Mystery of Mount Lawu that Will Blow Your Mind

Indonesia is the country with the most active mountain in the world, because the geographical location of Indonesia is passed by Ring of Fire. This makes people aware of their activities especially those living near the active volcano. Regardless of that, every community living around the mountain always has their own story and culture. Some of them have mystical stories and even interesting things that are beyond reason.

On this occasion we will discuss the mystery story of one of the famous mountains in Indonesia will be the beauty and the richness of the resort that is Mount Lawu. Mount Lawu is located on the border of Central Java and East Java precisely in Karanganyar and Magetan districts. This mountain includes an active sleeping mountain, the last time erupted on 28 November 1885. In his sleep, this mountain became the favorite place for people who want to travel and it become a favorite place for climbers. With a height of 3265 m above sea level, of course the landscape at the peak is amazing, there are three famous peaks there, namely Puncak Hargo Dalem, Hargo Dumiling and Hargo Dumilah highest peak.

This mountain contains many mysteries that are still a hot conversation among local people, from mystical stories to events beyond common sense. Here we see some of the mystery that spread around people on Mount Lawu.

1. Lost Body of King Majapahit, Prabu Bhrawijaya V


It is said that on one day King of Brawijaya V came out of the kingdom to meditate to the top of Lawu. In his journey he was accompanied by two of his followers Dipa Menggala and Wangsa Menggala. Arriving at the top of Hargo Dalem he stopped and said: 

"O my faithful 2 servants, this is the time for me to moksa, to disappear and to leave this bustling life, For Dipa Menggala, I lift up the ruler of Mount Lawu, the ruler of every supernatural being here, the boundary of your territory to Mount Merbabu in the west, Mount Wilis in the east , South Beach in the south and North Beach in the north, your title is Sunan Gunung Lawu, and the House of Bengal, you lift it as a patter of Dipa Menggala, your title is Kyai Starling."

Having said that Prabu Bhrawijaya V and his body mysteriously disappeared.

2. Mystery of Starling Bird as Way Guide

Jalak gading bird

Starling bird is not just any starling birds. But a kind of ivory bird starling who is believed to be the guide of the climbers. According to this starlaw story is the incarnation of Kyai Jalak who do moksa like prabu Brawijaya V. Based on the belief only the climbers who are heart and well intend to be guided from the way up to down. But the bad intention will be lost and bad luck.

3. Mounts That Can Hear You

mount lawu

Believe it or not, it is said that anyone who complains on this mountain will experience it. For example when climbing you complain of cold. Then you will feel the cold many times over. Therefore many people reminded to keep his words while climbing this one mountain.

4. Devil Market

satan market

In addition to the devil market in Mount Merapi, Satan Market Myth in Mount Lawu is not less frightening. This devil market lies in the climbing route of Cetho Temple, a fast and dangerous climbing path that sellers are rarely in demand. According to the local community if you hear a mysterious voice like someone offering items "do you want to buy this items?" immediately throw any nominal money toward the sound and then take the leaves or stones in the area like a buying and selling activity. Otherwise you will not be able to get home safely.

5. Butterfly Recipient

butterfly lawu

This butterfly has black wings with its blue wings sprouted when you meet the butterfly it means you are well received by Mount Lawu's Invisible Watcher. When meeting the butterfly is expected to greet and not disturb, catch atah kill it. Because when it's done bad events will happen to you.

6. Don't Wear Green Clothes and Bringing Odd Gangs

hiking on mount

This prohibition is similar to the ban on the south coast. The green shirt is the color of Nyi Roro Kidul's shirt, which has a lot of magical followers if you wear this on Mount Lawu will invite spirits that will interfere. As for those who bring a bunch of odd numbers of people will be followed by supernatural beings who infiltrate the gang to fill the peculiarity.

7. Mysterious Octagon Light

This mysterious, octagonal light often appears in Sukuh temple during Soekarno's time to Soeharto but is now rarely seen. According to local witnesses, the light is seen to fill the corners of the temple in the shape of octagon and form the portal towering upwards, no people dare to approach because they believe it is a portal to another dimension often associated with the activities of supernatural beings. Even NASA satellites have detected this mysterious light and had puzzled researchers.

That is! some of the mysteries of Mount Lawu are summarized from several sources. Read also Terrible Mysteries and Myths of Mount Merapi
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