The Best Way To Do Astral Projection

astral projection

Astral projection or astral projection is a phenomenon where the soul inhabiting our body can go out wandering and observing the world around it even traveling to all corners of the universe. Astral projection can be done intentionally or accidentally. The practice of astral projection is usually carried out by ascetics and meditators who adhere to certain beliefs. In Indonesia this ability is called merma sukma and Javanese people used to call it rogo sukmo. People who can do this are usually considered to be powerful people, because they can look at conditions in a distant place without going to that place, like telepathic abilities.

For those of you who want to try to feel the astral projection sensation, please try the following techniques, you can choose which one is more suitable for you.

1. Rope Technique

This technique has been formulated by Robert Bruce and is one of the most effective techniques. The main ingredient of this projection technique is an invisible imaginary rope that hangs above you. This rope is used to give dynamic pressure to your astral body to force it to separate from the physical body. Grab the rope with your imaginary hand then climb with your hands until you move up, you will feel a little dizzy and vertigo. This feeling gets stronger when you go upstairs. Keep going up, climb strong and you will begin to feel the vibration. Your whole body will feel trembling and getting paralyzed. Focus your mind on trying to climb a rope, don't stop. Next you will feel yourself free from your body. You will come out of your body towards your imaginary rope and will float above your body.

2 | Monroe Tecnique

Metode ini dirancang oleh Dr Robert Monroe, salah satu praktisi terkemuka dalam Astral Projection. Anda harus terlebih dahulu merilekskan tubuh Anda. Ini adalah langkah yang sangat penting. Lalu cobalah tidur, tapi jangan tertidur. Pertahankan kesadaran Anda antara tidur dan terjaga. Ini dikenal sebagai fase hipnagogis. Kemudian perdalam keadaan hipnagogis ini dengan membersihkan pikiran Anda dari pikiran yang tidak diinginkan. Anda harus memasuki keadaan relaksasi yang lebih dalam lagi. Langkah selanjutnya adalah menginduksi getaran di seluruh tubuh Anda dan mengintensifkannya. Getaran ini harus dikontrol dan diintensifkan lebih jauh. Inilah saat ketika tubuh Astral akan terpisah dari tubuh Fisik. Anda kemudian hanya harus berguling dan Anda akan menemukan diri Anda keluar dari tubuh Anda.

3 | Lucid Dream

To reach the Astral Projection from Lucid Dreams, you must first be obsessed with Astral Projection and you must really have it. You have to read everything you can about it. You have to think about every free moment you have. During the day keep thinking: 'Tonight I will experience Lucid Dream'. Remind yourself throughout the day. And this is the important part - keep asking yourself during the day "Am I dreaming now?" With a few days of practice, you will program your sub-conscious to induce Lucid dream. Once you are in Lucid's dream, and know that you are dreaming, you will also know that you are not in your body. You can then see your own room. In most cases, when you do this, your dreams will suddenly disappear and you will find yourself in your bedroom, floating above your body.

4 | Awareness Technique

Close your eyes and try to feel the whole room at once. Feel yourself right above your shoulders and look around. Then imagine your Astral Body rotating slowly 180 degrees. Once you complete the rotation, your astral head should be where your physical leg is, and your astral foot is where your physical head is. With this in your mind, try visualizing the room from this new direction. The idea is to forget where you really are, and shift the direction of your feelings. If you do this correctly, you will feel a little dizzy. If you feel comfortable with this, the next step is to imagine floating towards the roof. Try to make it as real as possible. You might suddenly find yourself "emerging" out of your physical body.

5 | Jump Technique

The Jump technique, if done correctly, can wake anyone in their dreams to make it Lucid's dream. However, it really needs to be done well. Here's how it works: We repeatedly need to ask ourselves during the day whether we are dreaming or not. It is important that we do this not only to ask ourselves questions, but because we really want to know where we are. We must really doubt that we are in the real world. So to prove where we are, we jump as if we are going to fly. If we are in the real world, we will land back on the ground. But if it happens in a dream, when we jump, we will fight gravity and drift. If this is done for several days, you will immediately find yourself in a dream where you jump to check whether you are in a dream or not. As soon as you jump, you will find yourself floating, thus triggering the Lucid Dream and Astral Projection.

6 | Hammock 

Visualize yourself lying in a bright white hammock placed between two palm trees on a secluded beach. Imagine feeling swaying in the wind, and recreate that feeling as you visualize yourself swinging from side to side in a hammock. Repeat this visualization to produce a vibration, and when you feel the vibration, just wake up out of your body.

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