Why Cat's Tongue Harsh Like Sandpaper

cat tongue

Cats are very adorable pets, often the animal is licking his body parts using a cute tongue. If you ever licked the cat must feel the sensation of amusement as well as rough as if his tongue is sand our skin. Cat's tongue is very different from other animals. This uniqueness must have certain functions and uses for the cat to survive. Well for you who are curious, please see the following explanation:

The cat's tongue has small thorns known as Papilae. This thorn grows like a cat resembling the hair that leads inward, but this hair is very strong and hard because it is made of keratin substance that is the same substance found in human fingernails.

close up

Papillae is a unique multi functional feature that is beneficial to the life of the cat. Some of which are to:

  • Combing the feathers on the body while removing dirt and germs that stick.
  • Cleaning the vital organs such as the genitals and anus, because this part is very prone to infestation of germs and dirt.
  • Help when hunting prey, with a very rough tongue would make prey bite difficult to escape because of locked between his teeth sharp and rough tongue.
  • Peel the meat on the bone of the prey so that the remaining meat that is still attached can be eaten until the net is not left.
  • Stress reliever, to wash itself with a rough tongue can give a sense of tranquility as it triggers an increase in endorphins.
  • Eliminate traces, especially tomcat. They will remove the traces by licking them to get lost undetected predators or dangerous enemies. This may be rare in domestic cats but is often done by wild cats.
  • Drink water. Cats can drink water by fighting gravity with the help of their tongues. These feathers can lock the water so it can maximize the water entering its mouth without any water falling back.
  • Recognizing the texture and taste of the food, with a rough tongue can easily recognize the texture and taste of the food he liked. Can be said cat is an animal with an appetite more than the dog.
Now you know the reason behind the roughness of the cat's tongue. It turns out that the cat has a lot more privileges than other animals. Hopefully this article can be a reference and additional knowledge for you who have a cat. 
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