Most Worst But Expensive Painting Ever Made by Human

In general, paintings is very beautiful images or shapes made by an artist. But everyone has their own perception of beauty. Likewise, artists have different intuition in assessing the beauty of a painting. Paintings can also be a medium for the painters to express their feelings into colors, unique lines of the form. Because of that, sometimes the results of his work are very difficult to understand, even among them may look very ugly and bad according to the layman's judgment. But who would have thought that even though it was unsightly the eyes of this painting would have fantastic value priced at billions and even trillions. Here's a list of 6 "ugly" and most expensive paintings in the world.

1 | Interchange


This painting occupies the first place in the world's most expensive painting, selling 300 million US dollars. This is the work of painter named Willem de Kooning (1904–1997), a painter of American nationalist expressionist schools. This painting depicts motion and dynamic and does not describe any object or particular emotion, but is intended to evoke a sense of dynamism and motion. He painted this feeling of dynamism and motion through its composition, through gestural abstraction which would force the audience to move. Amazing isn't it?

2 | The Scream


At a glance, the above paintings are like paintings of kindergarten / elementary school children that have a scratch everywhere. But in fact, this painting has been auctioned at the price of 1.5 Trillion Rupiah. In 1892, the painter Edvard Munch made paintings inspired by the phenomenon of the red sky in 1884, estimated to be caused by a Krakatau eruption that occurred a decade before the painting was painted. He expressed someone who was in a state of fear, panic and tormented under the reddish-orange sky background.

3 | Cowboy

cowboy painting

This painting was made by Ellsworth Kelly, an American painter and sculptor. In expressing his work, he always makes them as minimum shape as possible with strong contrast like the above Painting. At first glance there were no Koboy figures in the painting, he only emphasized them with sharp, contrasting lines that depicted the nature of the Koboy itself. This painting was sold at a price of 1.7 million US dollars.

4 | Untitled

untitled painting

Untitled means no title, it is very suitable to be pinned to this painting. The picture is just like form cluttered line from lazy people that are not clear the intent and purpose. But don't underestimate the painting of Cy Twombly's works, which have sold 928 billion rupiahs. He portrayed continuous lines like writing but not in the form of letters and also not colored like chalk strokes on a blackboard perfectly illustrating the form of painting without a title.

5 | Untitled (Stoffbild)

untitled painting expensive

At a glance, this painting is like a wall paint photo, that just showing a color block. This is a painting of a German artist named Blinky Palermo. The painting is a large square panel of cotton cloth on top of a gunny, painted with two solid color fields with uneven height, dark blue and light blue. This painting has been auctioned from the collection of Gerhard and Anna Lenz at Sotheby's London in 2010, sold at a fantastic price of £ 1.11 million.

6 | Blood Red Mirror

blood red mirror

This is the easiest painting ever made! there is no line and the shape is just a flat red color. This painting by Gerhard Richter is priced at 14 billion rupiahs. 14 billion bucks are probably unfortunate for you to buy this painting, but in the world of art, they don't know any profit or loss. This painting is very smart, if it is mounted on a frame it will look like a blood red mirror like the title above. Do you intend to display this painting at home?

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