8 Most Weird Forest Ever Found

Forests are the lungs of the earth which produce oxygen and suck CO2 pollutants. Forests are filled with shady trees and always have large areas. Wildlife also needs forests to find food and shelter. Not infrequently because of the destruction of the forest lately, many wild animals are extinct or out of the forest to settlements to find food. Forests must be protected to protect the ecosystem of the Earth. In addition, forests are also considered as habitat for supernatural beings and full of mysteries and awesomeness in them. To find out, we immediately see the 8 most mysterious forests in the world.

1 | Goblin Forest

goblin forest

Goblins in means devil. Really a suitable name is pinned to this one forest. Beautiful scenery but feels awesomeness enveloped by green squiggly trees. The green color is caused by moss and small plants that grow on the surface of the tree. Humid weather and areas prone to rain make every tree in this forest overgrown with moss. The reflection of light from moss will produce a reflection of green light so that this place feels like a magical atmosphere that has a green atmosphere. Goblin Forest is located in the middle of the Taranaki Mountain Slope, Egmont National Park, New Zealand.

2 | Bent Forest

bend forest

Generally, trees grow straight up, but not for trees located in Nowe Czarnowo, Southern Pomerania, Poland. About 400 pine trees in this forest have strange curves at the base of the tree. This curve ranges up to 90 degrees before finally bending back towards the top. It is estimated that these strange trees were planted in 1930 and deliberately made curved with certain equipment for shipbuilding and furniture. But it is still unknown how the technique of bending these trees. Another speculation says that snowstorms make this tree bend naturally. Until now the cause is still a mystery.

3 | Moss Swamp

hutan aneh

Like the Goblin forest, this forest also has very thick green shades. With a wavy ground surface covered with moss and water that creates an atmosphere like in the alien world. This forest only exists in the Romania region but this location is not yet known for certain. To find it we have to explore ourselves around the Romanian forest.

4 | Hoia Forest

Hoia Forest

Hoia Forest is the most haunted and mysterious forest in the world. Covered by oddly shaped trees and tense silence. Many supernatural stories and phenomena that cannot be explained scientifically here. Located south of the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, this forest is considered to be the land version of the Bermuda Triangle. This nickname begins when a sheepherder is lost along with hundreds of herds of sheep and surrounding residents who do not return when entering the forest. In addition, this place is known as a UFO base and alien creatures. On August 18, 1968, a military technician from Cluj named Emil Barnea took a photo of a UFO over the forest in the Poiana Rotundă area. Strange light also sometimes appears in this place allegedly due to unnatural magnetism anomalies.

5 | Hutan Gunung Beskydy

Bedsky Forest

This forest that located in the Czech Republic is also looking creepy. Once entering this forest a mystical and gripping aroma will feel very strong. Cold weather in the Beskydy mountains makes the atmosphere white. Equipped with strange trees that have white feathers like grandparents. Maybe there will be a snowman or a yeti who will appear. But this is all the effect of the cold gusts of wind that cause unique frozen effects on each tree.

6 | Blora Forest

blora forest

Indonesia is also not inferior to mysterious forests in foreign countries. Precisely in the district Blora , Central Java, there are dense forests that managed by Perhutani Corporation which is believed to be the most mystical place in Indonesia. Many ghost sightings and real events beyond reason occur in this place. Residents believe this forest has an invisible kingdom invisible. There have been many cases experienced by motorists who crossed the lane near this forest. Like the incident that hit the Pahala Kencana bus that suddenly strayed in the middle of the forest on June 21, 2012, in the middle of the night. Even though there is no road in the middle of the forest and no traces of the wheels of the bus that pass through the forest are found. It is suspected that this bus was played by the magical creatures who guard the forest.

7 | Aokigahara


Aokigahara Forest is known as the most haunted forest in Japan. The reason is that many bodies are scattered in this forest. They died not because of war victims or victims of crime but because of suicide. This place is famous as a favorite place for desperate people who end their lives by suicide. There have been more than 500 cases of people committed suicide in this place since 1950. No doubt many people around who hear the sound of screaming and crying at night. Under this forest, it is believed that there is a very large iron content because there are magnetic anomalies that make the compass rotate irregularly. Therefore no one dares to explore this place.

8 | Purwo Forest

Purwo Forest

Purwo forest or Javanese people call it Purwo, is one of the protected forests in the Banyuwangi area, East Java, Indonesia. From now until now this place was known as the most haunted forest in Indonesia. Equipped with 1001 mystical stories that have not been solved until now. Like the myth of a person who is lost and does not return if he can get out the person will get sick or die, the mystery of the jinn kingdom, the appearance of Pocong, Kuntilanak, Genderuwo, etc., to the occult ritual place to study black magic. In addition to trees and wildlife, there are dozens of Purwo caves that mostly have traces of rituals left behind such as umbrellas, incense and telon flowers. The phenomenal figure who emerged from this forest was Wagini, the Genderuwo child who had been interviewed by Tukul during a talk show on TV.

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