How to Control Element of Earth

stone bending

Geo means earth and kinesis means to move. Geokinesis is a branch of telekinesis which means a person's ability to control earth elements. Such as elements of minerals, rocks, soil, dan sand. An earth controller is often called earth bender, they can manipulate the surrounding geographical environment, such as making landslides, punching holes in the ground, moving and flying rocks and even making earthquakes.

Scientists also confirm the influence of human emotions on the Earth's magnetic field. This phenomenon occurred when an attack on the WTC building on September 11, 2011, detected a satellite anomaly in the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field itself has an influence on the movement of the Earth's plates. So, the Earth and humans have a very close relationship. This makes the Earth's ability to control very possible if the person is willing to practice this Geokinesis ability.

This ability is portrayed in the films Heroes of Olympus, Avatar, and X-Man. It seems to be just fiction, this ability does exist, but the Earth controllers are rarely exposed to the media and maybe they are not even aware of their abilities.

As long as you have patience in practicing and strong intentions, you will be able to easily master Geokinesis.

Here are tips and techniques that you can practice to practice earth control:

  1. Before starting the exercise, you must do grounding exercises to help you connect with the Earth. Spend time every day with nature and try to build a bond between you and the land or earth. It is recommended not to use sandals or other footwear.
  2. Play with different sand or stones to know and feel the structure of the elements. Now meditate for a few minutes and make a connection between you and the earth.
  3. Place a few stones or a pile of sand, whatever you want, in front of you. Now sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine that the energy roots grow slowly from the bottom of your body and enter far to the center of the earth.
  4. If you feel you've reached the center of the earth, try to feel the amount of energy content. Now imagine this energy flowing through the roots, going up into your body when you breathe. Imagine the energy that flows in through the body that energizes you and strengthens your relationship and the earth.
  5. Focus this energy through your hands and then enter the stone or a pile of sand in front of you. Do this several times until you feel a strong connection with stone or sand.
  6. If you feel connected, place your hands on the sand and control the sand. You might feel the long strings of your hand stick to sand or rock. Now with this energy, you can try shifting rocks or sand in the direction you want. Slowly open your eyes and see if you are successful or not. This won't work on the first attempt, but you need to practice a lot like other psychokinesis abilities.
  7. Once you have mastered the moving stone or a pile of sand, you can continue the advanced practice that involves sand in various shapes. start with simple shapes like balls or pyramids.
  8. Follow the steps given above every day and record the results in your journal and see the results.
If you succeed in moving or forming rocks and sand, in the same way try to make small earthquakes or develop others.

Of course this capability cannot be achieved instantly, it takes days, months or years depending on the level of concentration and visualization of a person. Good practice!

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