5 Strange Phenomena in Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangle area located in the Atlantic Ocean precisely between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This area is very much feared by explorers, as the number of ships and planes that are reportedly lost mysteriously as well as some other strange events that can not be explained scientifically. There is much speculation that accompanies this phenomenon, from demonic kingdoms, portals to other dimensions, even UFO bases but none of them are acknowledged in truth. So mysterious many people call it the Triangle of Satan. Here are some of the phenomena that have occurred in the area of the Bermuda Triangle:

1. Pyramidal light 

light pillar

This light was first seen by Cristopher Colombus on his way to America in 1492. In his voyage note it was mentioned that as he passed through the triangular area of bermuda he saw a glittering white light in the sky followed by another light like a falling meteor. At that time the navigation equipment was not functioning properly and often changing direction not necessarily.

2. Methane Gas Bubble

methan gas

This phenomenon is the most logical answer behind the loss of ships and aircraft passing through the Bermuda triangle. This theory was first proposed in 1981 by U.S Geological Survey and has been proven by researchers at Arctic Unversity Norway. This methane gas emits from the cracks of the ocean floor. This crack will cause a hole that can suck the water causing a vortex that can suck a ship on it. In addition, this methane gas bubble can also cause damage to aircraft engines. The aircraft trapped by this gas bubble will lose its lift and eventually fall to sea.

3. Great Earthquake and Waves


Shaking from ground collision on the Atlantic floor caused a giant wave of up to 47m that was capable of carrying a ship oscillating until it sank to the sea in a few seconds. As for the plane, the shock wave caused the pilot to lose control to balance the aircraft.

4. Hexagonal Clouds

hexagonal cloud

This cloud was first discovered by Meteorologists from Arizona State University through satellite imagery. When viewed from these cloud satellites form a hexagon with a size of about 32 to 86 kilometers stretched in the area of the Bermuda triangle. They believe this cloud is responsible for the loss of ships and aircraft in the area. They say these clouds are related to the "air bomb" of the microbust, which is a strong air flow that leads from the top down to spread the surface of the sea. With a speed of 161 km / h, the air flow is capable of destroying anything that passes especially the plane. In addition, the air bomb is also capable of producing waves as high as 12m that can reverse or drown all passing ships.

5. Time Portal

time portal

The time lane is a place where time runs differently than usual, can run faster or slower to advance with or withdraw.Associated with the passage of time, there had been a balloon incident that returned after 36 years disappeared. Long story short in 1954 there was a festival of air balloon in the Caribbean sea, there were 50 contestants who participated but there is 1 contestant who lost no return. Then in 1990 the government tried to be shocked by the emergence of a mysterious balloon with 2 passengers named Norton and Rogan in the Cuba sea region when on trial they claimed to be from the festival of a hot-air balloon in Puerto Rico. Before arriving in Cuba they felt the time went on as usual only then when they felt the flow of circles creeping and the view turned into gray and then in a sudden they were in Cuba.

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