7 Unique Facts About Sea Horse

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Seahorse is a type of sea fish that is often found in tropical waters. But now this beautiful animal is threatened with extinction because it is used as a traditional medicine by humans. If at first glance this animal does not look like a fish, but experts have agreed to classify it as a fish because of its characteristics that breathe with gills and fins to swim. Here are the unique facts about seahorses that we have summarized.

1 | The period of pregnancy and childbirth is experienced by the male seahorse.

Reproduction of seahorse is very unique and different from most other fish species. In the marine season, the female seahorse injects the egg into the sac that is on the chest of a male seahorse. The egg will undergo a fertilization process for 10 to 6 weeks until the sea foal is ready to be born. In one process the conception of a seahorse can produce about 1500 eggs.

2 | One of the world's most voracious animals.

Almost every time the seahorse eat the plankton around it. This is because the process of digestion of seahorses is very fast. It was as though the incoming food was only briefly filtered inside her. He does not even have stomach and teeth. In a day the seahorse can eat 3000 artemias in the water.

3 | The only fish that has physical characteristics.

Researchers have agreed to incorporate seahorses into fish because the seahorses breathe gills and use their fins to swim. But there is some other uniqueness that makes it, unlike fish. Seahorses have no scales and erect body shapes that make them trouble in swimming. They are very dependent on their tail to hold corals or grass in order not to drift in the swift stream of water.

4 | Have eyes and skin like a chameleon.

Seahorses and chameleons alike have independent eyes, meaning that between the right and left eyes work on their own so they can see 360 degrees around. Just like chameleons, seahorses are very good at camouflage. Some types of seahorses are able to change their skin color to resemble the circumstances and some other species are born to have the same skin color as coral reefs so it is difficult for predators to find it.

5 | Seahorses swim vertically

Sea seahorse is a fish with poor swimming ability. His upright body does not allow him to swim agile in horizontal directions. However, the ability to camouflage a very good seahorse can keep it safe from the predator.

6 | Sea horse animal that is faithful to his partner

Seahorses belong to monogamous animals. This means they will only marry for one partner only. When they marry then they have decided to live together until both of them die.

7 | It has 54 species in the world.

Seahorses have 54 species that have been found with a length of 1 to 14 inches. The spread of this fish includes the tropical and subtropical waters of the world. The largest number of species found in Australia and Southeast Asia region including our country. Due to its low reproductive abilities and including monogamous animals as well as massive exploitation by humans, the existence of seahorse is now threatened with extinction.

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