7 Mystery and Myth Surrounding Mount Agung Bali

Mount Agung is a stratotype active volcano located in Rendang, Karangasem, Bali. The highest mountain in Bali is very popular with tourists who want to hike because of the beauty of the panorama offered. So that this mountain becomes an alternative tourist destination in Bali besides its beaches. In addition, this mountain is closely related to things that have a mystical feel, because on the slopes of this mountain there is a sacred place of Pura Besakih which is said to be the place of divine revelation by Hyang Rsi Markendya who first taught the Hindu Dharma in Bali. In fact, in the past there was a unique phenomenon where the building survived the fury of Mount Agung during the eruption in 1963. Mount Agung indeed has many mysteries and myths that are worth listening to.

1. White Monkey Mysteries

white monkey

In Hinduism, the White Apes are identical with the Anoman Myth. In Bali, this animal is called "the plot" or white bojong. White monkeys are considered sacred by local residents because they believe this type of monkey is a messenger from Ida Batara who maintains the integrity of Mount Agung. When the mountain will erupt, usually this monkey will appeal to local residents as a warning of danger. White Bojong is also known as a messenger of good news, usually appearing on public holidays such as the rituals of pujawali work at Pura Pasar Agung, which is held once a year. The climbers of Mount Agung and my uncle ritual also often see the appearance of this white Bojong. According to Pamangku Pura Agung market, there are 3 white apes inhabiting 2 females and one male, but the population is constant and does not breed.

2. Prohibited to carry a beef

cow meal

Residents of the Balinese Hindu religion always avoid eating beef. Because cows for them are noble animals. According to them, cows are a symbol of the welfare of all living creatures such as the teachings of the god Krishna, so they will never slaughter and eat beef. In connection with Mount Agung, bringing beef to the mountain will anger the occult mountain watchers who are predominantly Hindu and the god's shelter there will also be angry. Moreover, on its slopes, there is a holy Besakih temple. So for those who want to safely climb the majestic mountains, they must remember the provisions they bring whether they contain beef or not.

3. Dog Navigator


For those who have climbed Mount Agung must have seen a pack of dogs, especially when passing through the entrance gate to the hiking trail after Besakih Temple. This dog is known to like to follow climbers, very friendly as if to guide climbers. This dog can follow climbers to the top. According to the story, a climber was even rescued by a black and white dog when he was lost he showed the right path to the summit and returned to the exit. The mystical atmosphere is indeed thick in this mountain, maybe only those who intend well will be saved by this kind-hearted dog.

4. Mountain Climber must be Guided by Sacred Man

sacred man

Because this mountain is considered sacred, not just anyone can explore without permission or disaster will ahead. People who are considered holy are priests or certain people who are purified. Not only that, but women are also strictly forbidden to climb this mountain when menstruating. For residents of Bali Mountain is a symbol of "Purusa" or male while the sea is a mother. So naturally, this mountain prioritizes more for men and women to be in a sacred state as well. This rule was very intensively applied in the past but now it is no longer enforced after Bali became an international tourist destination.

5. Food Must Amount Even Numbers


Odd numbers are indeed mostly to be avoided like the myth of Mount Lawu which suggests always bringing even climbers because if it is odd one will die. However, the relationship between numbers and food remains a mystery. Is it possible to bring odd food to make one food will disappear, or the food will invite spirits or relate to the teachings of Hinduism? Although it does not make sense, this myth is still believed by some local people.

6. Prohibited from Wearing Red and Green Shirts

red green tshirt

Like a prohibition on the Parang Tritis beach, the green color is the color of the queen of the south coast. No one can match the color if violated the usual disaster will come. Maybe this has something to do with the beliefs of the Balinese people who consider mountains and sea as husband and wife. For the red color is said to be the favorite color of the mountain's occult watchman.

7. Holly Springs

holy spring

This spring is located on the Mount Agung hiking trail from Besakih Temple. This water is very clear and considered sacred by local residents. New people like climbers may not necessarily take or drink this spring. If you want to drink it climbers must pray first according to Hindu teachings. If not, it is likely not going home safely or drinking water will be a source of disease.

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