17 Strange Facts about North Korea

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When you hear North Korea might be drawn about a cruel and closed communist country. Even though this country is small, its military strength cannot be underestimated, given the end of North Korea's (North Korea) relations with neighboring South Korea which is heating up due to bombing and ballistic missile trials that shocked the world. America also had time to oppose the behavior of this one country that tried to disrupt allies and missile trails that reach US territory. But more than that the country of North Korea keeps a variety of interesting facts, strange, even funny that we should see.

1 | North Korea has another name, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk (조선 민주주의 인민 공화국) and the Russians call it Pukchosŏn.

2 | North Korea is located in a narrow region and flanked by 3 countries, namely China, Russia, and South Korea.

3 | North and South Korea was once a Korean state under Japanese rule, but after the Second World War in 1945 the Korean territory was divided into 2, North Korea was controlled by the Soviets and South Korea was occupied by the Americans. North Korea refused to be monitored by the United Nations until a war with South Korea (South Korea) in 1950 over the Korean peninsula.

4 | Although it looks peaceful North Korea and South Korea are still at war because the peace agreement was never signed.

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5 | North Korea's government adheres to the Juche system of government, which was first conceived by Kim 2 Sung. Juche ideology means that humans control everything and decide everything.

6 | Kim II Sung was the first North Korean leader to put communism in his country, which is a country that only has 1 party. He is the grandfather of the present leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

7 | The Demilitarized Zone is a land route that stretches 248 km and 4 km wide, dividing the borders of North and South Korea almost half of the Korean peninsula, this zone is known as the most populous military zone in the world.

8 | If all over the world this year is 2017 in Korea now it is 105. Their date is based on Kim Il-Sung's birthday which falls on April 15, 1912.

9 | Marijuana is legal. Based on Darmon Richter's report a blogger who visited and bought marijuana there.

10 | There are almost no traffic signs that function on the highway. Most of the traffic is regulated manually by the traffic police.

11 | North Korea is home to the largest stadium in the world. The name is May Day Stadium or Rungrado 1st of May Stadium. With a total capacity of 114,000 and covering an area of ​​20.7 hectares, the stadium is home to an extraordinary Mass Games festival.


12 | North Korea only has 3 TV channels, two of which are only available on weekends, while others are broadcast at night.

13 | If one person violates the law or goes to prison, it will affect their entire family. Including their grandparents, parents, parents, and children will be punished together.

14 | North Korea uses human waste as fertilizer, this is due to the lack of natural resources there.

15 | Half of the population there are very poor people, so half of the 24 million people don't even have the right to a decent life.

16 | North Korea is famous for its tradition of preserving its leader, which is a favorite tourist destination for travelers. The place was named Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang.

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17 | Korea is pitch black at night. This condition was clearly seen when the ISS satellite took a map of North Korea in contrast to the surrounding countries. The cause is thought to be due to a very small electricity supply given the Soviet Union which stopped the supply of energy since 1990. If South Korea gets a supply of 10.162 kilowatts, North Korea is only 739, so it becomes totally dark and there is no activity at night.

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