6 Strong Proof About the Existence of Time Machine

We all must think that time goes straight ahead and cannot backward. When time can be played in such a way there may be chaos against God's destiny. For example, we returned to the past to meet the dead grandmother/grandfather. Then we take him back to the world today through a time machine. So in this day and age, we have two grandparents who have died and are still alive, and in the past, the grandparents lost their own grandchildren through a time machine will automatically change the future of the grandmother/grandfather who should have been in the grave. Very strange isn't it? but below there is some evidence that strengthens the existence of a time machine.

1 | John Titor Humans from 2036

john titor's time machine

John Titor was a Florida person who was tasked with finding an IBM 5100 PC in 1975. He was looking for the device to bring it back in 2036, because he thinks the IBM 5100 PC has a UNIX language that can be used to correct a time error in 2036. John uses a C204 engine belonging to the 2036 military force that can contain 3 people, according to him the time machine is not a new item in his day this tool can carry it a maximum of 60 years to the past at a speed of 10 years per hour. The shape of this tool resembles an ammunition box with a weight of 500kg placed in the trunk of a car. This tool works by creating a blackhole that will suck the car and the people inside it into another time dimension.

Besides that John also had time to reveal his predictions and was proven:

  1. There will be an incident in the United States on September 11, 2001, it turns out that on that date, America was attacked by al Qaeda terrorists who crashed its plane in the WTC building.
  2. Iraq will be attacked by the US because of weapons of mass destruction and it really happened in 2003.
  3. A major disaster will occur in 2004, in that year Aceh and surrounding countries were hit by a tsunami which killed thousands of people.
  4. Fake doomsday forecast in 2012.
  5. There will be a world war III. Now the signs of America vs. North Korea are getting hotter.

2 | Time Traveling Hipster

penjelajah waktu

This is a human appearance with a fashion that is different from the culture of the time. This photo first appeared on the Virtual Museum of Canada website, entitled The Opening of the South Fork Bridge on Gold Bridge, British Columbia in 1940. Suddenly the photo made netizens argue when they learned of the strangeness seen in someone in the middle of a crowd. The person was seen using sunglasses, screen printing shirts, and camera-like objects that were held by all modern objects that did not exist at that time. It is clear that he may come from the future and use the time machine to surf in the past.

3 | Woman with cellphone in Charlie Chaplin movie

In the video above it is clear that a woman is walking while holding a mysterious object attached to the ear. This video was taken during the making of Charlie Caplin's film "The Circus" in 1928. Imagine where it was possible that there would be a cell phone that year, even though the first cell phone of the new Motorola Walkie Talkie was produced in the 1940s. One Irish film producer, George Clarke, who has analyzed the footage, believes that the woman is a time traveler or Time Traveler from the future who is using a modern cellphone. But some people who do not believe that the thing held by the woman is just a normal hearing aid in those days,

4 | 400 Years Old Swiss Brand Watches

Swiss Clock

This watch is found in Ming Dynasty graves in the southern Shanxi region of China. This incident began when archaeologists tried to clear graves from the ground that covered one of the coffins left behind by the Ming Dynasty. When they were busy dredging the ground suddenly they found a ring-like object from metal. At first, they thought it was just an ordinary ring, but when they wiped the dirt stuck to the unexpected ring it turned out to be a small clock shaped ring. The hour hand was at 10.06 in the morning, and surprisingly they saw the Swiss writing engraved behind the clock. It is very hard to believe, the Ming dynasty in power between 1368-1644 in this period of time certainly does not have a clock especially since the Swiss country and the factory have not been formed yet. Until now this case is still an eternal mystery as well as a strong proof of the Time Traveler and Time Machine.

5 | Andrew D. Basiago's Time Travel Photo

Andrew Basiago time travel

Andrew D. Basiago is someone who claims to have made several time trips. As a child for about 7 years in 1968 to 1972, he claimed to have carried out experiments for space and time which was fronted by the Advanced Defense Project Research Agency (DARPA), one of the American defense institutions that studied the ins and outs of time travel. This project is called the Pegasus Project, which is the main project undertaken to study Travel and Teleportation Time for children and to obtain important information for the American President. The photo above shows when Andrew D. Basiago was in Gettysburg in 1863, a photograph of someone in those days who photographed him.

6 | HDR Time Machine

hdr time machine

This is a time machine by Steven Gibbs, he claims to have created a time machine that has taken him several times to travel. In its creation, Steven Gibbs was assisted by aliens he met in the Nebraska rice field. The first time he made the machine was Sonic Resonator, then he perfected to produce a time machine called Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) in 1985. This tool works by using coils of Caduceus and Resistors to produce a strong magnetic field. When the device is turned on it will form a vortex of magnetic waves resembling portals that connect to other dimensions. But to detect the portal must use EMF Detector one of the tools usually used to detect ghosts. After the portal is met, then someone can enter and travel time.

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