7 Strangest Atmospheric Phenomena

The atmosphere is the world we live in today with all kinds of gas in it. The atmosphere is important for survival especially for land and air creatures. Without the atmosphere, we will die exposed to various cosmic radiation. The atmosphere enveloped the earth to a height of 10,000 km, more than that all just a space vacuum space. In the vastness of the atmosphere we live in, of course, many phenomena occur. Some of the phenomena that occur may seem strange and rarely seen.

7 | Mamatus Clouds


This cloud resembles a collection of breasts that hang in the sky. It is true in Latin, Mammatus, or mammatocumulus itself means a cloud of the breast. For the first time to see it must feel strange because it is very rare this phenomenon appears in the sky of Indonesia. This phenomenon usually appears in western countries such as America and Canada. According to the local community, mamatus clouds can be a sign of a tornado, so this phenomenon is often feared by the public. This cloud is also dangerous for the flight, therefore the aircraft should avoid this type of cloud.

6 | Fata Morgana


This phenomenon is an optical illusion that occurs in the field, in the sea, or in the polar ice field. For example when sand or on pavement we see puddles, or when we see the ship floating in the sky. The main cause of this illusion is the difference in atmospheric air temperature. Air temperature produces a different density then the reflection of light from an object will turn before it reaches our eyes. Some fata morgana is even complex and strange shapes such as a collection of distorted images and so on, depending on how dynamic the condition of the atmosphere is.

5 | Light Pillars

light pillars

This phenomenon is very beautiful, where visible colorful light pillars towering sky. Light pillar only occurs in areas that have cold weather. A cold atmosphere containing ice crystals causes light to be reflected vertically. The reflected light source can be from the sun during sunset, moon or man-made lights. The larger the ice crystals the more obvious the phenomenon is seen. Actually, it's like an optical illusion, the light pillar is not right under the light source, but relative to the observer, as we see the reflection of light on the surface of the water.

4 | Green Flash Light

green flash

This light is often seen in seconds before sunset (sunset). The green light will appear above the horizon, but once the sun sets, the light disappears. Generally, this phenomenon takes place very shortly. This phenomenon is usually seen on beaches that have clear horizon views. The cause of this phenomenon is the refraction of sunlight by the atmosphere. The change of light waves causes the light to split into green color. The phenomenon of green light flashes only occurs when the air condition is calm and stable so as not to break the sunlight that goes into the eyes of the observer.

3 | Lighting Ball


When generally lightning shaped light like roots, this phenomenon actually raises lightning in the form of lightning balls. Somehow it can happen, the cause of this lightning balls phenomenon is still a debate among scientists. These lightning balls often occur when the rainstorms accompanied by lightning, then lightning is separated into a lightning bolt. Lightning balls can be 1 to several meters in diameter slowly creeping. It is said that if this lightning burst it will cause severe damage to surrounding objects. On July 10, 2011, a 2-meter lightning bolt hit the emergency office at Liberec, Czech Republic. The ball entered through the window and reflected in the room until it disappeared. After that, all electronic equipment is heavily damaged.

2 | Night Rainbow

pelangi malam

Really strange, generally the rainbow is seen in the daytime but this rainbow even appeared at night. How did it happen? Apparently, the main cause is the moonlight. The rainbows that appear at night are caused by the refraction of the moonlight by the water spots in the atmosphere. This rainbow is also called rainbow of the moon or moonbows. When the full moon or full moon then the moonlight will reach the peak of its brightness, this Light makes the rainbow more visible. Rainbows often appear in damp places, such as in a waterfall or when the rain is spattered.

1 | Rain Fish

Hujan Ikan

This is the strangest phenomenon of atmosphere ever, Rain that scatters millions of fresh fish from the sky. Could these fish live in the clouds or are they marine animals that are brought together as water evaporates into the sky. It seems unlikely, but this phenomenon has really happened in many parts of the world, the latest report took place in Mumbai India 12 July 2016. The only plausible explanation is that the fish at sea is sucked by waterspout </ i> > or water tornado. The power of this tornado allows water and all living things in it to be sucked up and lifted up into the clouds. Then a strong wind carried and threw it on the nearest land until it finally rained the fish. In addition to fish, there has also been rained frogs and tadpoles in Japan.

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