12 Interesting Facts about Saturn


For those who like astronomy would have been familiar in the ear. Yes, the planet Saturn is a planet that has additional accessories in the form of a thin ring that circles the planet's sphere. At night the planet is a golden yellow light that if we look through the telescope it will be clearly displayed ring that surrounds it. Surely you are curious and know more about the planet Saturn. Let's see the facts of planet saturnus following:

1 | Saturn is the only planet that has a ring.
Actually, other planets also have small invisible rings like Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. But among the planets that have the widest and clearest rings are Saturn.

2 | Saturn rings are made of meteorite rocks.
This meteorite is very numerous and countless, in addition to meteorites in the form of stones, there is also the form of ice. They orbit around Saturn at varying speeds so that there are collisions between them.

3 | Saturn's rings are very thin.
Although thin, it's still visible from the earth because this collection of rocks can reflect sunlight with a mirror. The size of this ring thickness is only 1 kilometer very thin as paper when compared to the size of the planet.

saturn rings

4 | We can't stand on the surface of Saturn.
Why? Because Saturn itself is a gas planet. Saturn is often called Gas Giant with its main constituents Hydrogen and Helium. Therefore if we try to land we will sink to the core of the planet.

5 | The day in Saturn is shorter than earth.
If we land on this planet then from sunrise to drown will take place faster only 10 hours 39 minutes. This is due to the rapid rotation speed of the planet Saturn.

6 | The years in Saturn are very long.
If the other day in Saturn is as fast as it does in a matter of years. Because 1 year in Saturn equals 30 years according to earth time. What causes the length of the year of the planet is the distance Saturn is far from the sun so it takes a long time to circle the sun.

7 | The wind in Saturn moves faster than the tornado wind.
If tornadoes on earth only maximum speed of 483 km/hour. The wind in Saturn is 4 times, exactly 1800 km/hour. With that speed, whatever it passes, must be flat to the ground.


8 | Saturn has been visited by several spacecraft.
Saturn has been visited by 4 spacecraft or unmanned aircraft. The first rides were Pionner 11 which was launched in 1979, after which the voyager was in 1980. Followed by voyager 2 of 1981's last Cassini in 2004 and still orbiting up to now.

9 | The name Saturn means the peasant god.
The name saturnus itself is taken from the name of the ancient Roman god who likes to farm and grow crop he is also the father of the god Jupiter. Symbol of Saturn is a sickle that commonly used for cultivation.

10 | Saturn's largest natural satellite is the titan.
Titan is the largest satellite in Saturn and the largest number 2 in the solar system after its satellite Ganymede Jupiter. Uniquely these satellites have a planet-like atmosphere, this makes the titan the only natural satellite that has the atmosphere in the solar system.

11 | The planet Saturn is shaped as the most oblong planet.
Because the rotation is very strong and fast to make the equator balloon bubble while the area of pole increasingly flattened. Just imagine the rotational speed up to 6200 miles per hour, faster than earth.

hexagonal clouds

12 | Hexagonal clouds in the planet's north pole saturnus.
This cloud was first discovered from images taken by the Voyager spacecraft. Shaped hexagon with the diameter of each side reaches 13800 km. A lot of speculation about the formation of this cloud. Some scientists consider it a fixed wave flow pattern in the atmosphere.

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