8 Extraordinary Abilities of Indigo People

Maybe you often hear the term indigo and wondering what exactly the indigo is. In general indigo is a special privilege usually on the part of their senses are more sensitive than ordinary people or often called the sixth sense. With the advantages they have sometimes difficult to cope with the environment because many that we can not understand. This strange ability is often associated with the occult. In fact this ability is purely the excess performance of the workings of the human brain, so that this person is considered to be connected to a higher dimension. Here is the ability of indigo people who are still rarely known.

1. Analytic

Indigo people on average have an IQ above 120. They are able to analyze data quickly, widely and continuously. This is due to the capacity and processing capabilities in the brain that are larger than the average person. Scattered and random data will be collected and interconnected quickly. A conclusion of the problem can be obtained from an Indigo in just a few seconds, especially in relation to the analysis of natural events.

2. Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see events happening elsewhere. Every event and the dead objects involved in it must emit a wave that drives the electrons in the atom and its molecular vibrations. This does not sound reasonable but believe it or not, the sensory function of an indigo is reduced and instead the direct sensing system by the brain with the sensor task is assisted by the nerve endings at the outer edge of the brain. These nerve endings of the brain capture directly the emission of waves that come to it and send it into electrical signals to be processed in the brain.

3. Telepathy

With Indigo Telepathy able to read the thoughts and feelings of humans or other creatures. Ability is often associated with the chakra. Chakra is a kind of black hole on our soul whose position is in front of the head (forehead) that is between two eyebrows, can also be called "third eye chakra". Physically this chakra in the form of nerve endings in the outer skin of the brain that acts as a wave sensor that comes. Every time people think and emotion the brain will emit its waves. So be careful with your thoughts and emotions. These low-frequency waves spread and bounce back and forth at the speed of light and are sensed by the sensors in the brain of the indigo and processed in the brain to be transformed into a picture. The ability to read minds and feelings of waves is owned by almost all indigo people, including Indigo children who is still a baby. While the ability to communicate remotely send a wave is only owned by certain indigo people only.

4. Precognition

Precognition is the ability to predict and create events that will occur in the future. Prediction is obtained by 2 ways, ie by looking directly at future events in the future and collecting data that exist in the present and conclude the greatest possibility that will happen in the future. In practice, wandering in the dimension of time for an Indigo is enough with concentration and imagine a certain time (year, month, date, or hour), the picture can be a calendar and a clock, and see what happens at that moment. It would be easier if any person / witness is known to be involved in the event.

5. Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to dig information and communicate with any object. This is possible because each object consists of the arrangement of atoms that make up the molecule. The molecules in solids, gases or liquids vibrate and their vibrations produce waves. These molecules and atoms can also store recordings of an event. These recordings can be excavated and read by Indigo people because they have brains that are much more sensitive than people in general.

6. Telekinetic

If you often see a magic show, maybe this term is not foreign to you. Telekinetic means moving objects from a certain distance. It is generally strongly associated with telepathic abilities such as hypnotic suggestion. Change the behavior of others by altering the genetic makeup of the DNA spiral and moving the cells, glands or organs in the body's metabolic system. The ability to move objects with mass is not commonly owned by Indigo people.

7. Strong Relationship with God

This ability uses the crown chakra at the top of the head which is the door of communication between man and God. This chakra is on a very strong purple Indigo person especially when there is a connection with the Source. Relationships with sacred beings such as angels and other higher dimensions can be done with this chakra as well.

8. Mediumship

The ability of this one is often considered as mystical by most people because with this ability indigo people are able to see and communicate with other creatures that are not visible but are in our dimensions. Generally, the workings of this mediumship is to use their own souls or can also be the soul of others as a medium to communicate with invisible beings to dig information. This spirit is a structured energy blob that stores realistic memories of the journey of living with the body.

Here are some indigo abilities that are not owned by ordinary people. In principle, Indigo's ability is to use controlled brain waves to penetrate other dimensions. This ability develops when trained and used in a focused and routine manner as a necessity. Behind the advantages, an indigo actually has a weakness when viewed from the physical and psychological side. What are the weaknesses? all will be reviewed in the next post.
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