8 Weird Phenomena in Your Brain

The brain is one part of the human body with a very complex work of system, where there are billions of active cell connected neurons. Each section has its own roles that will determine one's decisions, perceptions and actions. With a very complex system of the human brain often leads to strange phenomena that we may not know the cause.

1 | Prosopagnosia


Prosopagnosia is a strange phenomenon in the brain of the inability of the brain to recognize a person's face. Like not recognizing the faces of people who have met, friends, relatives, even his own face. People who suffer from this disorder will usually be difficult to socialize. According to medical experts, this phenomenon is caused by damage to the part of the brain called occipital and temporal lobe there are also who assume this comes from heredity.

2 | Efek Tetris

tumpuk boto

Tetris effect is a brain disorder that occurs when our brain projects things that are often done in our daily lives. So like the usual Tetris, we find on the game Gameboy. Suppose we play Tetris or game the stack of bricks intensely every day, then at night we will dream of blocks with varied shapes falling like playing tetris.

3 | Apophenia

mbah petruk

Apophenia is a phenomenon that occurs in the brain when one sees a figure or image in a fractional or random pattern. For example, when a Merapi volcano erupts a Mbah Petruk figure formed from a cloud formation, or when we see a wooden streak forming a face. So our brains think of seeing things and usually connecting with their beliefs when they actually do not exist and are just irregular random patterns.

4 | Phosphene


Phosphene is often experienced when someone rubs a closed eye. The eye will produce illusion as if seeing the pattern of light that move. Scientists consider this phenomenon caused by mechanical, electrical, or magnetic stimulation of the retinal or visual cortex of the brain. Many meditation practitioners also experience this in the form of lines, geometry, and light of various colors when the eye condition is closed that in fact there is no light or incoming light.

5 | Efek Cocktail Party

cocktail party

Cocktail Party Effect is the ability of the brain to focus on a particular sound diatara background noise. This phenomenon is often felt when someone talks with the other person in a crowded room. The brain can automatically filter out which sounds to listen to and which ones to ignore, even the almost identical background sounds.

6 | Paramnesia


Paramnesia is a sensation in the brain where a person feels that he has experienced, performed, or been in a place, but the reality has never experienced it. This phenomenon is also often called De Javu, has many people who experience this, there are those who think of it as a disease some who consider it as a sign of reincarnated spirit. According to research, this sensation can also be created through hypnosis.

7 | Efek Pygmalion


The Pygmalion effect is a phenomenon where the brain will feel better if others consider themselves good. It's like a prediction that it's going to happen. For example, there is a man who is often praised handsome so he will be confident and continue to keep his good looks. Another example when there is a small child who is often scorned as a fool then he will be lazier to learn because he felt right himself stupid.

8 | Placebo Effect


The Placebo effect is a natural healing effect in the body caused by a belief or a belief that it will heal. This phenomenon is often used in the medical world to fool patients by giving fake drugs such as capsule-shaped candy or tablets to patients accompanied by suggestions that convince the patient that the drug is efficacious and can recover the disease. It seems unreasonable, but many patients have recovered from the placebo effect.

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