15 Mysterious Antique Thing in the World

These objects are relics of the past that are strange and mysterious. Mysterious in terms of origin, meaning and purpose of its manufacture. Lets we see a list of the most mysterious antiques in the world.

1 | Weber Isis Beamer

Weber Isis Beamer

This is an object shaped like a tool for making dough, but insulated bulkhead and 24 carat gold plated. This object was originally discovered by grave guards in Jerusalem. This object has been investigated by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) initially they thought this was an ancient object of the Jewish Temple in the Valley of the Cross west of Jerusalem. After they posted this picture on Facebook they got an answer from one of the commentators that it was an energy transmitter object created by the New Age in the 70s. The object has also been long traded by the German company Weber.

2 | Pear of anguish

pear of anguish

This object is shaped like a flower that can bloom when the screw is rotated. Now this object has been saved in the Museum der Festung Salzburg, Austria. According to experts, this mysterious object was a torture device used in the 1600s by ancient Europeans. This torture device is usually inserted in the mouth so that people do not talk by turning the screw this object will bloom and people will have difficulty speaking, some other history says that this object was once used to torture women by inserting it into the vagina until torn.

3 | Antikythera Mechanism

mekanisme antikythera

Antikythera is a mysterious object found on a shipwreck on the bottom of the Antikythera Costa Rica in 1900. This object is thought to date from 200 BC but strangely this object was very sophisticated for BC civilization. How not, objects can accurately calculate the movements of the sun, planets and moons in the solar system. This object consists of a serge mechanism that is connected to each other to produce a rotating motion resembling the orbit of a celestial body. Who know is the intelligent creator of this machine maker, it's Alien?

4 | The Baigong Pipes

baigong pipe

This object is a collection of pipes found on Baigong Mountain, 40 km southwest of the city of Delingha, Qinghai China. This pipe is made of iron and embedded between rock cliffs. Based on carbon dating this object originated from prehistoric times when humans were still primitive using stones. Of course it is very unlikely that ancient times could make iron pipe objects considering that there was no technology at that time. Some people believe that it's made by intelligent space aliens or aliens. But there is a plausible explanation that the object is a fossilized bamboo tree that has been sedimentated for millions of years.

5 | The Roman Dodecahedra

The Roman Dodecahedra

Dodecahedra is a 12-sided hollow object. This object is thought to have originated in the ancient Roman era because it was found in the European region of the former Roman government. The study states that this object is made of bronze and is estimated to date from 200-300 BC. The debate about this object is about its mysterious uses. Lots of speculation about the function of this object such as a candle holder, children's toys, vases, even objects to worship. In addition to Dodecahdra, there were also similar but 20-sided objects called Isocahedra.

6 | Phaistos Disc

This object is a clay disk engraved with mysterious codes that have not been solved. Disc Phaistos was discovered by Pernier Luigi in the basement of the Phaistos palace in the Minoan area, Hagia Triada. Keep in mind Phaistos is an important city in the time of the Minoan civilization is estimated to have been inhabited since the Neolithic 1500 years BC. Phaistos Disk Artifacts have unique carvings resembling neatly arranged codes that resemble text that contains hidden stories some people think of as religious texts. Several codes on this dish are also found in several other artifacts such as the Arkalochori ax and Magliano's disk.

7 | Baghdad Battery

As the title suggests, this object is similar and has a function as a battery. Actually this object is a jar with a lid that has a copper stalk in the middle. This jar is thought to have existed in the Parthian culture, Baghdad, Iraq from 250 BC to 244 AD. It's strange how maybe people in the past knew electricity. Finally, this jar is considered as an Ooparts (Out of place Artefacts), because the battery itself was only discovered in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. What is still a mystery of this object is its usefulness, there are those who consider it as an electric therapeutic device, and skeptics consider it a place to roll up ancient books / manuscripts.

8 | Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious manuscript found by antique book merchants in 1912. This book is made of parchment leather, has 250 pages thick. contains pictures and writings that are not identified. There have been many cryptographers who have tried to read this manuskirp by linking it with illustrations but nothing is convincing. Based on carbon dating this manuscript dates from the 15th century, and is thought to have been written in Central Europe. This book allegedly discusses several health sciences because it contains illustrations of plants, herbs. naked women, zodiac etc. While some people consider it a hoax in the Renaissance era which is full of nonsense.

9 | Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is still a mystery that is difficult to solve. That said, this object was believed to be the shroud that Jesus used when he died. In the fabric there are images that appear to have traits such as Jesus, such as nail marks on the feet and hands, lashes on the back, and the shape of the face that is very similar when viewed in the form of negative photographs. Research began in 1898 ago, this shroud has always been a debate between scientists. in 1958, Pope Pius XII, an expert on Christianity, agreed that the picture of the shroud was a picture of Jesus, but the experts in Italy claimed that the Shroud of Turin was false. According to them this fabric was made by Giotto an Italian artist. From the many studies conducted, the shroud of Jesus is still a mystery and there is no authentic evidence.

10 | The Coso Artifact

The Coso Artifact is an object that has a shape like a spark plug for a 1920's production car and is wrapped in stones that are 500 years old. This makes the discovery of the Coso artifact controversial. The first time this stone was discovered by Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey, and Mike Mikesell, the geode rock seekers who will be sold in his own shop in California. Geode stone is a type of sedimentary stone that has cavities and inside it has quartz crystals. When splitting the stone they were shocked after seeing a strange, shiny white object made of metal. Geologists have been conducting research for months. Some researchers suspect it is an artifact from an ancient advanced civilization, such as Atlantis. Some say that it came from prehistoric space visitors to Earth. Some theories claim that there are time travelers from the future leaving these artifacts during a visit to the past. The Coso Artifact is mysteriously lost like its inventor. Lane died, Mikesell could not be found, and Maxey avoided comments from the public. Coso artifacts remain a mystery to this day.

11 | The Maine Penny

maine penny

Maine Penny or other name goddard coin is the only artifact before colombus explores the world found in the United States. This artifact was discovered in 1957 at the Goddard archaeological site, central Maine coast, where amateur archaeologist Guy Mellgren was in his second year of excavation. In 1974, the coin was donated to the Maine Mtate Museum. Experts from the University of Oslo claim that the coin was printed between 1065 and 1080 and circulated in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Goddard coin found in that location, is considered a large trading network. But some other missing evidence makes the origin of the coin a mystery. Some researchers believe that Penny Maine is a hoax. Now this goddard coin is at the Maine State Museum in Augusta, and the real history remains unknown.

12 | The Grooved Spheres

groved sphere

Grooved spheres are mysterious, round objects found in pyrophyllite mines, South Africa. This object has a size of 0.5 cm to 10 cm and a variety of colors. Its perfectly round shape makes experts suspect that this object is man-made. But what is the debate is that these rocks are thought to have originated from the precambrian period which was formed 2.8 billion years ago, while humans at that time were still in the form of a single cell. Of course this is very much against the theory of evolution. The aliens argue that the ball was made by aliens who were visiting the earth in the past, whereas according to Evolutionist, these balls are formed naturally, have nothing to do with humans. Until now there is still no known exact origin and function of this object.

13 | The Dropa Stones

the dropa stones

Dropa stones or commonly called dropa stones are stones shaped like discs or discs found in the mountains of Baian Kula-Ula, Tibet. It is estimated that the stone was formed 12,000 years ago because of small hieroglyphic signs found there. Each disc has a size of up to 30 cm and has two grooves from the hole in the middle. There are carvings identified as written characters. Around the discovery of the Dropa stone was also found a cave which contained a small human skeleton but had a large skull. According to Tsum Um Nui, a scientist from Tingkok, carving on the disc was a message from other planetary creatures that had to land into the Baian mountains because the plane was damaged. Now around the cave there are still two tribes who live there, han and Dropa. What is unique about this tribe is that they have physical characteristics that are not the same as other tribes around it. They have a height of no more than 1.5 meters and the majority are thin.

14 | The Ica Stones

Ica stones are andesite stones which have many strokes of paintings such as animals and plants even dinosaur paintings that are being ridden by humans. Reportedly this stone was found in the province of Ica, Peru. Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea, a scientist gets the stone mostly from a local farmer named Basilio Uschuya. News about the findings attracted many researchers. Furthermore, the BBC worked on a documentary about the discovery, giving extraordinary attention to the Government of Peru. Then the Government arrested the farmer named Basilio Uschuya for selling antique stones. finally Uschuyat farmers claimed that the stone was made by themselves. However, in some museums, there are several stones that are similar to those made by uschuya. It was confirmed that it was not made from Uschuya. So the original Ica stone makers are still a mystery.

15 | Ark of The Covenant

It can also be called the Ark of the covenant that is a sacred crate that is sacred and made by Israel in ancient times. Ark of The Covenant is an ancient artifact that some people believe that this artifact has great mysticism and strength. Until now the existence of the chest is still confusing, many think that this chest is stored in the Church of St. Cathedral. Mary of Zion, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to enter the Cathedral Church to examine the artifacts contained therein. According to the belief of Christians, the chest contained 2 stones bearing the 10 commandments of God. It is said that only certain people can open this holy chest, namely Moses and Solomon. The two people are chosen people and have strong faith. If anyone opens the sac other than Moses and Solomon, then that person will die right away.

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