Self Healing with Binaural Beats mp3

binaural beats

Binaural beats are the frequencies generated from the difference between two different frequencies. For example, your right ear listens for 500hz and a 460hz left ear then you will hear binaural beats with frequency 40hz. Then how binaural beats can cure disease? Binaural beats frequency can trigger our brain to respond and follow the resulting frequency. Keep in mind every day our brain produces brainwaves (brainwave). This brainwave is very dynamic can change any time according to the condition of our body. There are several types of brain waves that need to be known.

  1. Gamma (20-40Hz): This brainwave occurs when we are in high mental states like panic, fear, anxiety, restlessness. It usually happens when performing in public.
  2. Beta (12-20Hz): Waves generated by the brain when we are fully conscious. As it is when you read this article.
  3. Alpha (8-12Hz): Waves generated by the brain when we are in a semi-conscious state or relax, such as when our eyes are closed, sleepy or when we are going to sleep.
  4. Theta (4-8Hz): This wave is generated when we are asleep but not yet asleep, still dreaming. A deep meditational condition also produces these waves.
  5. Delta (0.1-4Hz): Waves generated by the brain when we sleep soundly, unconsciously, or coma. In this condition, our body usually recovery body cells.
From the description above can be concluded that our brain has the phases of brainwave according to body condition. If we want our brain to be in a certain phase we can trigger it by listening to binaural beats.What diseases can be cured? Many, can be mental illness or minor illness caused by brain activity.
Stress: Stress is usually triggered by a fearful, anxious, or anxious brain. Based on the description. the brain will produce gamma waves. So to neutralize it again we can listen to binaural beat frequency Alpha to make our brain more relax.
Insomnia: Insomnia or sleep disorders often experienced by young people, the cause of insomnia can be from stress, drugs, coffee, or high mental condition. This disease can be overcome with binaural beat waves below 12 Hz Like Alpha , Theta and Delta.
Fever: Fever, heat, or fever is a common human illness. One way to overcome it is to rest your body in full. Can be achieved by listening to binaural beat Delta.

In addition to the above diseases, you can apply to other diseases. Choose binaural beat waves that are suitable for your recovery. Surely this method does not fully guarantee healing, if your illness comes from factors other than the brain. Do not forget if the pain continues Contact Doctor!

Besides curing diseases. Binaural Beats own wave can increase your mental ability and intelligence even reportedly can make you achieve a higher awareness like a supernatural condition when you listen to binaural beat above the frequency of 40 Hz.

Binaural beats itself is more often used for meditation practice, meditation is very useful to balance the condition of the body. Or for those who want to practice Lucid Dream and Astral projection can also be assisted with binaural beats. Any activity related to the unconscious.

If you want to get binaural beats in mp3 file you can download via link below:

Note: To listen to the binaural beat required to use headphones/stereo headset mounted on the left and right ears.


5 Most Real Flying Saucer Sighting on Earth

This time we will discuss some sightings of flying saucers, not plates flown by mothers during domestic violence, but rather lead to a flying saucer that's believed to be an Alien vehicle or UFO. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object which means unidentified or unclear what kind of object is. This object is often seen floating in the sky with a very fast and strange movement that is very unlikely to be done with today's aviation technology. Many think UFO is a time machine coming from the future, and others consider it to be a creature from another planet (alien) who has advanced technology for traveling between planets, stars, and even galaxies like in science fiction movies.

piring terbang ufo

Many reports of ufo sightings coming on each year, some of them are made from editing or CGI (Computer Generated Image) and the rest are genuine. In this post, we will discuss the appearance of the original UFO only. So, how do we know it's original sighting? here are some features that can indicate the appearance of the original UFO.

  1. Taken from the past, older UFO sighting videos/images are more convincing because they are less likely to be made of CGI.
  2. Derived from reliable sources such as Space Institutions like NASA and the Military Institute for being more credible and accountable.
  3. Longer video durations, hoax videos, and edits are usually short-lived, but the original video must not recognize the duration.
  4. The appearance reports discussed by government agencies, such as MUFON, are more reliable to their originals.
  5. Have clear images. Due to the blurry picture, low quality, the shaky camera seems to be contrived to obscure the edited image.
Below are some sightings that meet the above criteria, so we can say that is the original appearance.

12 Amazing Fact About Human Eyes

Eyes is one of the five human senses that are useful for making light into a 3-dimensional image in the brain. Because of its extraordinary ability, of course, the human eye can't be equaled by any camera. Are you curious what are interesting facts that the human eye has? Let's see facts surrounding the human eye.

1 | Human has fixed size eyeball 

That means the size of our eyeballs remains from the baby to death, unlike other body parts that grow with age. That is why babies are seen to have a larger cornea because of the small eyelids.

2 | Eyes have existed since 550 million years ago

When life is still a single cell the eye is still a very simple light receptor protein. The visual perception that produced only limited to the shadow of the light that is blurred.

3 | The eye has a blind spot

Both of our eyes have a blind spot on the back of the retina right on the optic nerve. but we will not feel it because the eyes fill each other's gaps in this blind spot.

baby eyes

4 | The baby can't shed tears

Newborn baby whimper crying yet can tears. This is because the baby's tear ducts have not been formed and cannot work until the baby is 3-14 weeks old.

5 | The color of the human eye is different

The color of the human eye varies based on the offspring there are blue, brown, blue, gold, green. This color difference lies on the inside of the cornea called the iris. This color is caused by iris pigmentation and heredity.

6 | The early color of the human eye is brown

Before blue color and so the color of human eye was originally brown until at 10 thousand years ago there was a genetic mutation of one of the human ancestors that caused the difference in eye color.

7 | Heterochromia

Heterochromia is eye anomaly that causes humans to have a pair of different colored eyes. The main cause of this color difference is due to the uneven distribution of melanin in the iris.


8 | Human cornea has similarity with Sharks

The eye cornea of sharks has strong fibers such as wire in concrete. This fiber is able to prevent swelling and opaque views like the human eye. That is why shark cornea is often used in the practice of corneal transplantation.

9 | There is a blue color behind the brown color

Actually, there is a blue pigment behind the brown color on the cornea of the eye that is why there is the practice of changing the color of the eyes to blue permanently by using a laser.

10 | The uniqueness of the iris is more than fingerprint

Fingerprints have 40 unique characteristics while the iris has 256 unique characteristics. Therefore the eye is often used as an alternative to fingerprints, through retinal eye scans for security purposes.

11 | The second complex organ after the brain

Although have small-sized and weighing just 7 grams, the eye has 107 million cells with a complex performance ranging from light focusing to turning it into nerve signals, which will be sent to the visual cortex.

mata otot

12 | Eye muscle is fastest than other

Eyes have high-speed muscles compared to other organs. This speed can be seen in the blink of the eye, every blink of the eye takes 100 to 150 milliseconds and we can blink 5 times per second.

Incorruptible Body on Science VS Religion

In general, all living beings that died must be decomposed into the ground, but apparently, not all happened so. Like the phenomenon of bodies/corpses are still intact despite having been buried for years. This unusual occurrence has been found in many burial places of the world. Most people assume that the bodies that are still intact and not decomposed are God's miracles for those who are conscious of Him. This phenomenon becomes a sign of sanctity that the other people do not have.

Unexplained Lost Money Phenomena


Money is a very valuable thing for daily needs, but how does it feel if the money that has been stored in a safe place can be lost mysteriously? even has been stored in a confidential and confidential safe and only we know it. Surely can trigger shock and confusion sustainable especially if the money lost has a large nominal, it is very unfortunate when it happens. This phenomenon is often experienced especially rich people, businessmen, or people who have financial advantages over the people in the community.

20 Ways to See Ghosts Easily

Many people have claimed to see ghosts but more people who have never see the ghost. So, if you curious to see ghost , here are some tips you should try:

1 | Use Umbrella

Take an umbrella and open then please you shelter from it. Do this method in the house that is quiet and closed, do it right at midnight, you will automatically attract the spirits because they will think you are dead.

2 | Burn the Incense

This method is quite powerful, where you have to burn incense or hio in places that are considered haunted in the middle of the night. Shaman said that ghost food is incense smoke. This method is not recommended in a closed room, as it results in plepeken (shortness of breath due to CO2 gas).

3 | Play Jelangkung

This game has been proven its success call the spirits like in other world TV shows. The spirits will stick in the jelangkung then the doll will feel heavy and can move spontaneously. For those who do not know how to play can see how to play here.

4 | Wear Shround

The shroud is identical with the dead thing. Therefore Ghost, spirits, demons will assume people who wear them as friends. If you use this cloth continuously at night you will be able to see the apparitions of astral beings. The shroud you can get from the remains of the shroud of the recently deceased, you can use as a belt or a turban.

5 | Wear the Green shirt

The green shirt is the royal shirt of the south coast queen, Nyai Roro Kidul. He became the famous and respected queen among all devils, Myths if you use a green shirt in haunted places you will be followed by ghosts and even will hurt you, Maybe the ghosts think you Nyai Roro imitation, they are angry because they feel queen they are harassed.

6 | Play the Music

Humans really like music, but not with ghosts, if you play music in a place that not supposed to be, like in the grave or empty house may disturb the quietness of the guardian's place, especially if the music is played noisy and discordant that worsens the atmosphere. The ghost will soon appear in front of the eye, or it can be a trance phenomenon. Hiii ...

7 | Whistling at Night

The reason is almost the same way before, ghosts do not like something noisy and loud. Whistling with a loud voice in the haunted places caused the attendants to be disturbed.

8 | Make a Crow Satay

This method is often done by people looking for luck for betting. Usually, they will visit in the forest and in the middle of the night and burn a black crow. The scent of these crows can trigger the coming of some spirits because they like the scent of crows.

9 | Wiggle the Cassava Tree

This method may seem ridiculous, but there are people who have seen genderuwo creatures when shaking cassava. When we wiggle the tree it will look, big black creatures, genderuwo or moto sak lepek (according to the Javanese) on the other side of the tree, also wiggle the branches of the tree. This technique is suitable in areas that have tall trees such as tamarind tree, or large and tall teak which became a favorite hangout place of genderuwo.

10 | Make a Dish for Spirit

This dish are identical with the occult ritual. This method is worth a try but must be complicated buying 7 face flowers, caman flowers, frangipani, complimentary oil, and complimentary food. Put in places where potentially ghost sightings occur. place the CCTV camera if necessary to capture the occult activity that may occur.

11 | Crabs and Water

Put the crab in a bucket of water, add a few coins or coins into the bucket, this way will only attract the attention of a petty thief of money called tuyul. It is said that tuyul really likes to play crab.

12 | See the Mirror at Midnight

The mirror is a medium that is often played by spirits, sometimes ghosts can be trapped inside the mirror, if you try to dress up in front of the mirror in the middle of night in a quiet condition room, you will see ghost sightings trapped in the mirror.

13 | Look Between Legs

Bend your body then look in the hole between your legs, If you see a ghost sighting, do not occasionally turn around, ghosts will appear in the front of your eyes instantly. Keep bending over as you walk slowly back into the safe area.

14 | Use Soil from Cemetery

The burial ground is indeed very thick with mystical scent, that is why many parents are washing the body first before entering the house to neutralize the spirits contamination of the spirits of the grave lands. The ground in the cemetery also powerful when used to see spirits. Take the graveyard, make sure you want to see the ghost and immediately wipe on the eyelids then look around you.

15 | Singing

Humming or singing certain songs capable of summoning spirits, such as lingsir wengi, glommy sunday, nina bobok, etc. Ghost appearance depends on the theme of the song being sung. For example lingsir wengi invite kuntilanak, nina bobok will call the Dutch.

16 | Storytelling at Haunted Places

Storytelling in a haunted place, like in an empty house, a grave, or when camping in a forest. If you feel goosebumps means there are spirits who are listening to your story.

17 | Play Hide and Seek with Black Cat

Black cats are cats that are rescued by people and are often associated with the devil. Playing hide and seek while carrying a black cat at night is said will attract the devil's attention.

18 | Burning Cassava

Burning cassava in the middle of the forest can also invite spirits especially genderuwo (a kind of Bigfoot), but must burn in silence. Genderuwo who smelled cassava sauce will gradually approach, especially for hungry genderuwo.

19 | Photography in the Dark Place

This method is quite easy, you can choose where the better dark and haunted place. Photograph dark areas in the area, do not forget to activate the flashlight. Look at the anomalies of the strangeness in the photo, most of them will appear as Orbs like white balls or in the form of white smoke appearances.

20 | Use Candle

This method is very simple but dangerous because it can call the King of Demon or Lucifer. In the middle of a dark and cold night, Draw the star with the head below using chalk, place the candle fitting in the middle of the star image and sprinkle salt around the candle. Light a candle. Concentrate and then whisper this word to the candle fire "Lucifer my Lord" continuously until you see the shadow of a big, winged creature like an angel in the darkness.

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