7 Most Dangerous Weapons in the World

Humans sometimes need something powerful to protect themselves or to destroy enemies. Since prehistoric times humans have used something as a weapon for hunting or war. At that time humans used any material from stone or tree trunks that were formed in such a way. When Indonesia fights for independence, weapons are also very useful objects to defeat the enemy. Amazingly, only with sharp bamboo, the fighters managed to drive away from the invaders. As time passed, the development of technology grew rapidly and they did more sophisticated of weapons. Each country competes to make the strongest weapon to protect the country's sovereignty. Not only firearms, even weapons of mass destruction that are very dangerous to any civilization on planet Earth. Here we see the 7 most dangerous weapons in the world.

1 | M134 Minigun


M134 is a weapon belonging to the United States military force made in General Electric in 1963. The greatness of this weapon is its speed in spewing 7.62 mm caliber bullets. The bullet speed is up to 853 m / s or equal to 3 070 km / h with that speed the bullet can reach the target even though it is 1 kilometer away. This weapon uses electrical resources usually installed on jets or helicopters. Reportedly the Indonesian military also developed a similar weapon named SMML with the same caliber.

2 | Mallet's Mortar

largest mortar

Mallet's mortar can be dubbed as the biggest cannon in the world because it is capable to throw almost 1-meter width mortars. Based on trials on 36 kg filling, this cannon is capable of firing bullet balls up to a distance of more than 2 km with an air flight time of 23 seconds. Actually, this cannon will be used for the Crimean war but has never been used. Robert Mallet designed these cannons separately so they could be transported. Because it is very unlikely to be transported considering its length reaches 3 meters and weighs up to 43 tons. Now this object is only a display of Royal Armories, weapons and steel museums in England.

3 | Nitro Express Zeliska revolver

nitro express

Zeliska revolver was made by Pfeifer firearms a firearms company from Australia. You could say Zeliska revolver is the biggest and most powerful pistol in the world. It weighs up to 6 kilograms and is half a meter long and is capable of spewing 600 caliber bullets, it makes this becomes a most feared weapon in the world. His strength is undoubted, one shot can spew 7,591 pounds of energy from his snout. To maintain stability when shooting a gun the cylinder is made heavier than 2 kg. The speed of the bullet can reach 2,139.7 km/hr. This gun is priced at $17,316, making it one of the suitable pistols to be used as collections.

4 | Nail Bomb

bom paku

Nail bombs are anti-personnel bombs that are very effective in torturing and injuring victims. Nails placed around the bomb will act like bullets that spread in all directions. In addition to nails, sometimes also found a mixture of other sharp materials, such as razor blades, nuts, bolts, knives, and other sharp metals. This material will easily penetrate the skin so that it will add injury to the victim. Besides this material is also capable of reaching long distances and is likely to injure people outside the explosion zone. These explosive weapons are usually self-assembled and are often used by terrorists who carry out suicide bombings. The nail bomb last exploded at Ariana Grande's concert on May 22, 2017.

5 | R-36M2 missile


The R-36M2 is the strongest intercontinental missile ever. Created during the cold war the Soviet Union competed to make the strongest missiles. With nuclear power, this missile is capable of carrying warheads up to a distance of 16000 km. This missile was first tested in January 1971 and could destroy 3 countries in the US. When launching R-36M2 missiles It is very difficult to stop because the weight reaches 10 tons. When it hits the ground the explosion is very strong and leaves nuclear radiation for years. The life of the missile is extended for operational services until 2019 and Russia hopes to replace this variant with the heavier Sarmat.

6 | Mine

land mine strongest

This mine is called the Anti-Tank Mine which is capable of overturning heavy armored military vehicles such as tanks. When the mine is burdened and damaged, it automatically triggers the fuel to push and explode. The explosion was so powerful that it could destroy enemy combat vehicles. This mine was first used in 1916 when a civil war in the US was installed on the railroad tracks and managed to destroy 2 locomotives instantly. During World War II when the Battle of Kursk the general ordered to install 503,663 mines with a density of 1500 mines per kilometer. Proven to be very effective in destroying many enemy tanks.

7 | Tsar Bomba

tsar bomba

Tsar Bomba is the deadliest weapon on planet Earth. During the trial of October 30, 1961 on the island of Novaya Zemlya, the Arctic Sea, the result was stunning. At that time the Soviet Union dropped the Bomba Tsar carried by the Tupolev TU-95 aircraft from a height of 10.5 km and detonated at an altitude of 4 km. After a few minutes later, the fire mushroom soared as high as 64 kilometers and can be observed at a distance of 2000 km. Novaya Zemlya Island becomes a flat to the ground due to soil and rock melting. Interference with radio communication also occurs for several hours. Buildings located at 900 km in Norway and Finland were severely damaged. What is even more astounding is the shock wave travel around the earth up to 3 times.

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