiva, Wisnu and Brahma. Each god is represented by 3 temple buildings. But the most important is Lord Shiva who is taller and bigger than 2 other temples. The height of the main temple or temple of Siwa is 47 meters or 5 meters higher than the Borobudur temple.