18 Crazy Highest Building Ever Planned

An ambitious plan to build the tallest building in the world continues to thrill among the elite in various countries. They are competing to build a very high skyscraper not only in meters scale but, even some of them will touch the kilometer units. Soon the record of the tallest skyscraper held by Burj Khalifa in the UAE will be shifted in the next few years.

1 | Miapolis


In early 2000, Coffee Karp Architecture proposed the construction of Miapolis towers as the tallest building in the world. Located in Biscayne Bay to the east of Miami's business center, the US plans to build it with height of about 975 meters. With 160 floors and an area of 11 hectares, Miapolis will be a vertical city, containing all the necessary residents such as housing, offices, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, botanical gardens and even private beaches, all estimated to cost around 22 billion US dollar.

2 | Sky City 1000

sky city 1000

Sky City 1000 is a conceivable project plan in Tokyo, Japan. Proposed by Takenaka Corporation in 1989, the plan will rise to 1 km (1,000m) and be able to accommodate up to 160,000 people with massive structures including malls, food courts, parks, and recreation areas. However, in its realization, there are still many obstacles such as building material technology that is less compact and soil factor in Japan is very unstable. So this project is just a dream.

3 | Burj Mubarak al-Kabir

Burj Mubarak al-Kabir

This one building will be built in the Subiya area of northern Kuwait precisely in an urban area called Madinat al-Hareer or the city of Silk. This building is planned to scratch the sky as high as 1,001 meters, the height will simultaneously depict the story of the people of Saudi Arabia, entitled 1001 Night. In terms of design, this building is designed to withstand strong winds through 3 towers arranged rotate 45 degrees and lock each other. It will contain offices, hotels, and apartments. Now the Burj Mubarak al-Kabir building is still under construction and is expected to be completed in 2035-2036.

4 | Jeddah Tower

Menara Jeddah

Jeddah Tower or often called the Kingdom Tower is one of the buildings that will soon overtake the height of Burj Khalifa and become the tallest building in the world in the near future. Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this building will reach a height of up to 1 kilometer, more precisely 1,008 meters. Designed by Adrian Smith, the architect who also designed the Burj Khalifa, provides a unique structure and aesthetic value in this building. As of December 31, 2016, the construction phase has reached 38 floors, and the central section containing elevators and stairs has reached level 49. Estimated work is expected to be completed by 2020.

5 | Azerbaijan Tower

Menara Azerbaijan

The Megatall skyscraper (height over 600m) will be built on the southern island of Khazar from Baku, Azerbaijan. According to the president of the company Avesta Group, Ibrahim Ibahimov, Azerbaijan tower will reach a height of 1,051 meters with 89 floors. The building will be in the center of the Khazar archipelago with 41 artificial islands spreading over 3000 hectares on the surface of the Caspian Sea, the city is planned to be home to 1 million residents with 150 schools, 50 shopping center hospitals, parks, cultural centers, horse races and the arena of formula 1 track and the bridge of the land. All these facilities are expected to withstand earthquake shocks of up to 9.0 SR.

6 | The Bride

the bride

Iraq plans to build a building as high as 1,152 meters in Basra, Iraq. The building named The Bride predicted will beat the record for the tallest building in the world that is currently held by Burj Khalifa and other supreme building candidates. According to the developers AMBS Architect, the plan of this building will have 230 floors with antenna towering as high as 188 meters. & nbsp; It contains offices, hotels, apartments, shopping centers, parks, and gardens.

7 | Bionic Tower

bionic tower

Bionic Tower is a building initiated by Spanish architects, Eloy Celaya, Maria R Cervera and Javier G√≥mez is planned to have a height 1,228.2 meters. They consider the Bionic Tower to be a solution to the explosion of human populations through an environmentally friendly vertical city. Inside it will contain 300 & nbsp; the floor for 100,000 people. The plan of this building will be built on an artificial island with a diameter of 1,000 km with a myriad of facilities that support community life. This building will be established in Shanghai China or Hongkong area, but there is still no realization up to now.

8 | Nakheel Tower

Nakheel Tower

This building is still being discussed with several world contractors Samsung Engineering Construction, Shimizu Corporation and Grocon. The plan of this building will be built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by the property company Nakheel. Although still in the planning status of this building will be a new icon of Dubai to shift Burj Khalifa position because of its peak that touches the level of 1,400 meters.Not only that, in line with the design of the tower that seemed luxurious, this building will be crammed with Ultra Luxury apartments, restaurants, observation deck and even a large swimming pool at its peak.

9 | The Illinois


Building with a taper structure is a key feature of the Illinois tower, it is said that Burj Khalifa and Jeddah towers are also inspired by this building. But this building is only a dream that has existed since 1957. The structure and design of this building is the work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright with a total height of over 1 mile (1,600 m) with 528 floors, 76 elevators, for 15,000 cars and helipads for 150 helicopters. The building is expected to be built in the Chicago, Illinois, US area.

10 | Sky Mile Tower

sky mile

Towering high with aerodynamic hexagonal design, this building will have an altitude of up to 5,577 feet ( 1,700m ) as reported from the Telegraph.co.uk page, this one skyscraper offers open space in every 320 height meters and a myriad of facilities that pamper visitors such as shopping, restaurants, hotels, libraries, gyms and health clinics. Sky mile tower is expected to accommodate up to 55,000 people and is designed to adapt to climate change and be able to withstand natural turmoil such as floods, tides, typhoon winds and even earthquakes. This building will be established in Tokyo Bay Japan if this plan is approved the building will be completed in 2045.

11 | Die Berg Komt Er

die berg komt er

This is a crazy idea that appears in the Netherlands. Because the contours of the area are flat, there is a desire to make artificial mountain as high as 2 km ( 2,000m ). Initially, the idea put forward by Thijs Zonneveld was considered only a comedy but gradually gained serious support from the Dutch Ski Association, Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association (NKBV), and Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU). But in the realization is still very difficult because to make a dense mountain as high as 2 km takes about 2.7 billion tons of sand material, of course, this will also leave the deep hole in other parts.

12 | Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid is a giant pyramid building initiated by Shimizu Corporation. This pyramid is planned to be built in Tokyo Bay with a size 14 times higher than the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. The total height of this building structure will reach 2,000 meters with framework that similar to the Egyptian pyramid. With a capacity of 1 million people, this building is expected to cope with the explosion of human population in Japan in the future. Due to its super-large structure, ordinary building materials can not be used. Therefore Japanese scientists are developing a lightweight and super strong material using carbon nanotubes element. Based on Wikipedia, construction will begin in 2030 and finish in 2100.

13 | Aeropolis 2001

aeropolis 2001

The building is also planned to be built in Tokyo Bay, Japan with a height of 2,001 meters and contains 500 floors. This idea has long been proposed by Obayashi Corporation in 1989 when there was a markup of Japanese asset prices but until now there has been no realization. In addition to Aeropolis 2001, Obayashi Corp. also proposes a municipal development on the moon by 2050. It sounds impossible but let's see if it will actually be realized in the future.

14 | Dubai City Tower

dubai city tower

Dubai is not to be outdone, The futuristic design of the building has been prepared for the latest technology of the future. Dubai City Tower or Dubai Vertical City is the Megatall skyscraper announced in 2008. The building will rise as high as 2,400 meters. Its construction has 400 floors with vertical transport as an elevated elevator with a high speed of 200km/h. The design of this building has a central core with 6 outbuildings connected to the central core every 100 floors. This design is considered capable of stabilizing the structure and can flatten the mass.

15 | Ultima Tower

ultima tower

Ultima Tower is a hypothetical skyscraper, designed by American architect Eugene Tsui in 1991. The building is expected to be built in San Francisco, California. Ultima Tower will have a capacity of up to 1 million people with a total height of 3,218 meters or as high as 2 mill, 500 floors with ground floor width of 1828.8 meters and 140 square km total interior area. Tsui estimates that the funds disbursed can reach 150 billion US Dollars. Ultima Tower utilizes different air pressure at the top and at the base of the building to generate electrical power for the building. The main purpose of this building concept is to address the problem of population increase and as a mini ecosystem for its inhabitants.

16 | X-Seed 4000

x-seed 4000

X-Seed 4000 is the tallest building ever conceived. This remarkable idea came from Peter Neville. The building will have a fantastic height of up to 4 kilometers ( 4,000m ) and its ground width extending up to 6 kilometers. This building has 800 floors that can accommodate 500 thousand to 1 million residents. X-Seed 4000 is dedicated to Tokyo City Japan by Taisei Corporation in 1995. An ultra modern futuristic dwelling that is eco-friendly with Magnet Train as its transportation tool. Most of these designs are inspired by mount Fuji even beyond the height of Mount Fuji which is only 3,776 m. As quoted on the page Wikipedia "X-Seed 4000 was never intended to be built" said Georges Binder, a managing director of Buildings Data, a company that compiles bank data on buildings around the world. "The purpose of this plan is to gain some recognition for the company, and it works" he concluded.

17 | ThothX Tower

thoth-x tower

A super high tower as high as 20 km ( 20,000 m ). This is not a joke or hypothesis but a concept that has patent rights and can be realized. The TothX Tower was designed by the Canadian space company Thoth Technologies, which uses air-tube blocks in its construction with a diameter of 230 meters. This tube is like a light-period air-filled balloon of nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. Around there is a self-climbing elevator that can carry loads of up to 10 tons. At its peak, there are airfields for spacecraft or rockets. The flywheel is also used to stabilize this construction. ThothX Tower is also claimed to be able to save 30% of the rocket fuel needed to reach orbit. So this construction is more dedicated for the purposes of space observation that will be used by NASA, SPACEX or other space companies.

18 | Space Elevator

space elevator

This idea sounds like in science fiction movies, but this is an idea that is being developed. An elevator into space through a cable extending to a height of 35800 km connects the surface of the earth on the equator with geostationary orbit in space. Space Elevator is a solution to transport something from Earth directly into space without using a rocket. But to make it happen still encountered constraints such as cable materials needed to be super strong and super lightweight. Some materials that are considered to meet the criteria are carbon nanotubes (CNTs), nitride nanotubes and diamond nanothread. However, it is still under research.

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