12 Amazing Fact About Human Eyes

Eyes is one of the five human senses that are useful for making light into a 3-dimensional image in the brain. Because of its extraordinary ability, of course, the human eye can't be equaled by any camera. Are you curious what are interesting facts that the human eye has? Let's see facts surrounding the human eye.

1 | Human has fixed size eyeball 

That means the size of our eyeballs remains from the baby to death, unlike other body parts that grow with age. That is why babies are seen to have a larger cornea because of the small eyelids.

2 | Eyes have existed since 550 million years ago

When life is still a single cell the eye is still a very simple light receptor protein. The visual perception that produced only limited to the shadow of the light that is blurred.

3 | The eye has a blind spot

Both of our eyes have a blind spot on the back of the retina right on the optic nerve. but we will not feel it because the eyes fill each other's gaps in this blind spot.

baby eyes

4 | The baby can't shed tears

Newborn baby whimper crying yet can tears. This is because the baby's tear ducts have not been formed and cannot work until the baby is 3-14 weeks old.

5 | The color of the human eye is different

The color of the human eye varies based on the offspring there are blue, brown, blue, gold, green. This color difference lies on the inside of the cornea called the iris. This color is caused by iris pigmentation and heredity.

6 | The early color of the human eye is brown

Before blue color and so the color of human eye was originally brown until at 10 thousand years ago there was a genetic mutation of one of the human ancestors that caused the difference in eye color.

7 | Heterochromia

Heterochromia is eye anomaly that causes humans to have a pair of different colored eyes. The main cause of this color difference is due to the uneven distribution of melanin in the iris.


8 | Human cornea has similarity with Sharks

The eye cornea of sharks has strong fibers such as wire in concrete. This fiber is able to prevent swelling and opaque views like the human eye. That is why shark cornea is often used in the practice of corneal transplantation.

9 | There is a blue color behind the brown color

Actually, there is a blue pigment behind the brown color on the cornea of the eye that is why there is the practice of changing the color of the eyes to blue permanently by using a laser.

10 | The uniqueness of the iris is more than fingerprint

Fingerprints have 40 unique characteristics while the iris has 256 unique characteristics. Therefore the eye is often used as an alternative to fingerprints, through retinal eye scans for security purposes.

11 | The second complex organ after the brain

Although have small-sized and weighing just 7 grams, the eye has 107 million cells with a complex performance ranging from light focusing to turning it into nerve signals, which will be sent to the visual cortex.

mata otot

12 | Eye muscle is fastest than other

Eyes have high-speed muscles compared to other organs. This speed can be seen in the blink of the eye, every blink of the eye takes 100 to 150 milliseconds and we can blink 5 times per second.

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