5 Most Real Flying Saucer Sighting on Earth

This time we will discuss some sightings of flying saucers, not plates flown by mothers during domestic violence, but rather lead to a flying saucer that's believed to be an Alien vehicle or UFO. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object which means unidentified or unclear what kind of object is. This object is often seen floating in the sky with a very fast and strange movement that is very unlikely to be done with today's aviation technology. Many think UFO is a time machine coming from the future, and others consider it to be a creature from another planet (alien) who has advanced technology for traveling between planets, stars, and even galaxies like in science fiction movies.

piring terbang ufo

Many reports of ufo sightings coming on each year, some of them are made from editing or CGI (Computer Generated Image) and the rest are genuine. In this post, we will discuss the appearance of the original UFO only. So, how do we know it's original sighting? here are some features that can indicate the appearance of the original UFO.

  1. Taken from the past, older UFO sighting videos/images are more convincing because they are less likely to be made of CGI.
  2. Derived from reliable sources such as Space Institutions like NASA and the Military Institute for being more credible and accountable.
  3. Longer video durations, hoax videos, and edits are usually short-lived, but the original video must not recognize the duration.
  4. The appearance reports discussed by government agencies, such as MUFON, are more reliable to their originals.
  5. Have clear images. Due to the blurry picture, low quality, the shaky camera seems to be contrived to obscure the edited image.
Below are some sightings that meet the above criteria, so we can say that is the original appearance.

1 | UFO Fall in the Mexican Desert

This video sighting was taken in 1997, in the white desert of Mexico, based on this recording that was clear that the white plates flashed down until it was completely destroyed. It's so dramatic, it seems like alien beings are losing control so that it falls touching the ground but had time to try to fly again but eventually it crashed again and crashed.

2 | UFO Sightings In NASA STS-63 Mission

This is a video footage in the STS-63 mission conducted by NASA. STS-63 is a space shuttle mission in 1995. But there is a strange occurrence when the mission takes place when searching for the MIR space station. They have difficulty because that looks even a bunch of UFOs that pass so that could make it difficult for the team to detect MIR, see the video below for more details.

3 | Cigars Shaped UFO in Colorado

In addition to the plate-shaped UFO, there are also strange UFOs that look like cigars. The sighting was first recorded by Tim Edwards with his daughter when they were in Salida, Colorado on August 27, 1995. They first saw the object slightly curved and drifted westward. Do not think they immediately took the 8 mm camera with a power of 8 times zoom, they also had time to remind other visitors to see this phenomenon.

4 | UFO sightings in Utah 1952

Based of the age of this video, this is very classic, must be very authentic and guaranteed authenticity. This video is an excerpt of the ufo sighting documentary film by Delbert C. Newhouse on July 2, 1952 in Tremonton, Utah. Where to discuss about the recording of strange objects taken by the United States Navy.

5 | UFO in the Concorde SST plane

This sighting was caught on camera during the first transatlantic flight by the Concord SST plane in 1976. Seen a white object as it was following and investigating the plane while flying. This original recording was taken by French airline Aerospatiale. Fact that the old recording age is also proof of other authenticity is very real and original.

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