The Mysterious Magic Power of Debus Players Explained!

Ever seen debus attractions? Attractions that are supposedly only done by people with super abilities that are not owned by ordinary people. For those of you who have ever watched this attraction in person it must have been horrified, aching, tense, scared and mingled to make us dumbfounded at the incredible power of the players. Just imagine the body in the whip, stabbed, hacked, crushed, burned, but the players stay alive and not hurt at all. What magical power does the player have ?.

Actually this attraction has nothing to do with magic, black magic or other magical things. But this can all be done with certain tricks like magic that can be learned and done by everyone. If you are curious, here are some debus magic tricks that are still in use today.

1. Invulnerable Whip

immune to whip

Usually this attraction is done on the art of lumping horse where a person whipped with all his strength without feeling sick or injured. The key to this attraction lies in the technique of whipping, the technique used is to swivel the beat by using the middle of the whip to avoid pain. With this technique the whip will encircle the affected part so that the tip of the whip is not directly about the body. In addition the technique can also give the effect of explosive whipping sounds so it is more dramatic.

Another technique that can also be used is to use animal skin goats or buffaloes mounted circular body to be whipped. Surely it must be sealed by uniform so that the audience is not suspicious.

2. Stabbed Cheeks 

stabbed cheeks

In this attraction the cheek is really pierced, but will not cause severe injury. Materials used are usually straight iron, and not rusty like ruji bike, building wire and so on. Previously the oil is smeared so I do not drag when stabbed. To eliminate the pain of the players pinching his cheek with thumb and forefinger after that new players start jabbing the object quickly. In the attractions usually leave only minor injuries and temporary pain.

3. Immune to Sharp Thing

kebal benda tajam

This attraction is one of the most horrible when the body is sliced by sharp objects such as knives, machetes or razor blades. But all of this also uses tricks to fool the audience. The secret lies in the weapon he uses. It turned out that only 3/4 parts of the weapon is sharp, usually used during sharp demonstrations such as cutting vegetables, fruit or meat to convince the audience. When players slashed their bodies they used the blunt part so as not to hurt themselves. Sometimes the part of the body that is cut following the sharp motion of the sharp object as if driven by sharpness to avoid bruises.

4. Sleeping in Nails Bed

nail beds sleep

This attraction is also no less creepy, which before the start of sharpness is evidenced by dropping fruit such as watermelon or tomatoes directly stuck. If the body of a debus player on it will surely hurt even some who until ditenjih audiences above the body so the more stuck. But the scenario will not happen according to the laws of physics. Why? Because the density between the nail spikes has been taken into account so as to produce a flat pressure on a relatively large field such as the human body. With this the human body would not have been hurt, but why the fruit could have stuck. Yes because the fruit has a small field let alone dropped from the top to make it deepen deep.

Very different from the treatment of the body of the players who just slowly debus and laid down carefully on the bed nails. In addition, when a spectator rises above his body, the player must hold his breath as much to reduce the pressure and the audience should rise slowly between his chest and abdomen.

5. Eating the shard and razor blade

eat blade

Eating glass is usually also shown when the lumping horse art show. Many think the person is possessed by a subtle spirit so as to be able to eat sharp objects without feeling ill. But all that can be explained scientifically, actually the type of shard that they eat is a thin and easily broken like glass bulb or fluorescent light of course this type of glass is not too sharp and dangerous. The main requirement before doing this action is to eat sticky foods such as bananas or sticky rice so that shards can be digested by the intestine and also the tooth is not perforated to avoid the shard that stuck in the gums ..

After that the debus player starts chewing the broken shard or fluorescent light intact in a relaxed and convincing to the audience amazed. Glass shard should be chewed constantly with techniques such as pounding not shifted to avoid injuring the cheek and tongue. Once soft as the fractional sand can be swallowed safely.

Not unlike the way above, for the razor blade only need to choose a fragile easy like tiger brand. But beforehand the sharp edge of a razor should be collected by rubbing it against a hard object. If there is a demonstration of sharpness first usually only one side of the razor is collected and the other for the paper cut experiment. When eaten only the blunted portion is bitten and the sharp is broken and then hidden between the fingers.

6. Eat Coal of Fire

eat fire

This trick is relatively easy and just needs a little courage. Previously the player must gargle the olive oil and apply it in the lip area to relieve the heat. Then the player burns charcoal until smoldering using spirtus alcohol or kerosene. Afterwards enter the charcoal that burns into the mouth, in an area with lots of saliva without chewing. After the new coal-burning coals can be swallowed or vomited again.

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