6 Most Horrible Monkey in the World

When we hear the monkey in mind we think its funny and adorable. Did you know that there are many species of monkeys in the world that you may not know, even some of them have creepy faces. In this post we will discuss some monstrous species of monkeys. Surely will make you stunned and shook her head.

Here are 6 lists of scary monkeys that exist in the world:

1. Uakari Monkey

uakari monkey

These monkeys can be found around the Amazon River, Peru and Brazil. The red and bald faces are typical of this monkey which is very different from other monkeys. The bright red color this animal possesses the capillary blood flow surrounding the skin. Baldness experienced by monkeys with the Latin name (Cacajao calvus) is useful in communicating with other monkeys, especially when the mating season. In addition, the face of this monkey is very expressive sometimes look sad, restless, and carefree like a human.

2. Flat Nose Monkey

flat nose

Unique monkey named latin (Rhinopithecus strykeri) is a rare animal found only in the northern forests of Myanmar. The appearance of a strange face with a nearly flat nose is a characteristic of this monkey. Because the nose is very pug, this monkey nose often concede water, especially during the rainy season so that sometimes cause sneezing.

3. Proboscis monkey

long nose

This one is monkey that opposite to a previous monkey. This monkey actually has a long and big nose, especially the males. Sometimes they find it difficult to include food, because their big nose and hanging over their mouths. This monkey is a rare animal that only exist in Borneo. The advantage of this species is its great swimming ability because it has webbed feet.

5. Shaman Monkey 


Monkeys Shamans or mandrillus mandrel monkeys, originally these monkeys include baboons in the genus Papio, but have changed based on recent research. This monkey has many colors from other monkeys. Characteristic of this monkey is his long nose with strip meerah middle, red lips, with yellow beard, other than that in the genital area and anus has multi-color, red, pink, blue, red, and purple. The color is very noticeable, especially adult males. These monkeys can be found in the southern regions of Cameroon, Gabon and Congo.

6. Gelada Monkey


The monkey is one of the most terrifying of the other monkeys, especially on his old-looking, black-eyed face and sharp teeth. This one species exists only in the mainland area of High Ethiopia especially in Mount Simien. The monkey is also closely related to the baboon.

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