Phenomena on Earth that can not Be Explained with Science

There are many phenomena on planet earth, most of which can be explained by science. Some of it is a mystery that scientists can not explain. This phenomenon occurs in various parts of the world, some suspect it is a psychological problem related to belief and others suspect that there is indeed something mysterious on this planet earth. Here let us refer to 10 phenomena on earth that can not be explained by science.

1. The Taos Hum

Some residents and visitors in the small town of Taos, New Mexico, have been disturbed for years and confused by the low and mysterious low frequency hum in the desert air. Surprisingly, only about 2 percent of Taos residents reported hearing the sound. Some believe it is caused by some strange instruments that suspect mass hysteria or something aimed at evil. Usually described as a whistle, hum, or buzz. Whether from psychological, natural, or supernatural no one is able to find out where the sound comes from. The problem is, the survey reveals that those who claim to hear voices actually hear many different voices, suggesting experiences may be subjective, not really objective sounds (and quite clearly not a particular sound).

2. Big Foot

For decades, animals resembling great ape, furry, human-like animals called Bigfoot have been reported by several American eyewitnesses. Thousands of Bigfoot should have existed due to population reproduction, but no body has been found. None were killed by a hunter, hit by a car, or even died naturally. There is no strong evidence such as teeth or bones, just evidence of eyewitness testimony and dubious photos and videos.Since logically it is impossible to prove anything invisible, science can never prove that a creature like Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster does not exist, and perhaps the mysterious creature hides away from the eye.

3. Intuition

Intuition is a human ability to guess or guess something that usually matches what is expected. Everyone has intuition but with different sensitivities. Psychologists can not call it the sixth sense, because intuition also often mistakenly guesses something like when your plane is turbulent, you think the plane will fall but the fact is safe. Psychologists note intuition often arises when a person wants to make a decision or leads to something without you knowing the location. But this intuition is difficult to prove or study either in psychology or in medicine.

4. Ghost

For the believer, the ghost is a mysterious creature from the unseen world that likes to disturb the human faith. Many ghost versions in each region, depending on the story developed from the local community. In Indonesia the popular ghosts are Pocong, Kuntilanak, Sundel Bolong, Wewe, Tuyul, Genderuwo. The topic of ghosts is very interesting and tense so that many film producers who reap profits from the production of horror movies. There is not much science can explain about the existence of ghosts themselves. Science assumes this is a psychological problem derived from each other's beliefs that create hallucinatory figures.

5. De Javu

Deja Vu comes from the French deja vecu that means have been experienced. Deja vu is defined as the feeling that comes from feeling to have experienced, seen, heard but actually never happened. Deja vu is synonymous with different feelings, confused and mysterious. When you get into a room you've never visited, you suddenly feel like you've been in this room with the architecture and the people you meet the same as you're facing. Psychology may be able to explain the natural causes of deja vu such as being hallucinating or the influence of drugs. But in the end the cause and nature of the phenomenon itself is still a mystery.

6. Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience often occurs in people who are dying. When near death, then his soul will leave the body, at that time usually feel the unusual things. Most people experience through a tunnel, or toward a bright spot. Unbelievers consider suspicion as brain hallucinations or traumas. But until now scientists have not been able to explain what causes human dead and live again.

7. UFO

There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist. Many people see things in the sky that they can not explain, from the plane to the meteor. Usually one of them sees objects and lights are alien planes coming from a galaxy or another planet, such a scenario seems unlikely. Although according to science, it is not possible to visit one planet to another easily without sophisticated technology. But of the billions of stars there must have a planet similar to Earth that is likely to have a life like us.

8. Telekinetic

Telekinesis is a term to refer to the ability of man to move objects around him without having to touch it but only by using the power of the mind. Scientifically, telekinesis has not been proven and is still being debated in its existence.

In addition to telekinesis, the ability kinesis include:

Pyrokinesis: the ability to control fire.
Hydrokinesis: the ability to control water (making hot or cold water)
Healing: the healing ability.
Levitation: Traffic is floating in the air.
Telepathy: Traffic reading mind and inner communication.
Dowsing: the ability to find water in the ground with a pendulum or a stick.
Chronokinesis: the ability to manipulate time, not in the sense of going to the past or into the future but rather affecting the time around us so that it can run faster or slower.

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