Here's the Actual Size of the Universe

The universe is full of mystery, including where we are and why we are here, humans used to think we are privileged beings created in the earth with exquisitely decorated Stars. But now the whole world scientists agreed that we are only one of the other lives of billions of other life in the universe, why is that? Because the one we live apparently are part of dust orbiting the sun since the sun formed. And the beautiful stars at night it turns out the sun is also another more distant, which certainly have planets, but as the sun.

Not only that, the number of stars was not a bit of sun imagine that we are in the Milky Way that there are about 200 billion stars were circling over the center of the future is said to have a supermassive black holes that could suck everything including light. It is no denying the galaxy galaxy there could be billions of other life such as Earth. Galaxy we are not so special, in 2014 the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Hubble telescope focused in one very small patch of sky, and the results were surprising. In the area there are millions of galaxies are very far away and very old age.

galaxies hubble telescope
Hubble Ultra Deep Field Hubble telescope images when spotted to a tiny area on sky

This fact makes us aware of our privilege apparent that we believe always.
That we have an important role in the creation of God, all this natural splendor just for us, turned out we are just small creatures that attach surface dust scattered in space. For more details, let's look at the following video, which will clarify the above explanation: