7 Most Phenomenal Presidents in the World

Every country has its own leader - who is always respected and upheld by his people. For a country with a presidential system, a president is a leader. In our shadow, a president must have a strong stature, good personality, authority, rich etc. All good things seemed to be in a president. As a symbol of the president's statement, it should protect behavior and say, there should be no negative stigma from other countries. But not with the president in the list below. The president is an ordinary human being, they sometimes can't hide his true personality. Not infrequently the nature and behavior in leadership differ from other countries.

1 | Jean-Bedel Bokassa Emperor


Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa is president of the Central African Republic. He ruled for 13 years, starting in 1966 - 1979. During the period of his reign there were a number of cases which seized public attention. Beginning with his request to become emperor in 1977, his inauguration ceremony was estimated to be very wasteful and drained the country's money. Not to mention the layered crowns estimated at 67 billion and gold-plated chairs. Besides that he was also known to be a cruel person. Reportedly had executed a person who did not wear a uniform in his wife's company. Bokassa is also suspected of having cannibalism, according to his employee's claim, they were told to cook and serve food from the human body to state guests.

2 | José Mujica


Very different 180 degrees with the previous president. President Jose Mujica chose to live simply on a small hut in his village far from his presidential palace. Jose Mujica himself is the president of Uruguay who served from 2010 to 2015. He only enjoyed 10% of his salary and the rest was donated to help small entrepreneurs in his country. Every day he used simple clothes and always traveled with his favorite old car VW Beetle1987. In his spare time, he does activities that his village residents usually do, such as raising livestock and farming and gardening. Even so, he did not want to be called the poorest president. According to him, the poor are those who want to always feel dissatisfied with what they have.

3 | Joyce Banda

Joyce banda

Shortly after being elected as Malawi's first female president, Joyce Banda sold presidential jets and 60 Mercedes Limos in an effort to steer the country toward financial savings. At that time, he said that he did not mind riding a commercial airplane, because he was used to it. Then, the money raised from the sale of the aircraft was used to feed more than 1 million people. As someone who forcibly renounced marriage to become head of state, Banda also praised the importance of the economic independence of Malawian women. Banda led Malawi from the 2012-2014 period, during which many achievements were made until he entered the 40th strongest woman in the world Forbes version.

4 | Kim Jong Un

north korean president

On January 2016, Kim Jong Un had a chance to make a world scene by testing underground hydrogen bombs and testing long-range ballistic rockets reaching the United States. This made North Korea and the United States heat up. Kim Jong Un is known as the cruelest dictator in the world. His leadership debut began in 2011 after his father, Kim Jong-il died. According to South Korean intelligence, a year later he led the execution of his uncle Jang Song Thaek, executed five senior government officials with anti-aircraft weapons, and the latter allegedly killed his exiled half-brother Kim Jong Nam with poison to kill the VX nerve agent while visiting Malaysia. During his reign, North Korea became very close and became a serious threat in the world.

5 | Soeharto


Soeharto is known as smiling general, which means general who smiles because his face that looks too smiling. He was Indonesia's second president who led from 1967 - 1998 to replace Ir. Soekarno. In his youth, he was known as a fighter for Indonesian independence, along with ancient hero figures. Until Ir Soekarno entrusted his position as president to him. The most famous incident during his leadership was the massive crackdown on the G30S PKI communist party which claimed up to 500,000 lives. Tragically, his decline as president was caused by the May 30, 1998, student demonstration which sabotaged the MPR building. In addition, he is also known as the most corrupt president in the world who sucks up to 35 billion US dollars.

6 | Lenin Moreno

Lenin Moreno

Not always disabled people are always lowered. Lenin Moreno is one of the presidents with physical disabilities in the world. His paraplegic disease made him paralyzed so he had to use it in a wheelchair. His paralysis began on January 3, 1998, when in the parking lot he was robbed and then shot from behind and finally hit his motor nerve. Even so in the Ecuadorian state election he was elected president on May 24, 2017. He is the only head of state in a wheelchair. Previously Lenin Moreno was the vice president, at the beginning of his position he investigated the number of disabled people in Ecuador and added a budget for people with disabilities which was initially 100,000 USD to 50 times. He also provides homes, social security and health for people with disabilities. 

7 | Léopold Sédar Senghor

Léopold Sédar Senghor

The majority and minorities sometimes become a barrier for a leader. The majority of the majority of people must choose leaders from the majority, such as common ethnicity, religion, or race. But not with the Senegalese president who was once led by a minority. Senegal is famous for its 95% Muslim majority, but in 1960–80 it was led by Catholic Léopold Sédar Senghor. Even so, their country remained peaceful and there was no division. His leadership began with his success in liberating Senegal from Sudan France in 1959. After that, Senghor was immediately elected as president. Senghor retired on December 31, 1980, as well as being the first African president to leave government voluntarily.

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