Ghost Train Phenomena: Train that Run Without Driver

Trains are the most popular transportation, especially for long-distance travelers. Besides being fast to the destination, prices are also cheaper compared to buses. The train can run if controlled by a machinist. But, in some cases, the phenomenon of trains running alone without machinists has occurred. The train rolled without direction, seriously endangering railroad traffic and surrounding communities. This type of train is often called a ghost train. People believe the train is controlled by an invisible creature. Below are a number of cases of road trains themselves which are still puzzles to this day.

1 | Lori, who fled from Bogor to Jakarta


On September 9, 2016, a crane transport truck from Bogor drove itself without a driver to Jakarta. This phenomenon caused a collision with a freight train in the Cilebut-Bojonggede area. Luckily there were no fatalities in this incident, due to the condition of the empty train. There is only a small crinkle on the freight train. Because it happened at midnight, many people thought of it as the ghost of the train occupants. But the issue was pushed aside by the head of the public relations department 1. He said the cause of the train rolling itself was due to the decreasing road conditions from Bogor to Jakarta. But the statement cannot explain the real cause and there has been no trial in the field.

2 | Gajayana Carriage Ghost Train  in Malang

gajayana carriage

On Tuesday (12/04/2010), Gajayana Train from Gambir Station, Jakarta arrived at its last stop in Malang City. After all, passengers descended, the train was parked on line 4 to make repairs to cars 5 and 6. The train consisted of locomotives, dining cars, generator cars, and 7 passenger cars. At that time the connection of the locomotive, carriages 5 and 6 was cut off. Shortly thereafter, 4 carriages behind him walked alone, even though they had been blocked with a stop block. The carriage continues to run more than 2 km. Forced officers turn the railroad line to hit the poorbox concrete. Instead of stopping, the train continued to run until it finally crashed into 3 residents' houses on the banks of the railroad to the ground. 1 life was lost because of this disaster.

3 | Mysterious Train in Kendal

ghost train

This incident was very strange, residents were astonished Locomotives drove fast without machinists to fly and get out of the railroad track. The incident occurred on Sunday, April 28, 2013. One of the residents named Kasno was fast asleep with his family. Around 4am he heard a roar that rattled their home. Tile fell and the wall cracked, as soon as Kasno and his family woke up and saved themselves. Then before their eyes saw the locomotive fly and fall in front of the house. The locomotive also attacked the neighbor's goat cage, but it was lucky not to goat at that time. The location is known near the railroad bend, allegedly the train dropped from the rail and crashed near Kasno's house. But strangely the location around the bend was not found to be damaged, and the fall distance was very far up to 100 meters. Residents then call it a mysterious train.

4 | Japanese Trains That Drive Alone

ghost train japan

Street vendors, buskers, and passengers were surprised by a Japanese-made KRL train that moved on its own on Friday (12/12) at 3:30 a.m. The train runs in complete darkness, not usually the KRL train leaves that early. The train moves from Bogor station to the Manggarai station. One of the train drivers, Rahmat had tried to stop the train, but the results were in vain. The locomotive was unable to brake and continued to run until finally, he himself fainted until he reached the Manggarai station. Although it was known because it was caused by a downhill road, people still believed the cause was an astral creator guarding the station. Because many witnesses saw other irregularities, such as the train that had stopped at the new market and unusual train speeds.

5 | Mianwali's ghost train

train classic

This train has traveled 21 kilometers from Kundian to Mianwali Pakistan without a driver. Initially, the train was being repaired but accidentally moved without cause. They thought the train had been repaired and was heading to the next stop. A few minutes later they realized that there was no driver in the wheelhouse and full of cargo. They immediately contacted the Mianwali station to lock the train line. Finally, the train can stop even if it's too far from the station. The moving train itself is estimated to be caused by an electrical system error when repaired. But it is not yet clear how the incident actually damaged electricity itself. Could it have been destroyed by an unseen creature? nobody knows.

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