8 Wonderful Fact About Planet Earth

Earth, a place where we are born as human beings. As one of the living creatures of the Earth's inhabitants, it is very unfortunate if we do not know our own dwelling place. Therefore knowledge of the Planet of the earth is a duty for every living creature, in this case, the human species that have intelligence compared to other creatures. Humans are ruling beings on planet earth, the fate of planet Earth and all living things are in our hands.

1 | The only planet inhabited by living things

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From 9 planets that surrounding the sun, only earth that support life. The perfect Earth's distance to the sun provides a balanced condition for living inhabitants, This area is called Goldilocks zone, a neither too hot nor very cold orbital region, making the water remains in a non-freezing or non-volatile liquid state. Because life itself depends on water.

2 | Earth is not Round


Since childhood, we may claim that the earth is round, but based on recent research, the shape of the earth is not completely round. Why? because of the influence of the centrifugal movement of the Earth's rotation which makes the equatorial region more bulge than the polar regions. It also shifted the position of Mount Everest as the highest mountain in the world if calculated from the center of the earth & it is precisely the Chimborazo mountain in Ecuador that deserves the title of the highest mountain in the world.

3 | Earth Rotation is Slowing Down


The slowdown is almost imperceptible, which is about 17 milliseconds per hundredth of a year. The phenomenon of this slowdown will certainly affect the length of the day in subsequent years, in the next 140 million years, one day on Earth is expected will stretch to 25 hours.

4 | Earth Age is 4.54 Billion Years Old

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Clair Cameron Patterson, the age-old inventor of the earth, uses uranium isotope measurements from the remaining meteorite fragments in meteor craters. which falls into different hemispheres. Based on the measurements published in the year 1956 the age of the earth is 4.55 ± 0.07 billion years.

5 | The Earth is made of Iron, Oxygen, and Silicon

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The main material composed of the earth is iron that is equal to 32.1%, followed by 30.1% oxygen, 15.1% silicon, and 13.9% magnesium. Iron is widely found in the earth's core while Oxygen, Silicon, and other materials come from the Earth's crust and atmosphere.

6 | 70% Surface of Earth is Water

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That is why the Earth is often called the blue planet, the planet with abundant water. But the origin of water on Earth is still in debate, some scientists claim the water came from the asteroid blast 4 billion years ago, but it is doubtful because of the differences in weight and age of water on comets in the Kuiper belt. Another theory considers water on earth is already there from the first derived from chemical reactions of hydrogen and oxygen.

7 | Earth is a gigantic magnet

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According to Scientists, the Earth's magnetic field comes from iron material at the earth's core, the heat from the earth's core creates a convection movement resulting in an electric current that triggers a magnetic field. This magnetic field is called a magnetosphere, which extends thousands of kilometers out of space. Magnetosphere also serves as the protector of the earth from solar storm radiation.

8 | Earth's Magnetic Poles Can Be Shifted


According to NASA, the earth polar reversal is a natural thing and is a natural cycle of the earth, this cycle usually happens in thousands of years. Polar reversals are often used by certain individuals to support the doomsday theory. Yet according to research, reversals have occurred hundreds of times the reversal of the poles, and there is no significant effect on life. The polar reversal also has no effect on the earth's axis so that the earth's condition will remain normal.

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