26 Incredible Facts About Women

Mursi Tribe

The woman is the name of the female type of the human species or homo sapiens. A gentle and compassionate character is the hallmark of women. Most of them spend more time with their families than men. Because women have always been destined to be the milestone of the human population. They give birth to new humans who will become the next generation. Without women, humans would not be able to reproduce more and so for all living things in the world. For that reason, all things related to women are very important to know through the list of women facts below.

1 | Wanita comes from the Javanese word "Wanito" which means "Wani Ditoto" or in English means dare to be styled. 

2 | Women come from the ribs of men. This is a legend of past human creation recorded in the holy books of the Abrahamic religions, where Eve (woman) was created from the rib of Adam (man).

3 | Having a flexible body, because women's muscles have more elasticity than men's, especially in the lower back. According to research when pregnant women stand upright their spine can curve by 60%.

4 | Girls mature faster than boys. Female puberty is at 8-13 years old while males are 9-15 years old. That is why many elementary school girls are taller than their students. However, after adulthood men will exceed women's height later.

5 | The size of both female breasts is not the same. The difference cannot be seen at first glance because it is very small. One of them is definitely bigger than the other.

6 | On average, women live longer than men. Some studies show that women in general tend to lead a healthy lifestyle. But other studies show that women's bodies are naturally stronger against diseases or have a good immune system.

7 | Women like shopping more than men, it's no secret that women are one of the creatures who feel at home shopping. Uniquely, this behavior has existed since prehistoric times passed down by human ancestors. According to Daniel Kruger, a research lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, collecting food ingredients and mushrooms is a woman's job while men hunt in the forest.

8 | According to evolutionary biologists, women have always been attracted to men because of their attractiveness and resources (money).

9 | Women trust more easily someone who hugs them for more than 15 seconds.

10 | According to some scientific studies, the attractiveness of the future child depends largely on what women eat during pregnancy. So don't make pregnancy an excuse to eat everything.

11 | 80% of women prefer a man who has good or stable financial qualities. However, some of them prefer to ignore it for other reasons.

12 | The female brain has greater memory and recall than the male. Many women are able to remember past stories with detail and precision.

13 | Women are more prone to nightmares. According to Dr. Jennie Parker from the University of West England, women have more nightmares than men and they are closely related to their emotions.

14 | Some women in the world have two wombs or two vaginas. This is characterized by strange menstrual cycles or excessive bleeding.

15 | Women cry more than men. Psychologists from Tilburg University in the Netherlands found that women cry 2 to 5 times per month and three to five times more often than males.

16 | The part of the female brain called the Corpus Callosum is larger, which is what allows women to multitask more effectively than men.

17 | The clitoris is the only part of the female body that is solely for pleasure. In the African regions of Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia this organ is cut off as a tradition of female circumcision.

18 | Many women prefer long hair. According to scientists, this behavior is a sexual selection that indicates fertility and youth. In addition, straight hair allows more UV rays to be absorbed into the scalp for the production of vitamin D which is important for bone development.

19 | Women tend to worry more because they have higher levels of progesterone, cortisol, and estradiol. That's why women are better at intuitively predicting danger and threats.

20 | Women's skin is 2 times more sensitive than men's.

21 | Women's bodies have more pain receptors. The hormone estrogen, which blocks the inflammatory process, causes women to have a higher pain threshold.

22 | The calorie burning process in women is slower than in the male body which has a rate of about 50 calories per day.

23 | Have a more sensitive tongue as they have more taste areas (fungiform papillae) and receptors on their tongue than the men. From an evolutionary point of view, this sense of taste is used to protect offspring during and after pregnancy.

24 | Women of the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia have a unique tradition of lip stretching that dates back to 8700 BC. They use a disk that is attached on the lower lip. They first use a small disk and then every month replace it with a larger disk. The bigger the disk the more it showed maturity and readiness for marriage. But nowadays it is abandoned because it can permanently damage the lips.

25 | Naturally, the female heart beats 2 times faster than the male.

26 | Women can hear high-frequency sounds better than men.

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