This is the Begining of Phenomena Om Telolet Om

om telolet om

Lately we often hear the word om om telolet, whether it's in social media, internet, tv, radio, print media and even penetrated to the music and songs. Everyone in Indonesia even in the world seemed to be fever telolet. Actually, what the purpose of these words and why these words be trending in the beginning of 2017. In this post we will discuss the phenomenon of creation om om telolet telolet said to be trending.

First we will discuss about the purpose and origin of the word:

According KBBI (Dictionary of Indonesian) om word means:

  1. Exclamation (prayers) to the gods (in Hinduism and Buddhism); opening spell;
  2. Sister or brother father or mother;
  3. Calls to the men were a bit older;
There are three definitions om according to KBBI, of course, for the phrase "telolet om om" is not related to the first sense, namely as a rallying cry to the gods in the Hindu religion, because religion hindu never use the phrase as a mantra om om telolet but "om santi om". So understanding om here refers to the definition of the number 2 or 3.

Telolet word is not in KBBI, probably because it is not an official or other languages ​​including unknown means. But if we absorb and say telolet we definitely feel like listening to musical instruments, trumpet or horn of vehicles. So the word can be interpreted telolet similar words or created from a sound. Just as the word pret, prot, prit, tingtong, tongteng, clove-cigarettes, tilolit, etc.

Om Telolet Om
From the above understanding that we can surmise that the sentence is used when people remind or ask something to the older people of the sounds telolet. Then the sound is and who is the subject in question? where and when these words were first used? let's move on to a discussion of the origin of the word.

The Begining
Reporting from news website sound telolet kendraan first used in the Middle East to expel camels roaming the streets. Then in 2002 a businessman named Teuku Efficiency otobus PO Erry Rubihamsyah interested in the sound. He took home the horn to Indonesia and put it on the bus fleet as typical.
But the people at that time did not even happy and feel disturbed by the sound. So at that time the horn telolet rarely used. Lapse of time passed about 5 years, the horn telolet increasingly popular with the public but will ask to ring it. Especially when passing school buses in bus lanes Cilacap, Yogyakarta, Purwokerto, Lots of kids shouting or writing paper shows that the driver honking telolet. If the bus rang the children were excited and happy, this being a new toy and entertainment for them.

om telolet

At that time telolet om om phenomenon is still not viral and considered natural, Until one day, someone on facebook who makes a post that shows a video that includes people who race telolet hunting horn. Not unexpectedly the video attracted the attention of netizens and spread to the other account to be viral. Not only in facebook youtube and other social media also serves viral and trending topic. Not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries splashy world musicians like DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Until they made remixes DJ of sound telolet. Not only was the American president Donald Trump posts on twitter flooded with comments telolet.

telolet donald trump

Until this post was published om om telolet still often heard, especially on the tv show, dangdut, wobble. Who knows how long telolet om om phenomenon will end. Usually, this trend will not last long as the previous trends. So it is clear now the origin of the phenomenon of global om om telolet. Whatever the upcoming trends helps us filter out the positive side and not to have a negative impact on daily life.
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