12 Strange Signs of the Presence of Ghost

Spirits are hard to see, only those who have been given the advantage by God can see it. Usually this is attributed to the sixth sense or the inner eye of a person, if one has an open mind, then by his permission we can see the supernatural being of another dimension. There are even those who have this ability from birth, this person is usually called Indigo. People with abilities above the average of normal person. Actually spirits are everywhere including a lively and bright room, because they live in a parallel world with different dimensions we can not see it directly. But for people who do not have the advantage to see the spirits, can still feel the sign of its presence through certain signs. Based on the stories of the people and the paranormal, here is the 12 signs of the presence of spirits:

1. Goosebumps


Goosebumps are an occurrence when the feathers on the skin stand up. Usually the feeling of goosebumps is sometimes also spread. This is commonly associated with the presence of spirits. Especially when you're talking about ghosts there can be ghosts nearby.

2. Odd Odor

black magic

These smells usually appear with an unknow source, like the smell of frangipani flowers, the smell of incense, even the stench. When this happens people in the past used to use broomsticks to ward off smells and spirits.

3. Mysterious Wind

mysterious wind

When in a room tightly closed there was a passing breeze. It could be a soul passing over it. Usually followed by goosebumps feel.

4. Dog howling

dog howling

It is said that when a dog is howling constantly in the middle of the night, it's a sign that the dog sees the appearance of a spirited creature.

5. Mysterious Moving Objects

moving object

If any object moves on its own or objects hanging on the wall fall for no reason. There could be a ghost who was playing the object.

6. Strange Sound

door knock

These sounds vary, usually appearing through the middle of the night. The sound of soft chants, cries, footsteps, and the most commonly experienced people is the sound of people knocking on doors. If the sound is knocking on this door softly with slow tempos continuously, do not try to open it.

7. Vehicle Become Heavy


When you pass through a quiet area especially the grave area, and suddenly your car or motorcycle feels heavy. Do not stop and look back. Because there could be vampire or zombie who was stay on back of your vehicle.

8. Chicken Crowing at Midnight


Normal chicken usually crows in the morning before sunrise. But when you hear the neighbor's cock or your rooster crows in the middle of the night. It is said that the chicken saw the spirits.

9. Room Become Cold


If the temperature of a room turns cold when no AC is turned on. That means there are creatures from another world that pass by and stop at that place.

10. Butterflies Land on Small Children


According to the story of hereditary people, butterflies that settle on small children mean being visited by the grandparents spirit who visit because of missed with members of his family.

11. Seeing a Glimpse of Shadows or Light


Like a horror movie. Shadows and mysterious lights that pass quickly can be a sign of the presence of guests from other worlds.

12. Exploding Light Bulb


According to the science of metaphysics, the energy possessed by the spirit can attract each other with energy around it, especialy with electrical energy. If this happens then there will be a power surge that could make the light bulb explode.

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