Unthinkable Mystery Haunted Amityville House

haunted amityville

In December 1975, the Lutz family moved to a large Dutch colonial at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, their dream home. They managed to buy the property cheaply as it had been marketed for more than a year. Nobody wants that house, because of its dark history. This is the house where, 13 months earlier, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his entire family, mother, father, two brothers and two sisters, with a 35-Marlin rifle while they slept.

Knowing that information did not prevent Lutz's family from moving to the house, but they did not live far away before they began experiencing a series of terrible events that caused them to flee their new home in terror 28 days later.

The door and window will open by themselves, a strange sound is heard, then a Catholic priest is ordered to drive away the evil that haunts him. But quickly the atmosphere got worse. Clots of blood and stickiness came out of the wall, clouds of flies appeared in the window, the appearance of a hooded ghost appeared, and one of the children began to communicate with a vicious pig named Jodie. One night Kathy Lutz was even thrown from her bed with supernatural powers, she also claimed to see the face of a demon appear on the wall of the fireplace.

After that, along with George and Katy Lutz, Hollywood soap opera writer Jay Anson wrote a best-selling story about a haunted person, called "Amityville Horror," who catapulted his dark home and history into eternal fame. The film stars Rod Steiger, Margot Kidder, and James Brolin.

20 days after the Lutz family escaped Ed & Lorraine Warren was called by Marvin Scott a 5-channel NY news reporter who covered the Amityville story and did some research with the Warrens.

A team of journalists, investigators, and parapsychologists gathered by Ed Warren and met at his home at 112 Ocean Avenue. The Lutz family declined to return home during the investigation.

During the investigation Ed got a physical push to the floor while doing some religious practice in the basement, Lorraine was also overwhelmed by feelings of Satan's presence and psychologically disturbed. It was as if he saw the body of the Defeo Family placed along the floor covered with white sheets, and felt physically encouraged.

sign of ghost child

The research team also caught sightings of the spirit of a small child peeking from the second floor. The place was also known to be used by John Ketchum. John Ketchum was a black magician who practiced magic and owned a cottage on the ground before the Dutch Colonial house was built in 1924. John requested that his body be buried on the property and they live there to this day.

The Shinicock Indians also once had a prison on this land which was used to house sick people, and crazy people, these people were left to die. Warrens believes that suffering there has left the property with very negative energy and dark history. And that such negative history is a magnet for evil spirits and unbelievers.

The Warrens believes that this energy directly affects Defoe and Lutz's life. Then Dr. Stephen Kaplan, a famous Long Island parapsychologist and founder of the American Institute of Parapsychology, came into the picture, did his own research, and denounced his story as a hoax.

But was it a hoax or did Kaplan also ignore the terrible history in the house? Is the house haunted by darkness that not only drives away Lutz's family but also owns Ronald Defeo Jr. and make him kill his family?

People always think that the house is haunted, but Lutz's story cannot be trusted, because too many "types" of supernatural phenomena are reported to occur during their brief stay at home. The only other comparable case that comes to mind is the witch Bell Witch. When rumors that Amityville haunted were a hoax circulating in the 90s, this mystery did not stop. In fact, to this day, there are many differences of opinion on this issue, and what happened at home during Lutz's stay remains a mystery.

However, it was revealed that lawyer Ronald DeFeo Jr. had met with Lutz before the story was released. Kaplan found no evidence supporting many of the claims written in their book, but he did find that Lutz could return home to hold garage sales just weeks after apparently escaping in fear. Likewise, many investigators realize that Lutzes holds contracts for film and film rights as soon as they decide to publish their accounts. Since Lutz left home, three different families have lived at home without reports of ghost experiences.

In-depth report of Dr. Stephen Kaplan about the house has never been seen as commensurate with a dramatic original story, but his book, The Amityville Horror Conspiracy, was finally published several years after his death. Many investigators and scientists conclude that the whole case really revolves around money, not popular perceptions about the influence of paranormal. It seems that the evil forces in this story have nothing to do with things that are not supernatural, and more to basic human instincts.

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