Mystery of Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles

Elisa Lam, the woman's name, she is in an open elevator. He looked worried. Many times he looked out as if there was someone else there. Every now and then he jumps out and back again. He was frightened. The behavior lasted for several minutes until he finally got out of the elevator and did not come back again. Elisha Lam is reported missing. The following CCTV Record before Elisha Lam disappeared.

Two weeks more searches were made but to no avail. But other oddities happen in the hotel. The guests complained because the water coming out of the tap was not as hard as usual. The water looks a bit dark and tastes "weird". The hotel clerk then checked the water tank on the roof of the hotel. After opening the locked roof door, he unlocked the hold of the tank and witnessed an unexpected sight. The corpse of Elisa Lam naked drowned in water, hovering slightly below the surface.

The water used by the guests was already contaminated by a two-week-old corpse. Yikes!

The incident that took place in early 2013 it attracted a lot of attention. History of the hotel began to be dug, and the result, at least there are fourteen cases of murder or suicide since the hotel was founded in 1924. Here it happened as quoted from Wikipedia:

  1. On 19 November 1931, a Manhattan Beach resident named W.K. Norton was found dead in his room after swallowing some toxic pills. This is the first suicide case in the hotel.
  2. In 1932, Benjamin Dodich shot his own head in the room.
  3. In late July 1934, Louis D. Borden cut his own throat with a razor in his room. He left a letter mentioning the illness he suffered.
  4. In March 1937, Grace E. Magro fell from the ninth-floor room window. Her body was caught in the phone cord that then twisted it. He breathed his last in the hospital. Police are not sure whether the incident was a murder or an accident.
  5. In January 1938, Roy Thompson jumped off the hotel roof and his body was found on top of the building next to the hotel.
  6. May 1939, a sailor named Erwin C. Neblett was killed in the room after poisoning. Less than a year later, Dorothy Sceiger used the same way to commit suicide but could still be saved.
  7. September 1944, Dorothy Jean Purcell throws her newborn son out the window. The poor baby's body was found on the roof of another building.
  8. November 1947, Robert Smith of Long Beach died after falling from the seventh floor.
  9. On October 22, 1954, Helen Gurnee also jumped from the seventh floor.
  10. February 11, 1962, Julia Frances Moore climbs out of her eight-bedroom window and lands on the second floor.
  11. October 12, 1962, after a fight with her husband, Pauline Otton jumped from her ninth-floor window and dropped a pedestrian named George Gianini. Both were killed.
  12. June 4, 1964, Osgood was found dead in the room. He was stabbed, strangled and raped.
hotel cecil

In addition to the fourteen cases above, recorded two serial killers had spent the night in the hotel while running the action. The first killer named Richard Ramirez was charged with 13 murders, 5 assassination attempts, 11 sexual harassment and 14 thefts in 1985. He stayed at the hotel while in action.

Six years later, in 1991, another killer named Jack Unterweger stayed at the hotel. He killed three people before leaving Los Angeles to continue his criminal act.

The hotel that was originally named Cecil was later renamed in 2011. But of course history cannot be erased, and in fact, case by case still occur.

February 19, 2013, Elisa Lam's body was found in the water reservoir after three weeks was declared missing.

The latest case, on June 13, 2015, the 28-year-old man was found outside the hotel. Allegedly the man committed suicide by jumping from the hotel room.

This horrible hotel is like having a curse. Do you dare stay there?

Mystery "Wow" Signals from Alien

signal wow alien

Human effort to communicate with the outside world is still continuing. Theories about the existence of aliens in outer space, organisms or extraterrestrial life have been ambitions for decades. Many popular films include alien or UFO themes. Usually, this is accompanied by the assumption that the creature has a civilization that is much more advanced than earth. Another assumption is also circulating, with the sophistication of the technology, the aliens can travel from one galaxy to another galaxy in a short time. Since long ago, many testimonies mention the arrival of UFOs. But most cannot be proven.

The existence of extraterrestrials remains a mystery. Efforts continue to be found to find it. With that goal, an agency called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was formed. The institute is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to detect communications from other creatures in outer space.
The search for extraterrestrial life continues. SETI also did its job, until finally, in 1977, Ohio University's radio telescope caught a signal that allegedly came from living things in outer space.

When the telescope pointed to a star cluster known as Chi Sagitarii on August 15, an astronomer named Jerry Ehman received a powerful radio wave shot that lasted 72 seconds. He circled the wave printed sheet, encircled a strong signal with red ink, and wrote WOW!

Raw print of Wow signal. (
The problem is that, despite being searched for years, similar signals never come back. Ehman, the astronomer who discovered the signal, looked for it again for months after the Wow signal was detected. He repeated his efforts fifty times.

In addition to Ehman, other astronomers are also trying to find a similar signal. In 1987 and 1989, Robert H. Gray repeated the same signal search at the Oak Ridge Observatory, but the result was nil. In July 1995, H. Paul Shuch with a telescope at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory also could not grasp the existence of the signal. In 1995, 1996, and 1999, Gray repeated his previous failed attempts, this time with better equipment. But the signal remains unobservable. Therefore, this signal becomes a mystery to this day.

The experts still put forward the theory about the origin of the signal. Ehman thought the signal came from the earth but was reflected by space junk. The assumption was later denied. Brian Dunning came to another conclusion. He believes the signal was fired from Sagittarius. The theory presented in 2012 is still considered the best explanation. Until 2016, Antonio Paris and Evan Davies proposed another theory that said the signal came from a pair of comets that were at the scene of the Wow signal in the same time frame. But this theory is also considered weak. Thus, the origin of the Wow signal is still a big question for scientists.

On the other hand, if the location of the Wow signal is found, it does not necessarily indicate that the source is an alien. Could be the signal was sent due to natural phenomena. But if it turns out the cause is not a comet as it was recently theorized, nor is it the nature of nature being investigated, perhaps in space there really are living beings besides us. Wow ...

In addition, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Wow Signal, the Arecibo Observatory fires radio waves to the signal source location. It contained 10,000 twitter messages collected by National Geographic with hashtag #ChasingUFOs. One of the humorous messages from Stephen Colbert was quoted by Wikipedia: "I came with an important message on behalf of the entire inhabitants of the earth. Our flavors are not delicious. Actually, our flesh smells like almost rotten meat and will make your teeth crisscross. It's embarrassing to happen during a job interview. If you want something to chew, go to the Crab Nebula, and bring a breastplate. All you can eat. Seriously. "There's just one person on this one.

Now the age of the puzzle that puzzles this scientist has been forty years. Even if later found aliens, you want contacts?

The Mysterious Fire Phenomenon in Caronia


For ten years the population in one of the villages in the city of Caronia, the island of Sicily in Italy, is haunted by hundreds of mysterious fires that just emerge. Mattresses, cars, electronic appliances like mobile phones are also on fire even when they are turned off. This strange phenomenon invited the attention of geologists, physicists and volcano researchers for years but until now no one can provide a definite scientific explanation. Locals believe the cause is a supernatural being, like an alien or demonic force. In the absence of a logical reason, they regard it as a truth.

January 2004. There is something unusual in the village of Canneto. Television, rice cooker, and vacuum cleaner suddenly burned for no apparent reason. The wedding gift was also engulfed in flames. Other objects such as water pipe to the seat are also burned. The car moves or suddenly the key is open. The phone rings when there is no call. The electronic battery suddenly runs out. There is at least one person who reports, whether a policeman or a scientist if he does not see the cord is plugged into a power source, it just burns out. Most cases occur near the railway line.

caronia vilage
Caronia City

Case by case continues to occur in a small village whose population is now about 180 inhabitants. Various attempts were made to stop the strange fires that haunt the population. The institution responsible for electricity in Italy has cut off electricity in the city of Caronia. But the fire without cause continues even though there is no electricity. Twenty days later, about a dozen new street lights were installed, damaged in flames.

The government rejected the explanation that there were people who deliberately burned these items. The reaction of the population was varied. Some consider the fire to be related to rail or other human causes. But some are calling it a deed of Satan. An exorcist named Gabriele Amorth suspects that the cause is supernatural, while the mayor of Caronia believes there is a natural cause that can explain. There are also who consider the fire was caused by volcanic activity.

The government seems to believe this phenomenon involves electricity. Many experts went to Caronia to study. In March 2004, the villagers of Canneto were evacuated. They evacuate to the hotel or stay at a relative's house or friends for a while. Until the time the research was fruitless, they insisted to be allowed home or compensated.

This phenomenon had stopped, but again started in April 2004, and stopped in August. The cause is unknown, but improvements to electrical facilities have been made. After months of unsuccessful research, residents are allowed to return to their homes.

In October 2004, the local Sicilian government asked the government in Rome to declare a state of emergency after a fire broke out for nine months. When this request is granted, the government will disburse emergency funds initially proclaimed to tackle national disasters such as earthquakes or major floods.

Judge Enza Napoli with a mechanic named Franco Valenti was hired by 42 villagers to investigate the case. The police at the time rejected the explanation that someone was deliberately burning or explaining that the fire was a rumor. They see firsthand the electric wires burn by themselves.

Police suspect the fire was linked to underground cables planted near the tracks. The cable is suspected to cause a pile of electrical energy. But railroad officials say the rails have been installed in accordance with prevailing security standards across the country.

Tullio Martella said, "The cause of this fire appears to be static electricity. What we do not understand, why is there static electricity there? "His report then continued and suspected there were electromagnetic sources of magnitude between 12 and 15 gigawatts. The source is not man-made. This report was made in 2007.
The fire also triggered further searches by scientists from the Italian national research institute (CNR) with the support of physicists from NASA.

 This strange fire recurred in the summer of 2014. A year later, the police arrested Giuseppe Pezzino on charges of arson, conspiracy to cheat, and sounded false alarms.

But as reported by ANSA, the mayor of Calogero Beringheli does not believe the fire was caused by humans. "I myself, along with police and national journalists, have seen objects burning by themselves."

Even though the 2014 fire was caused by Pezzino, there are still many testimonies that show the 2004 fire happened by itself.

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Mystery of Deadly Dance 1518

deadly dance
Paint by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (source: Wikipedia)

In many parts of the world, people are familiar with various dances. Usually, dance is considered part of the local culture and staged when there are important moments, such as marriage, and others. Well, the dance that ever plagues in Strasbourg is very different. They danced to death for no apparent reason. People go out to dance. More and more participants. They join to death one by one.

This strange event occurred in the middle of 1518. A woman named Frau Troffea danced in a narrow street in the city of Strasbourg. The cause is unknown. He did it for four or six days. In the first week, 34 other people danced with him. The number is growing and uncontrollable. Up to a month, a total of 400 people danced. They dance and jump. In another similar case, the dancers laughed, cried, screamed hysterically, or sang. "These people are not just shaking or spasms; although they are unconscious, their hands and feet move as if they are deliberately dancing, "says a historian from the University of Michigan called John Waller.

Most of the dancers are female although they are not mentioned clearly how much they compare with men. They continue to dance for days until someone dies because of a heart attack, fatigue, or stroke. It is said that 15 people died every day. This incident was recorded in the records of doctors, Church preachers, and by the government of Strasbourg.

The puzzle still continues. As the situation deteriorated, the government was concerned about the situation. But instead of stopping the dance, they even provided a stage in downtown that was free to use for dancing. They believe that the dancers will recover if they dance day and night without stopping. The government even hired professional dancers and musicians to keep the population dancing. Of course, because it is held in the middle of the city, the number of dancers increasingly booming.

dance plague
Dance Plague 1518 (source: Wikipedia)
There is a reason behind the policy. At that time the dance was considered a curse, as well as an antidote. Waller found several testimonies that tell how people who had regained consciousness danced. This time they dance not because of illness, but because they think of it as a way to repel the curse. As a result, as the summer ends many people die from exhaustion.

John Waller describes the burden experienced by physical dancers heavier than the burden of a marathon runner. He thinks marathon runners will not be able to survive the dance of death. In a normal calculation, Frau Troffea, the woman who initiated the strange event, should have died on the third day. However, various notes indicate that the dance lasts up to six days.

Reported by Wikipedia, modern theories suspect the horrible behavior is triggered poisoning. Based on this theory, residents who dance allegedly consume wheat infected with a kind of fire mushrooms. But the fungus actually blocks the blood circulation so that the movement of dancing is difficult to do.

Unlike again with the Digital Journal which mentions the stress that hit the general public as a trigger. Around the year 1518, the area was indeed hit by the crisis. Hunger struck everywhere and killed many people. Those who still survive are forced to beg. Not to mention the diseases of smallpox and syphilis are deadly. It depresses the psyche and makes them behave strangely.

On the other hand, the belief that Strasbourg residents are still thick with superstition is also not much help. Scattered allegations that the dance is a curse. When Saint Vitus from Sicilia who died 303 was angry, he would send out an outbreak of uncontrollable dance. The fear of this curse is thought to turn the dance of death into a religious ritual. John Waller found testimony to how some people were made intentional, dancing. With music guidance, they march to a temple made especially for the saint considered to be related to the plague: St. Vitus and St. John.

This mystery is still a debate until now. And it turns out this case does not just happen once. There were seven other similar cases during the Middle Ages. Everything takes place in the same area.

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Self Burning Man Phenomena

burning man

Earth is vast and keeps a mystery. Scientists have made technology evolve. But there are still many things that until now become an unsolved mystery. Well, this time we will serve one phenomenon that still makes the theorists. Amazing as well as horrified, depending on each perspective, hehe. Because of this time, there was a case of the human body that suddenly burned itself. Imagine, no wind, no rain, no ex (#eh) suddenly boom, someone burns by itself.

As revealed by HowStuffWorks, this case happened to Michael Faherty in 2010 in Galway, Ireland. The body of a 76-year-old man was found at his home in a state of severe burns. Her body was leaning against a chair with her head near the fireplace. However, in the room, there was no burn mark, except the floor under Faherty and the roof above it.


The forensic expert who handled the case concluded that the fireplace was not related to the burning of Faherty's body. He then classified the case as Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) aka the human body that suddenly burns by itself, because there is no sufficient explanation.

The term was first proposed by Thomas Bartholin, a Danish physician, and mathematician, in 1641. He described the death of a knight in Italy named Polonus Vorstius. After enjoying wine with his parents in Milan, his body suddenly burned and he died. Bartholin called it 'a body that burns suddenly.'

Another case referred to as SHC took place in 1966. A retired physician named Dr. John Irving Bentley was found dead at his home. His calf and legs were found intact, but the rest of his body burned to ashes. The hole in the bathroom floor became the only fire that burned his body. Strangely, besides the floor, there was nothing else burning, as if untouched by fire.


Fifteen years earlier, Mary Reeser, a 67-year-old widow, was also burned in her home. He was last known to be alive the night before, around nine, when his son and his landlord left him alone. The next day, a neighbor found Mary Reeser's doorknob too hot. He immediately contacted the police for thinking there had been a fire.

Upon entering Mary's house, the officers were treated to an odd sight. Mary Reeser's body was found sitting on an open chair. While the remaining part of Mary Reeser's body is only her left leg, her spine, and a skull that shrinks to the size of a teacup. But strangely enough, only a small portion of her apartment was broken, the bulkhead of the melted plastic chamber and causing her watch to stop at 4:20.

marry resser case

There are much more cases that happened before, but from so many events, there are some similarities. Quoted from Wikipedia, from the body of the victim, usually, the remaining organs are intact legs and hands, the rest burned. The victim is usually a heavy alcohol addict. From sex and age, most victims are elderly women. The victim's body does not burn spontaneously but through a combustible material. Other characteristics, fire causes little damage to other flammable objects around the victim.

The cases leave the same question: How come people's bodies burn out without a known source of fire? Why other things around him-even in some cases, also the clothes worn-did not burn?

Experts try to solve the mystery for centuries. In the past, many have considered it a magic phenomenon and such. While scientists call static electricity in the body as a cause. Some say chemical reactions of the body. Finally, there is a mention of wick theory: Human body fat is likened to a candle, while the clothes or hair of the victim is likened to the axis. This theory assumes there is a source of fire outside the body that burns skin fat. But what exactly is the source of the fire, has not been found per case.

As a result, despite the growing scientific theories, the exact cause of the above cases has not been revealed until now.

9 Sign Your Have Reincarnated


According to some beliefs, a reincarnation is an event in which the spirit of a deceased person resides in the body of another newborn person, in the sense of the dead who in the past re-enjoyed his life in the world. For a skeptical person might consider it superstitious but has many testimonies and evidence that lead to the truth of reincarnation that until now cannot be explained scientifically.

Below are some of the signs you may have or have often experienced with regard to reincarnation:

1 | Repetitive Dreaming

Dreams are a natural thing when sleeping, but what if the dream happens repeatedly contains the same thing? maybe this is one of the traits that your soul is associated with that dream. From a psychological perspective, a recurring dream is a sign of a trauma, a fear or an unfinished business. Recurrent dreams are also potentially a reflection of our past lives. Many people claim to have a dream of meeting someone, being somewhere or doing something they think is very familiar and have done it when in real life they have never seen or experienced it. Perhaps some of you have experienced dreams like this.

2 | Strong Intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance between conscious and subconscious minds to tap into deeper sources such as innate wisdom and knowledge. This means that the more we are mature, the closer we get to the 'source' (nirvana, eternity, unity) where our spirits come from. If you have strong intuition, it can be an indication that your soul emerges from a past life.


3 | Déjà vu

We may all experience déjà vu at some moments in our lives. It is a strange feeling that somehow we feel we have experienced this in the past. Déjà vu Often comes spontaneously, triggered by smells, sounds, scenery, tastes and other sensations. While some claim that déjà vu is a neurological dissonance, others claim that déjà vu may be related to another dimension (parallel universe), and others believe the phenomenon comes from past life experiences.

4 | Precognition

Also known as the future view or second vision, precognition is the ability to obtain information about future events that will occur. Precognition can be experienced through vision, physical sensations and feelings and in dreams. While for some people this is considered pseudoscience, for people who believe precognition is a very real experience and can show the maturity of spirit energy.

5 | Inconsistent Wisdom

Most people have a certain personality in their life there are still adults but the behavior is still childish or even still have children's perspective like adults. Apparently, it is related to the soul that inhabits your body. If you feel young but have mature wisdom like an adult, it may be an indication that your soul is an old spirit and has been reincarnated many times and vice versa.

6 | Feeling Empathy

A sense of empathy can absorb emotions, and in some cases like when people are sick, the people around them instantly feel and experience what they experience. Empathy raises the desire to help to ease their burdens. In other cases, empathy can be a sign of a soul that has experienced many reincarnations before and has perfected itself into a new, better individual.


7 | Unexplained Phobias

Many believe that certain memories or experiences of past lives can leave a "residue" in the present. Whether this is true, or just a random form of the problem is still a mystery. many believe that we can be overshadowed by past traumas in our own lives in the form of fear and phobias. Examples can include drowning fear, fear of certain types of animals, fear of certain places, fear of certain numbers, colors, objects, and so on.

8 | Love the culture of the past

If we have an inexplicable appeal to a particular culture originating in antiquity, that possibility is a residue of past life experiences that remind us of certain places, cultures or environments that your soul may have experienced in past lives. For example, you may have an inexplicable interest in Asian culture, fashion or objects from the nineteenth century.

9 | The mysterious birthmark

Birthmarks can appear our bodies from birth, in varying shapes and sizes. This sign appears mysteriously for no apparent reason. Many myths and evolved in a society connecting this birthmark to the spirits of their deceased predecessors. Where when the deceased person is marked like a charcoal grinder on a certain part of his body, as a sign that if he is reincarnated his offspring will have the same birthmark. Interestingly some of these incidents really happened including myself who has a "tompel" in the top, according to the story of the parents, I was the incarnation of my grandfather who was also given a charcoal sign before death in the same body part. Either it is true reincarnation or just this coincidence all remains a mystery will not be solved.