33 Shocking Facts About Snakes

Snakes are animals that are often considered dangerous, because instead of biting only, some snake species even can emit very deadly poisons. Therefore, people often kill snakes, if there is a snake entering the area of the house or village. Snakes are always associated with bad luck animals or incarnations of demons. Though like animals in general, snakes are also one of the assets of the earth's wealth, it is appropriate for us to protect and preserve. For that the facts about snakes below you must refer to increase knowledge about these reptile animals.


1 | The ancestors of snakes are thought to be from four-legged reptiles that were probably small long-tailed lizards about 100 million years ago. Some snakes such as pythons and boas still have evolutionary traces on the hind legs.

2 | The evolution of snakes began with Cretaceous lizards 120 million years ago that lived underground and passed through small and narrow tunnels. Because limbs inhibit the movement of these lizards. Finally the legs and arms are no longer used and gradually disappear.

3 | The head of a decapitated snake can still bite, because there are still infrared rays connecting its head to its body.

4 | Snakes use their scales and muscles to walk so they cannot move on slippery surfaces like a glass.

5 | Snakes live everywhere on Earth except in Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and Poland.

6 | Even though snakes do not have outer ears or eardrums, skin, muscles, and their bones carry sound vibrations to their inner ear.

7 | Snakes have 130 to 500 spine that are elastic and complex together to eat very large prey.

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8 | To protect themselves, the snake will make the body dirty and smelly so that predators who will eat it do not want to eat it.

9 | The snake's nose cannot be used to smell, the snake's nose only serves to breathe.

10 | Snakes can feel vibrations from the ground or air using a complex internal resonance system through their scales.

11 | Derik's tail is made of peeling scales. Contains horn substances that can emit a rattling sound when vibrated.

12 | These scales are made of keratin. The same substances make up nails and human hair.

13 | The snake's tongue can smell in the air.

14 | The snake cannot chew prey, but swallows it directly.

15 | The snake has a complex and flexible jaw joint that can eat large prey even bigger than its body.

16 | 100 thousand people die each year due to snake prey.

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17 | The largest and longest snake species in the world is the green anaconda, weighing up to 227 kg and up to 8.8 m long.

18 | Snakes can have 2 heads, each of which can fight and fight for prey.

19 | The snake can open its mouth to 150 degrees.

20 | Titanoboa is the largest ancient snake in the world that lived around 60 million years ago. The size is estimated at 14 meters and weighs 1.13 tons, far greater than the anaconda. The fossil was found in the coal mine, Cerrejon, Colombia.

21 | Snakes don't have eyelids. Instead, their eyes are covered with a protective membrane, which is renewed when they replace the skin.

22 | The snake's eyes cannot focus, and only see objects closely.

23 | The cobra dance performance with flutes in India, actually the snake dances not because of the melodious sound of the flute but the snake sees the movement of the flute head which is moved by the handler.

24 | A drop of sea snake poison can kill 3 adults.

25 | In addition to laying around 30 percent of snake species breed by means of childbirth but not childlike mammals. The egg develops until it hatches in its body (Ovovivipar) and then comes out as small snakes.
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26 | Snakes can last for 6 months without food.

27 | Naturalist Paul Rosolie was the first person to survive after he was swallowed up by Anaconda alive.

28 | The smallest snake known in the world is the Snake Thread or Thread Snake. only about 4 inches long.

29 | The fastest snake in the world is the Black Mamba that can drive up to speeds of 18 km / h. As well as being the most feared snake in Africa.

30 | Mount Bunder, Bogor, West Java is believed by residents to be a place of worship for Nyai Sumbing, the snake snake.

31 | Snake Weling is one of the most venomous snakes in Indonesia.

32 | The snake that has the fastest attack in the world is the Deathadder Snake. He can set in 0.13 seconds.

33 | Gaboon Viper snake is the longest snake in the world.

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