8 Most Weird Rain Phenomena on Planet Earth

Rain is a natural phenomenon that commonly occurs on planet Earth. Generally, rain is formed from sources of evaporating springs, such as from the sea, river, or lake. Water vapor undergoes condensation and then becomes a gray cloud containing water dots. The longer the water points become heavier and eventually fall into the rain. That is a normal example of rain. But our Earth has also experienced abnormal rain, aka strange rain which is very rare and certainly hard to believe. Some of them are even in the form of heavy objects which are very dangerous if they afflict living beings below them. This phenomenon really happened and has been reported from various places around the world. Here is a list of the strangest rain phenomena that occur in the world.

1 | Blood Rain

blood rain

The phenomenon of blood rain began to boom when it happened in Kerala, India in June 2012 ago. Once there was fear among the people, the rain of blood was considered a bad sign and a disaster from the gods. The UFOners consider it the blood of Alien creatures from UFOs that exploded. The cause of this phenomenon is still mysterious, but scientists have uncovered half of this mystery. Based on studies from local institutions, the cause of blood rain due to the algae explosion of Trentepohlia annulata. When stressed out because of being carried away by moisture in the sky, this algae can release a red pigment called astaxanthin. But that confuses scientists, how can these algae get to India, even though its natural habitat is only in Austria. Besides India, the last phenomenon of blood rain occurred in Zamora Spain in 2014.

2 | Aligator Rain


Alligator rain, the most terrible rain ever. It sounds impossible but this happened. On July 2, 1843, residents of Charleston, South Carolina were shocked by the discovery of sharp-toothed crocodiles in a narrow alley in the Wentworth and Anson areas. As contained in the New Orleans Times-Picayune newspaper published on July 11, 1843. Crocodiles look silent and confused. This 2-foot crocodile is estimated to be carried away by the wind during previous rainstorms. Then in 1877, this incident happened again in Silvertown Township, South Colorado. According to Dr. J. L. Smith, he saw something falling from the sky and crawling towards him. After being seen closely he revealed that these objects were crocodiles. This crocodile measures 12 inches and is still alive.

3 | Coin Rain 


The rain of money is the rain that everyone dreamed of, but what would happen if the rain changed. In December 1968, a buyer named Kent heard the clatter of coins falling on the sidewalk near Ramsgate. Eyewitness Jean Clements told the London Daily Mirror, "Between 40-50 of them go down in short bursts for about 15 minutes." In addition, on May 28, 1982, a young girl was walking around the courtyard of St. John's church. Elisabeth, British Manchester. Suddenly around 50 pence coins fell out of nowhere, this phenomenon continued until many children flooded the candy shop next door. The shop owner suspected the children were stealing the church offerings box but it was still intact. Strangely, all of these incidents did not occur in areas near tall buildings and also at that time none of the aircraft passed.

4 | Stone Rain

stone rain

Hail? (wow you have to use an iron umbrella, hehe) It's true that this rain often happens on Earth. Stone rain is common in areas on the slopes of a mountain when the volcano erupts. But this time rock rains occurred far from the slopes, located in the City of Sinop, Turkey. On May 28, 2016, it was a cloudy afternoon, but instead of falling water instead of rocks and gravel. Up to the size of a hand, brown and black. They believe this is a sign of an angry God as prophesied in the scriptures. This phenomenon is still a mystery. Scientists also still find out how this phenomenon occurred. Eyewitnesses have also uploaded videos and viral on Youtube. You can see the video here.

5 | Fish Rain

fish rain

The most common fish rain is in the city of Yoro, Honduras. Every year in May and June the phenomenon of falling fish from the sky has become commonplace for local people. They considered him a blessing from a Spanish missionary named Father Jose Manuel Subirana. According to local legend he was concerned about the famine that occurred in Yoro in 1860, as a result, he asked God for blessings and his blessings still occur today. Every year in this area there are always festivals and fish meal events together. In addition to Honduras, since the 18th century until now there have been many reports on the phenomenon of fish rain, such as in Singapore, Nepal, the Philippines and the last occurred in India on May 19, 2016. According to National Geographic research, this fish turns out to be a blind fish from the ground. But it is still unknown how they get on the ground when it rains.

6 | Raining Frog and Tadpole


Rain Frog Phenomenon first occurred in Japan in 2009 when it entered the rainy season. At that time the population was shocked by the finding of dead frogs and tadpoles on the roof, school grounds, windshields, around Hiroshima. In Ishikawa prefecture, near the shore of the Japanese Sea, a resident found 13 3cm sized carp scattered above and around his truck. Japanese meteorological agencies are still confused by this phenomenon. A temporary guess, these animals were sucked by tornadoes and thrown back in the area nearby, but before that, there were no tornadoes around the area. Others said black herons and seagulls dropped these animals because they were disturbed while flying.

7 | Golf Ball Rain

Golf Ball Rain

On September 1, 1969, was the most beautiful day for golf fans from Punta Gorda, Florida. After a rainy night and sunny morning, residents wake up early to compete to collect dozens of golf balls falling from the sky. Are these golf balls a gift from the sky? Not really. According to the meteorologist, Punta Gorda, which is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Florida and is home to many golf courses, a storm of tornadoes might pass through it and suck the entire pool containing a golf ball and drop it in Punta Gorda. Strangely, no one claims to lose a golf ball.

8 | Extreme Local Rain

This rain is in the form of water, but strangely it only flows in a small plot of an area even just 1-meter radius. They call it Ultra Localized Rain. This event was first recorded in October 1886. This type of rain fell on a plot of land between two trees in Charlotte, North Carolina. The soil is soaked every day for three weeks, even when the sky is clear. In October 1886, the same thing happened in Aiken, South Carolina. It rained from morning till late at two cemeteries in city cemeteries and did not shower others. Hundreds of people flocked to the cemetery to witness this strange phenomenon. While the video above the phenomenon that occurred on the street in the city of Palermo, Italy on September 17, 2016. This phenomenon is very rare, but not strange in meteorology.

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