10 Most Terrible Weather Phenomenon

Lately the weather is increasingly uncertain, sometimes the dry season feels very long until last year Indonesia had a disaster forest fires. So the current rainy season that also lasts very long which resulted in flooding everywhere.Weather occurs differently in every region of the world, not infrequently even extreme weather that causes a terrible phenomenon to be seen. Here we see what terrible phenomena caused by the weather.

1. Thunderstorms

thunder storm

One of the terrible phenomena, thousands of lightning storms are ongoing all over the world. The lightning you see is actually a large-scale electric spark caused by electrons moving from one place to another, while the rumbling is caused by the intense warming of air and the expansion of the air along the lightning lines.

2. Sky Hole


This hole appears mysteriously in the clouds, because it is sometimes known as 'cloud collapse'. They form in clouds that have super-cold water droplets, where the temperature is below 0 ° C but not yet frozen. When aircraft hit these cloud layers, they can cause the air to cool down as it passes through the wing of the aircraft or propeller. This sudden temperature change pushes the water droplets to freeze and fall from the cloud layer causing a typical hole in the cloud.

3. Brocken Spectre


This phenomenon was first seen on the summit of the German Harz mountains. At first the local people thought the shadow came from the ghost of the mountaineer. But now this phenomenon can be explained.The Brocken spectre effect appears when an observer stands on a cloud, can be on a mountain or high ground with the sun behind them. When they see their own shadow, the glorious circle of rainbow appears around the shadow like a ghost. The rainbow effect is caused by the refraction of sunlight around the shadows by the mist of the mountains.

4. Dust Evil

dust strom

This Satanic Dust also known as 'Willy-willy' is a vortex of dust that leads upward, this vortex can vary in height from a few feet to over 1,000 feet. This phenomenon occurs in deserts and semi-arid regions, where high surface temperatures produce strong upflows.

5. Morning Glory

morning glory

This morning glory cloud phenomenon often occurs in the Gulf of Australia in the morning, this roll-shaped cloud can reach a length of about one to two kilometers, and moves can move up to speeds of 60 km / hour. This phenomenon is always initiated by a sudden windstorm.

6. Lenticular Cloud


These clouds are often mistaken for UFO sightings. They form when the air is stable and the wind blows from the same direction at several levels of the troposphere. Wind in the hills or mountains gather in a wave. If there is enough moisture in the air, these waves will condense and form the unique appearance of the lenticular cloud.

7. Red Sunset


The sunset is one of the most beautiful natural scenery, but sometimes the red blood sunset can make it seem creepy. This phenomenon is caused by the decomposition of light by atmospheric molecules leaving a low wave color.

8. Sand Storm


Dust and sand can bolt fast by strong winds in dry areas. A sandstorm can move all the sand dunes and carry them in large quantities. The height of this storm wall can reach 1.6 km. This phenomenon often occurs in barren areas like in the Middle East.

9. Fire Tornado

fire tornado

This phenomenon often occurs when forest fires. This swirl is formed by the encounter of hot air and fire to form a vortex, usually this vortex can reach a height of 10-50 meters, and can last several minutes. But there is also a can reach up to 1 kiliometer high, with velocity 160 km / h and last up to 20 minutes. The danger, this vortex can be separated from the source of fire and burn other areas around it.

10. Hot Wave

hot way

This incident has occurred in India in 2015 ago, where thousands of people died from the brunt of heat that reached 50 degrees Celsius. According to the researchers the heat comes from the deserts of Iran and Afghanistan flowing through the Arabian sea and stuck by the Himalayas.

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