6 Horrifying Events When Squeezing (Sleep Paralysis)

Most people in the world definitely have experienced with this scary event. The term or medical language of sleep paralyisis is a condition in which the body is suddenly paralyzed and can not be moved at all when wanting to get up. Eyes can open but the body feels heavy and sometimes sounds noisy like a storm. If we become increasingly frightened we will usually be followed by the hallucination of visions of supernatural beings. For those who have experienced it would be an unforgettable horrible experience.Certainly many different experiences experienced by everyone.
Here are some popular events experienced by most people.

1. The Appearance of Dark Creatures

dark enery

Of all the horrific events of squeezing, the appearance of a dark black creature is most often experienced. Even scientists have given a special name that is "Old Hag Syndrome". This incident is illustrated by the appearance of a supernatural being with a varied form but the most common is the shadow black and large. Not only silent, this horrible figure also often walked closer and strangle the victims. Surprisingly, the victim himself felt really hard to breathe even though this is just a hallucination. After waking up usually the victim's heart will beat fast with cold sweat.

2. See Mother Figure

zombie mother

In some cases, invasion also often involves a mother himself. If usually the mother will care for and care for us, but when it appears when their squeeze is very different and make us fooled and scared to death. Usually this incident begins with the emergence of a mother figure who approached like to wake us from sleep. But then, the mother's face turns creepy and slowly puts her hand around our neck even tighter until they strangle our throats.When the tense struggle ends, the victim will wake up and realize that no one is around her bed. If you have experienced this then you are missed mother.

3. Little Boy Around


In addition to the big creatures and evil mothers, this incident also often leads to a figure of a child running around in our room. Instead of funny, they are very scary. They also laugh cheerfully as if not knowing our existence is lying helpless on the mattress. Sometimes they will also climb on the mattress and begin to crush us. Just like the previous case, their faces turned to ruthless and start scaring us. Sometimes it also asks strange questions like "Why sister can not move" and others. Some also immediately strangled the victim while laughing merrily. When you wake up, again no one is in the room.

4. Non-Talking Visitors


There has also been a horrible encounter experience like a visitor who does not talk very much right into the room. According to the story of one of the victims who had experienced it, he was like hearing the approaching footsteps approaching. Even the victim also saw this mysterious visitor slowly open the door of the room. Finally the door opened but there was no figure standing there, but the sound of his footsteps getting closer. Suddenly there was some sort of movement in the mattress and the uninvited guest was already sleeping next to the victim. This makes the victim nervous. Several other similar cases, this guest just stood like a statue by the bed while continuing to look sharply toward the victim. This situation continued for a long time until the hallucinations disappeared leaving the panting breath for the victim.

5. An Alien Invasion

alien invasion

The rising news about aliens makes it one of the hallucinations that many people experience when squeezing. Like a movie, one night a thin little creature appeared with its large eyes and head. Slowly they begin experimenting with the helpless body of the victim. The victim can feel the coldness of an alien hand that touches a particular body part. This incident was so tense that the victim tried to get up and run. Until finally the victim awoke and did not see the alien as far as eye view. This incident sometimes accompanied the hallucination of strong winds and bright rays and then followed the emergence of the alien.

6. The Promised Satan Will Visit You Again


Of all the above mentioned events, this is the most terrible and to make the victims traumatized. Just as usual, when experiencing sleep paralysis the victim will feel the arrival of a terrible creature. But, the most terrible is not it. This hallucination will approach our ears while whispering horrible phrases like this "I will come again, be prepared". After saying that sentence the devil slowly leaves and we regain consciousness. Nevertheless, the words will continue to ring in our minds and will be difficult to sleep tonight.

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