3 Ways to Play Jelangkung Indonesia's Most Terrifying Spirit Game

 Jelangkung is known as a mystical game that is said to bring in spirits or demons. The spirit will communicate through the medium provided by the player. Why does it have to be through the media? Because ghosts and humans have different dimensions, they do not necessarily communicate or make sounds directly but through the media that the spirit communicates with humans.

If you don't understand dimensions just watch the movie "Interstellar" which tells the story of an astronaut who is trapped in a higher dimension in a black hole. He tries to communicate with someone on Earth using signs such as watch movements, falling books, and even dust that forms morse code. 

They are not limited by time and space but cannot interact directly due to the different laws of nature. This is how higher dimensional beings try to communicate with humans. If we successfully play the Jelangkung game, there will be inter-dimensional interaction.

In Indonesia, the Jelangkung game is identical to a wooden doll with clothes and coconut shells and a pencil underneath. When playing the doll will automatically write down what we ask. Maybe this method is very complicated for those of you who want to play it immediately. For that, here are some ways to play Jelangkung that are easy to practice. The technique below comes from a foreign country which is also similar to the game of Jelangkung.

1 | Jelangkung Doll

jelangkung doll

This method is common in Indonesia, first of all, you have to prepare wood that forms/is shaped like a cross then put on clothes or shrouds and put coconut shells on it. Don't forget to attach a pencil/marker at the bottom with a rope so that it faces down and then prepare a piece of paper. 

Find a place that is considered haunted then say this mantra: 

Jaelangkung Jaelangset there is a party here, the party is quite small, Jalangkung Jalangset came not picked up and left not transported. 

Wait for a while while you hold Jelangkung towards the paper, if it starts to get heavy then you can ask questions. It is recommended not to play Jelangkung alone.

2 | Coin and Paper

coin and paper
This method is another way besides making Jelangkung dolls, only with small change and paper we can call and communicate with Jelangkung. First prepare the paper and write down blocks of letters and numbers as well as check marks, Xs, and houses.

More or less like the picture below above. First put a coin on the picture of the house, and put your finger on the coin. Say the Jelangkung mantra "Jaelangkung Jaelangset there is a party here, the party is quite small, Jalangkung Jalangset came not picked up and left not transported. " Keep saying it until you feel the push and pull on the coin.

But remember, your fingers must be relaxed and not stiff so that the coin can move smoothly. Try asking anything to Jelangkung then the coin will move itself towards the letter or number, if it is finished you must be allowed to end the game, until the coin returns to the house symbol, otherwise it will be possessed.

3 | Pencil and Paper

yes no paper game

This one comes from abroad and is called Charlie Charlie. One of the easier Jelangkung games, because only yes / no answers are provided. The only materials needed are pencils and paper that everyone has. 

First make 4 squares and fill the first row with the words yes and no and the second row with no and yes as shown above. Prepare 2 pencils, tubular ones are better, and place them overlapping and crossing each other in a balanced manner right in the center of the 4 square lines. After that say the mantra, Charlie, Charlie are you there? or Charlie, Charlie are you real?. 

If successful, the pencil will move and shift and one end will fall between the 4 answer areas. To ask another question, stack the pencils in the starting position, then frame the question in English. To end the game say, Charlie Charlie, may I end this game? You can leave immediately even if the answer is no.

So 3 ways that you can practice, this game is best done with friends or in crowds because mystical games will usually be dangerous if played alone. Please be calm when something surprising happens, so as not to go into a trance, or something unwanted happens. Before the game, you can start with a prayer so that we remain under God's protection.

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